My Sessions/Readings

As you know I’m now a Psychic Life Coach. I got a certificate and everything lol (and that’s Psychic as in the Science not the ability).

And I now officially have the BEST job in the world next to Mummy and Wife, Teacher and Bestie to Ma Bitch! (My best friend is the one you have in chick flicks that’s tough with a heart of gold, but would totally take a bitch down for me if I needed it while not letting me get away with shit)

(Just saw a black shadow about a foot high off the ground and jet black just fly past me and into the wall).

Anywho……so my sessions with my clients are just FASCINATING.

Because over email I observe and evaluate everything, then with Spirit I ask necessary questions to ascertain the cause for their depression or anxiety and then attribute it in a reading style to a past trauma or past life event.

But like…..I see it. I JUST had a session with someone who’s issues stemmed from life in Communist Russia.

But watching this person connect the dots and find that light switch to turn on is just such a turn on.

For the first time in my 45yrs of living have I FINALLY not only found the profession that was LITERALLY created JUST for me and my gift that no-one else can ever do without training with me but I’ve actually found the true purpose for my gift that ACTUALLY matters. 

For the first time its finding a connection to Spirit that connects to the client that serves a purpose other than spreading the probable possible game of chance that is “psychic readings”.

Getting it wrong was too stressful for me. But my hit rate was above 90 so I kept doing it and every time I walked away I always came back better and stronger because I was finding my rhythm with Spirit.

By tuning in and observing the world around me since birth it feels like I’m the Radio and my clients are the stations and Spirit are the band width.

I’m actually doing things for people now that is helping them see their Light.

It’s lifting Spirits. It’s giving people hope. It’s making people choose Life.

That’s so much more important than predicting lottery numbers.

For the last 2yrs people’s questions have changed from “will I get the promotion” to “why can’t I find peace?” And I’m able to help them find it.

I have someone I love dearly who once begged me to tell them the easiest way to kill themselves and how to write their letter to their family so it wouldn’t be painful. They loved my writing style and felt I could explain this person’s suffering better in a way the family would understand.

(I’m emotional just remembering this conversation)….and last weekend when I spoke to them they cried and said “I decided today I don’t want to die and I’ve enrolled in school”.

Because through the course of their sessions they totally didn’t know they were having I was able to pinpoint the moment of trauma for them because of Spirit.

Watching this person make the connection was the best feeling. The only way to describe watching someone choose live is if your a parent who loves their child…and I saw remember that feeling you got when you first looked at them and the three months after.

That’s how it feels to save a life.

This person is my 11th of the year.

I’m Doprah with a Twist. Spookrah lol

Sorry… I’ll stop now lol

Does it annoy you how I type everything I think? Just wondering…it’s because it’s how I trained myself to do email Readings.

When I did/do them/sessions I don’t ask for any information just their questions.

I trained myself to tune into the energy behind the person who typed the question while at the same time trained myself to dictate Spirit voice. And of course Spirit are one but even one colour is made up of many others but exists as one colour to the one looking at it.

So and because I am good at deciphering energy and dividing it, I can type, think as the client, Spirit and myself at once and I do that by typing out my thoughts when I read the client.

Consequently it makes me type like I talk when I write in general now and I don’t know how to stop lol

It’s just me being me and I’m just…..

Well…I is what I is innit lol

So this past life, present life, beyond life thing is like….I invented an entire genre just for me lol 

I can’t wait my school and studio in New York.

Im happy doing it from home though.

The great thing is I can do this anywhere in the world. 

I found it people.

I found the thing that makes me happy. It was a 29yr trek up that bloody mountain to discovery but I did it.

Now I just need my visa lol or show lol