Black Holes/Worm Hole: Balance of time theory.

Work on theory that black hole is the balance to a worm hole.

Does one create one destroy? The masculine feminine balance? In a Positive Negative, Light, Dark, Up, Down, Left,Right, Yes, No, Life, Death, In, Out, Up, Down, kind of way. Everything in the universe has a balance.

The rings inside rings I saw has something to do with that.

So are a black hole worm hole the light right dark ring I saw with the small rings around the two large ones.

The drawing on the left is the Universe on a level if you were to see it as a cell, particle, or light source.

One ring is dark, one is pure white light. Each chasing it’s on tail in an attempt to find balance. Each outer ring is covered in small rings. Each smaller right is a different life source trying to also find balance within itself so it can help the larger find balance too.

Symbiosis. Imagine each smaller ring is a Universe and to get to and from requires a median, neuron, lobe, tunnel, etc… propelled by light which is only achieved with perfect balance.

But imagine each Universe has itself, its own planets, beings, organisms, all trying to get to the light.

Rings inside rings inside rings, cells, in various stages of existence or stage if evolution in an atomic level. On an organic level. It even looks like an atom. Is the Universe just another atom? The Spiritual light looks similar.

All requiring symbiosis in order to achieve the next stage of its evolution or devolution depending on the journey it takes.

That is the evolution of death.

Worm holes are light, black holes dark.

Worm holes create time, black holes destroy time??????? Depending on varying stages of creation of light.

Light creates, darkness removes.

Ejaculation is a form of white light or big bang, as is a sneeze, a thought, conception, creation, invention, a musical note, novel,

All starts with a single boom of creative light or thought and from there something evolves.

That is our Universe. That is why we are all in essence God.

God is a verb and it means “To Create”.

Let’s work on this for a bit and see what happens.

The flat rings on the right are when the light and dark achieve balance. Once perfect balance is sustained it creates light. It creates a big bang or ripple effect which pushes light out.

And as I said before “Light creates”.

But creates what you ask?

Another Universe, with new planets, new life forms, new organisms, all trying to evolve into the next stage of its evolution.

And so it begins all over again until all the rings can tip the balance and create a new big bang.

That’s the evolution of EVERYTHING.

And death is no exception.

Reincarnation is having to come back coz you got it wrong, ergo devolving, Death is evolving. Whether you come back ten times or once, it all gets you closer to where you want to be.

I can see how cells and atoms look like this that Spirit showed me below aye?