Why the dead say “Don’t trust Crypto currency”

Because it’s not tangible.

Because it takes real earnings from real people who are scared to invest in property, gold and silver and vanishes into a non existent tangible currency.

Even a dollar note is a tangible currency. Computers that store numbers saying your account has so much in it isn’t tangible currency and in a world that is about to give up printing money, where is the tangible currency when the banks go down?

How do you buy food or gas or pay rent if you have no tangible currency?

Cash or barter will be valuable assets before the cleansing is over and we start building an honest structure for exchange of goods, services and products.

These people who take your REAL money that can be taken out of an ATM to buy gas or food then stash your cash and give you an Emperor in new clothes.

Digital is NOT the way forward for a society that has a government hell bent on seizing control of your financial and psychological well-being.

Look at the bank closure’s? It’s NOT by accident this happened. It’s by design.

They want to end tangible currency because then if the masses get out of control they can do little things like “Ooops power cut” “oops hacker took the system down” bollocks.

They love power cuts and downed systems.

The truth is, gold, whiskey, cash, tobacco, meat, vodka, weed, all tradable assets. All have a need in the real world.

Or retired Grandparents babysits working Mums kids after school in exchange for groceries and lawns done for example has more value to society than crypto currency.

Even sex is a tradable asset and if my kids were starving you better believe I’d take my dentures out and say “Ahh” because me saying “When the power comes back and the internet is back up and running can I PayPal you some money in exchange for food please?” Won’t have the same response I think some how.

Just….please…..don’t panic.

There are three things you can invest in that before, during and after will guarantee a fantastic return because it’s logical and necessary to us as a global society.

And you’ll have it on paper you have stocks so when they try to shut the internet down or power etc….you still have proof it’s your asset.

And don’t underestimate property. While I’d never buy a house right now, you can do worse because we’re gonna need to house so many displaced people after the cleansing and we begin to rebuild.

I wish I could help you all make better choices with your money because I’m sitting watching all of you go nuts for this currency that appeared out of nowhere and no-one is asking “Why?”.

All the glitters isn’t gold people and ignorance is as dangerous as fear.

Having a trade is better to be honest.

It can’t hurt to know how to cook, speak multiple languages, play piano, guitar, cut hair, sew, fix stuff, plumbing, etc….all trades that can be “traded” (the clue is in the name basically lol) for goods and services should we have no access to currency for example.

Just…make wise choices not popular ones.

Or have both if you don’t trust me.

Then one falls back on the other.

It’s a ploy. If you make a few million then why not invest more and make millions of millions them BOOM!!! CRASH

They want people trading themselves for survival. Self Enslavement. 

Taking everyone’s assets is the ultimate plan.

If this bitcoin is so honest, how did an anonymous person come out of nowhere with something so amazing, he’s supposedly made billions from and yet no-one still knows who he is. To quote my favourite Queen Alexis Mateo “BAM!!”

It’s there taking the world by storm.

Just make logical choices please. 

A fool and his money are easily parted. Remember that.

The greater the height something is the harder the impact of you fall…..and as we know according to my hero Newton ‘what goes up, must come down’.

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