Am I evolving physically or self healing?

I don’t understand what’s happening to my body. I’m going to talk to my Scientist tomorrow or today because stuff is happening to me I don’t understand.

So I’m pretty much going to be a size 12 (small) by the end of this month. My 14 size jeans are so baggy now I keep having to pull my pants up.

Yes the diet has helped get rid of the Fibromyalgia and Borderline diabetes etc….But get this. If you can help me work this out I’d be so grateful.

I got my eye test done and my eye sight has gotten better. They had to weaken my glasses. Okay that could be the weed.

My sense of smell is so good I can smell food from 2 miles away and I have witnessed to it as I directed the car towards the place to eat using only my sense of smell in a foreign place.

I can taste individual ingredients in food, including iron in the blood of the chicken I eat which is why I’m going off chicken. 

My hearing is like a dog’s, I can hear sounds even the Dr said I shouldn’t be able to hear. It’s always been that way but combined with taste,sight, 6th sense and now touch and hearing I’m living in a very interesting world.

I can listen to music and follow each individual instrument independently from each other instrument while following the beats and song itself. It’s creepy but cool. I don’t hear the song or beat now, I hear each individual instrument playing together but on its own it that makes sense? Lol I must sound nuts lol

But I no longer need a hysterectomy. I had an ablation yet my lining of my uterus has grown back and my cycle is no longer painful or heavy. It means I can have the baby I’ve always known was out there. My daughter.

I’ve been charting my fertility and I’m now fertile 10-13 days of the month. The first week for 6 days and the week after my period for 5. How does that work? I pee on sticks. I’m 44 shouldn’t I be less fertile not more?

But the polyps have gone too because that’s what caused the pain.

My adhesions from my surgery have gone. I was in hospital every 8-10 weeks and on three types of morphine for years because of the pain.

Infected Seroma gone coz of the CDs I drank, this I know but this is the kicker.

I’ve lost over 200lbs, 12stone there abouts right?

I do no upper body work yet my breasts have gotten bigger. I’ve gone from a 44GG to a 38H. My bras are so tight in the boobular area they’re painful to wear. Wouldn’t they be smaller?

My fiance said they look like I’ve had a boob job now. Which I haven’t.

The stomach the surgeons said and I quote “will never go down on their own, they’ll require surgery to fix, trust me Mrs Black I actually know a lot about this” now have defined abs. My obliques are there, the abominus rectus is defined and forming nicely. I have the seam down either side of my abs as they become more defined.

Plus my skin seems to be de aging. I’m a qualified beauty therapist. With my weight loss and minimal hour of exercise a day I should have sagging and wrinkles but my skin is getting tighter. I’m 44 and people keep thinking I’m 32 lol

But this is the bit freaking me out the most.

I was born with spinal issues because my Mum had cancer while pregnant with me and her Cobolt treatment of radiation gave me low calcium. So my spine was formed fucked up.

At 16 I was diagnosed with Lumbar Lordosis, a Degenerative Spinal disease and at 21 I was diagnosed with Arthritis and Sciatica which all have plagued me with for my entire life. Days even weeks in bed on heavy medication sometimes even hospital.

Now… Lumbar Lordosis is either excessive curvature of the spine or lack of curvature of the spine.

So sway back or no bum.

I now have a curve in my back. I’ve been getting back pain weird. I said to my ex it’s pain I’ve never had before. I said I can feel on a deep molecular level almost like bubbling but in the blood and nerves. My nerves in my feet and back have been doing weird painful shit that should have me worried but Spirit said to trust them so of course I do, with my life.

But I was complimented on my nice ass four times in a week (not by pervs) which NEVER happens.

I figured ‘ok so it’s because of my cycling (which I’m totally addicted to my exercise bike now and I’ve only had it three months lol) and cycling works your glutes’ so I checked myself out in the mirror in my underwear and shat a brick when I saw my back was arched. I’ve always had a flat back. No ass.

Now I have a curve and little pert bum. I am a Qualified Massage Therapist. I know muscles and shit. I’ve done Sports or Therapeutic massage on enough athletes in my time to know how exercise affects the muscles but can it affect your bones where it creates curves?

How do you go from no curve to a curve? Yes my magnesium and diet will strengthen my bones and teeth but can it do this?

I asked my Dr when he did a minor surgery on my a few months about my boobs and he was at a loss. He said the gland can’t change without gravity pulling or manipulatating the shape as I age and lose fat, he said the muscles underneath could be getting bigger putting them up but it would raise the breast not make the glands bigger. My boobs HAVE gotten bigger. My students have said they’ve seen me changing.

I also used to have flat fat feet, high instep, made wearing boots and heels painful. Now I’m a shoe nut with more shoes and heels and boots now than I’ve ever had in total in my entire life because they’ve gotten long and thin and are no longer painful.

Is that the magnesium? And dairy proteins? 

I really genuinely don’t understand what’s happening to my body.

I went to America and my three boys were so sick. Vomiting every time they are and drank, heavy chest colds, exhaustion, fevers etc….They got this flu three times, three times in a month.

I’ve cleaned up more vomit from the floors, bedding and even walls more times in two weeks than I have combined in my entire life. I swear to blob at one point I was running out of bedding and towels.

Everyone who came near them got it.

I started feeling off and decided Naaah!! I’m not getting this. And never got it. I was the only one in our circle who never got it because I decided I wasn’t going to get it.

Psychosomatic maybe?

And to top it all off my gift has taken on a life of its own where I’m saying things that even shock me at its accuracy.

So what the fuck is going on? I feel 22, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m super strong, my IQ has gone up and I eat less than 1000 calories a day and only sleep 4 hours a day yet have the energy of children.

Is this my diet or Spiritual Evolution? I truly feel it’s the latter rather than the former because I’ve been slim before (not saying I’m thin I just mean I’ve been not overweight before almost anorexic) and never had these benefits before and it certainly never gave me a back curve. 

Can anyone explain it?

Coz I can’t.