My theory about time (update)

Okay so this is what I’m working on so far and need to write it down before I forget it in the detail I remember.

So black holes. I’m trying to understand their correlation with time and tge evolution of energy.

How we go from being dead to living to dead to evolved or devolved and so on.

You know I’m working on varying theories about numbers and why maths is essential to understanding how I can manipulate time like the dead can. 

This is what Spirit showed me.

Three: Start Middle End, threes are important for evolution because it is a start, middle, end, or beginning (conception of one thing), balance (life) evolution of something ( or death).

Three is balance. Nothing evolves when it’s two of something. There’s no balance to bridge the connection. You can’t have mathematic equation without the start of the sum, the middle and answer. You don’t have a song without a start middle and end, nor a baby, nor invention, scales, time, etc…

All fundamental forms of evolution require three. 

The human brain is divided by threes in many forms.

Anterior Fossa, Middle Fossa, Posterior Fossa.

Forebrain, Midbrain, Hindbrain.

A clock is in quarters, or threes, made up of three lots of three per quarter.

4 is important too but for now I’m on three.


9.                   3.                  


If you look at a clock in 24 and 12 hour time it goes in segments of threes, so three is important for the balance of time.

Then we have 4.

Four quarters of the brain.

Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital lobes.


Temporal Parietal


Temporal literally means Time.


1Relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
‘the Church did not imitate the secular rulers who thought only of temporal gain’

2Relating to time.
‘the spatial and temporal dimensions of human interference in complex ecosystems’

2.1Grammar Relating to or denoting time or tense.


Middle English: from Old French temporel or Latin temporalis, from tempus, tempor- ‘time’.
Main definitions of temporal in English: temporal1temporal2


Of or situated in the temples of the head.
‘arterial biopsy usually confirms the diagnosis of temporal arteritis’


Late Middle English: from late Latin temporalis, from tempora ‘the temples’ (see temple).
Parital means cavity, or wall.

A Compass has
W                        E

The dial in the middle of the clock or compass would be the balance or work as a parital function to the balance of time.

Four Seasons


Winter Summer

Time being the balance in all these examples just represented as needles or dials, or time itself in the case of the seasons.

Then time itself consists of


Momentum    Balance         Magnetism


This symbol means something.

Clocks, compass, brain, four quarters, quarters? It means something. I think it explains the cosmological constant in effect or ripple effect of the expansion of the universe somehow. Like the big bang. I’ve been seeing it for months

I know once I figure this out I will be able to control the time I travel too consciously and physically.

Is it time itself? Evolution?

The rings of light and dark move like a gyroscope until it’s balanced.

How we in our solar system live according to symbiosis depends on whether moves and expands thus creating an expansion effect or decreases and dies. I believe the planets that weren’t successful got chewed up in the black holes and spat back out creating meteors and comets etc….hurtling out in space looking for more life forms to create or destroy. Like the Grim Reaper or Cells in our blood, DNA etc….it has the power to create or destroy.

I know I’m on to something. Like Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting on the ceiling. God is the brain. The brain has everything we need to consist and expand our existence. But the brain or the functions of it seem to be embedded in everything organic. I’m slowly figuring this out.

I know I’ll make mistakes, back track, correct what I get wrong so bear with me.

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  1. In Hebrew script of Kabbalistic approach they believe that the Universe has 4panels .If it’s anyhow related to your theory 😊😊