The Parallels between Death and The Cosmological Constant (updated)

Please bear with me as I haven’t slept since Saturday. My son has been ill and vomiting for 36 hours and I haven’t slept because he has been vomiting while asleep.

I HAVE to get this down as I have seen it or I’ll forget from being so tired. (The revised part was I forgot to draw to a conclusion why I feel there can’t be a heaven using a torch as reference)

I won’t sleep until he stops vomiting.

Okay, so God. I asked Spirit once ‘Who created the Universe and all life?’ and they showed me me cells, then the human brain, panned out, a human, panned out a country, panned out the continent, panned out the planet, panned out the Universe, panned out the human brain and that over and over again and for years I’ve been racking my brain trying to decipher it.

Well I just did. Now I’m writing it down.

Spirit have been teaching me about what they call The Tornado Effect, which is when things get sucked down black holes to have their fate decided. Either it goes to the light in the middle or gets spat back out to start again as a new life form.


The Cosmological Constant is an expansion of the Universe based on everything being in perfect balance enough to push everything outwards.

So….evolution of Spirit ie going from the lowest life form to the highest based on how quickly you get the balance of self right in your last form.

Cells create life, cells die, the body dies.

Living organisms in the Universe have been doing the same since the big bang. Since the first bacteria grew single cells. The Universe did the same. Then began a loop of evolution, existence of being (as they call it) and recycling.

For the few things that make it to the light, it gets to evolve and decide where it goes.

Everything goes to a light source, or rather everything wants to get to the light source because light is creation and they knew this when the Authors and drunks paid to write the bible wrote the bible.

This is why they said ‘God said let their be light’.

The LIGHT is LIFE. The Cosmological Constant is the expanse of light which creates in it’s path like how after sex our eggs and sperms create life.

From the minute we are born we decide our fate.

People who die do so because their on a constant loop.

This is why when people die they report seeing ‘The Tunnel’, this is OUR form of a black hole. If you go to the light you got the balance right enough that you get to evolve and create your own cosmological constant.

The Light people see in death and the dead is THE LIGHT in that loop.

And as I have said before because everything has a balance there are two forms of everything.

The loop is the ring of light everything wants to get to because it controls time and when you control time you can’t die. You lie forever. But we aren’t infallible. It takes a long time to get to that circle of light, you have to all work together in order to help each other get there.

Our friends in traveling craft did just that so they get to jump in and out of the light.

We are ticking Timebombs; everything in this Universe including us, cells, anything created basically. And we decide when to jump out of the loop.

So people who die are evolving at a faster rate than those who are left behind. The younger you are the higher evolved you are. As are those who got off their planets and evolved past wars, money, religion, politics etc….

There are many constant forms of light. Love, Empathy, Inspiration, Sex, Cooking. The light is cause and effect and we decide the cause of death and the effect it has on our selves and those around us.

It is something we ALL agree to before we come and live this life for the lessons that come with it. So if you’ve lost a loved one, you agreed to this life of losing them. You both agreed to help each other evolve before coming to live your lives together in the capacity with which you did.

Those of us left behind are helping our loved ones take a step up the ladder to the light. Each life has it’s own light, it’s own loop. When the loop is filled it has expanded beyond capacity and thus it’s propelled forward or expands to the next form of light and it keeps expanding until it in itself becomes light.

So it means all life is it’s own cosmological constant and like the one that is expanding our Universe we all decide how and when and if it does.

We all must work together to get to the light and expand our own Constant.

But equally as important is WE must help ourselves get past the expansion of loops. Imagine if you will a ring with millions of tiny rings around the large ring. Each tiny ring is a life we have lived, a journey we have lived. When that ring is full it will be pulled and pushed out and the larger ring will expand.

So life is a form of pushing and pulling ones energy on a cellular level to get an expansion of light.

We more often choose to recycle or reincarnate because we are perfectionist in Spirit and nothing short of perfect balance will do. It’s self perpetuation on every level.

It means that theoretically speaking, if we can balance the loop, we can expand the light and live forever. Immortality, like them up there. Like the light, the eternal light, the light of all creation, the light of all time.

