My Weird Horoscope Life

Ya wanna hear something weird?

My life plays out the way the horoscope says on my app almost to the letter most times. But the month before they predict it.

My Monthly horoscope is basically a recap of the month before.

Then for two weeks the daily ones haven’t applied to me in anyway, shape or form and I love this app. It’s not just the app. It’s other sites too.

It’s kind of like…..time is forgetting me.

That’s how it feels now.

I worked from 7am untill 11.45pm last night and it went so fast I had to remind myself to sleep.

And I keep breaking clocks. I’ve given up on the wall clock in the lounge.

The one in my bedroom is now jumping between 28 minutes and 15 minutes fast.

I’ve given up adjusting them.

Now depending on the room, when I look at the time it’s an approximation of between 7 minutes or 28 minutes added or subtracted to the time the clock displays lol