Life Beyond (my charity)

That’s the name of my charity.

Beyond Life is the name of my business.

Beyond Life is the Psychic Life Coaching For Profit/ Life Beyond is the Non Profit where I’ll employ ex felons, homeless men and veterans to build and renovate industrial wastelands to turn into housing they then get to live in.

Beyond Life/Life Beyond. Get it?

Balance….Spirit have it to me.

But I however thought of the tag line for Life Beyond is

Life Beyond

“Because Men Cum First” HA!!!

Is that wrong? I think it’s perfect hahahaha I know I can’t have it but still hahahaha

The idea being because without men cuming we wouldn’t conceive.

Without men’s contribution to all of this we’re buggered HA!!!

(You know what that word means right?)

And to be fair I’m talking about the evolutionary conception of everything in the known Universe that is organic. On a biological level everything needs a balance. Male is the Female balance and visa versa but of all organic life not just human.