Here is a load of my facts I put up on Twitter.

Fact: Charkras aren’t real. It has no merit scientifically.
Fact: Auras aren’t real either. It is just a visible bandwidth or energy wave. Light is made of colour. The colours you see are a bandwidth just like heatwave on a footpath in summer. It’s not ones Spirit or mood.

Fact: Chi is real, it is energy flow, everything organic is magnetic and has an energy flow.

Fact: Reiki has no scientific or medical merit. It’s just a redistribution of energy the client changes not the master. Relaxing does the same thing as does sex or doing a hobby you love. It works on psychosymatic behaviour. Because you believe it works, it does.

Fact: Prescription medication is the devil’s work. We have everything we need to cure us of anything right here on earth. Taking prescription medication for depression doesn’t stop you feeling, it stops you thinking. Thinking is the brains way of doing a disk clean on your hard drive. It’s a process necessary to the effective running of the most power computer in the Universe, your brain. Organic is the key to human Evolutionary success. That’s why all mammals seek a high either in fermented berries, roots and fungi.

But they also have healing properties and I believe it’s because it’s the equivalent of breast milk. Organic drugs and plants boost the immune system and cures you of anything going that is naturally occuring and fed into the system.
Understand that death is a double edged sword. Used one way can carve pumpkins into works of art, or whittle wood into statues. Used the other way and it will cut your throat and rip your heart out. YOU control the direction the blade swings.

Be very careful when dealing with a child, teenage or female spirit that appears vulnerable. These tricksters know how to play you like a fiddle because they ARE you and no-one knows you better than you. Know the dead. It’s not at all as it seems.

You must keep your wits about you when it comes to death because not everything that is dark is bad and not everything that appears innocent, is. Learn the dead like the back of your hand or it WILL bite the hand that feeds it.

FACT: The Dead, Spirit and Ghosts are NOT the same thing. They are in fact three different anomalies. Just because anyone can open up to Spirit doesn’t mean they should or are allowed to. It’s a privilege earned not given. 

FACT: If anyone says they’re talking to your Spirit Elder/Guide/ Angel etc…they’re lying. Your Guardians are NOT allowed to communicate unless your life depends on it ie during sleep paralysis and you need waking up etc…

Anyone who has the ability who claims to be “Gifted” and taking your money, ask them one simple question before you begin. Who are the council? If they can’t answer or say it’s Ancient Spirits, Aliens or Angels, walk away.

FACT: contrary to popular belief being an ANCIENT isn’t something everybody is or can be. It comes from time immemorial through your bloodline. Just coz Granny was a Wiccan Priestess doesn’t mean your an Ancient. There is a code. 

FACT: the fear of the paranormal is ALWAYS worse than the reality of it. The ignorance and lack of understanding of which is the most dangerous knowledge of them all. 

FACT: the dead make up for about 14% of all ALL paranormal activity people experience and of those encounters less than 1% of those are negative or trapped. The dead get blamed for Everything.

FACT: only a tiny percentage of orbs are the dead. The rest are human skin cells, bugs, dust, time capsules, energy capsules and oppression in a ball. STOP BLAMING MY DEAD FOR EVERYTHING. 

Fact: Ouija and Seances don’t contact dead people and anything that comes through is manifest by those conducting the session. It knows about you because you do. It uses fear and gullibility to target the weakest people in the circle. Because you create it.

FACT: Exorcisms and conjuring Spirits/Demons has no basis for fact or reality other than it being psychosymatic reactions to a disturbed mind. ie you believe it works so it does. But it doesn’t make it tangible or factual. For example Ouija Boards and Seances.

Fact: Empaths aren’t senstives, they are living Spirit. They are high IQ, artistic, and creative people who live inside torment and emotional torture because we reflecting what absorb in the world around us. True Empaths don’t say they’re Empaths, they say they’re suffering.


Fact: Only the planet decides how you live within it. If you do it wrong, it will do you wrong. Symbiosis is KEY to the production of and evolution of our universe. 

Fact: You don’t need crystals or special ANYTHING to tune in to the healing properties of the planet. If it is organic it does the same thing because we all came from space dust. Shells, rocks, stones, wood, bone, etc…but it MUST be offered not taken or bought. Fact: Pathwalkers are born and unique to the family. You can’t have a family of them.

Fact: Psychic is the Science not the ability.

Fact: ANYONE can read tarot. It requires no special ability other than a good memory. Get your own deck your drawn to, read for yourself and save your money. 

Fact: Your not made a White Lighter your born one. 

Fact: The Multiverse is wrong, we do not create Universes off a decision. You create the fabric of time on a decision not a Universe.

Fact: Demons are a manifestation of stress.