When you can manipulate time, you never die and be anywhere, with anyone you want. The Cosmological Constant is an expansion of light. Like the ripples of sound waves in an explosion, life is a ripple expanding until it has expelled all energy. If it runs out of energy it stops, ceases to be. If it has energy forces helping it (ie a perfect balance of explosives and detonation or life and death, conception and cessation, inspiration and creation) are just right, the ripple could in theory go on forever.

Death has a ripple effect, the Cosmological Constant IS the ripples of the big bang, cause and effect. And this is also on every level of existence. Thought has ripples, music, invention etc…it’s all relative to the expansion and evolutionary process of all life as we know it.

Life being anything created that has a purpose and consequence. But all working together to push each other forward.

There is no after the Cosmological Constant because it’s still rippling forward from the first explosion. Which means in theory it could stop at any point if there is not enough energy pushing it forward and as I’ve been taught in order for anything to evolve on any level it requires 






Magnetism being the key factor. Like when you face two magnets against each other’s polarity, it pushes each other away with force, the way TNT and a spark push the molecules of the dynamite apart which causes the explosive effect which ripples out. Magnetism is the most powerful force to creation so far that I’ve been able to figure it out.

So we could totally change cells, control when we die if we balance it all out, and live forever.

Live our own Cosmological Constant.

Please tell me I’m making sense? It’s easier for me to draw it. But this came about because of Kylie Minogue lol and the image of a cross hair from an aerial view point. The cross hairs are balance, time, gravity, harmony and all pushing everything out towards to circle creating magnetism.

This is why I love dear people. Cos this is the shit they’re teaching me instead of ‘Tell my Daughter I said my name is Mmm..Pp… Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret or something old fashioned for a woman of her age’ kind of bollocks.

My Spirits are actually changing lives.

Time is relative. To death, to seeing the dead. Time is manipulative and the dead are masters but then they would be, they’re higher evolved than us. 

And manifesting your own reality is just making a choice, or decision which has an infinite amount of possibilities and reaching forward in time to chose the best choice with the outcome you want.

Which I’ve mastered like a Boss lol

There can’t be a God, and it’s written in the stars. Because if you look at religion, there is only heaven or hell. Nothing but an end. Heaven is finite so is hell.

The Cosmological Constant is infinite. This we know. It’s scientific fact.

So heaven can’t be real because we can’t just sit on our clouds being all ‘in heaveny’ and that’s it when we know more exists beyond the light.

Our Universe is expanding and what we’re in is slowly being torn apart as our Universe expands. So just like a rubber band, if it gets stretched beyond capacity it will eventually weaken and tear.

Or if you look at light itself. The light is always weakest at its start point as it stretches to find an end point where if the energy source was strong enough could in essence go on forever. But the light will fade at one end and be stronger at the other.

If you think of the Universe as you holding a torch. You turn it on and it’s a bright flash of illuminated light at one end, blinding and strong, then it’s illuminated to shine and expand your view on the other. If you walk forward in the dark you’ll leave darkness behind you where the light once was and where your going continues to light up as you walk.

An existence of heaven would be the torch not hitting anything to light up as you walked. It would be just the burst of illuminated light at the start point and you couldn’t see beyond your own feet.

The Cosmological Constant is the light bouncing off everything and lighting it up as you walk forward and shine the light.

Leaving the start point darker than the end point which is ever expanding.

Ergo, there can’t be a heaven. No God, he’s not even the battery that gives the torch its energy source. Eventually even batteries die. All things must die and a belief in a God is no exception.

It’s the way of the Universe. Everything dies in order to evolve or make room for expansion.

We are our own Gods, we are God’s go each other and responsible for everything and everything responsible for us.

This is my theory. It’s theoretical. It’s a hypothesis based on what Spirit show me based on the music I’m drawn to. And this time, ZERO drugs in my system. Not had any for weeks.

So I’m evolving past the need.

I fuckin love how Spirit work with me. They can’t teach me using maths and stuff coz I left school at 14 and am shit at maths.

So they do it through music instead.

I’m the not so bright kid who licks walls when bored so they keep me distracted with shiny things to teach me stuff and then gets fed sweets as a reward (ie make me magic so I can get all the things I ask for in life I’ve).

My connection to Spirit is the cause, my awesome new life I’m creating is the effect.

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