Scared of death/the dark

So why we are scared of death and the dark?

Because it’s the back if the comet on some level of ones evolutionary process.

It’s genetic memory imprinted in our original form that instinctively knows darkness means the end of something.

But the genetic code that gives us fear and Intuition get crossed over because the left brain grounds the intuition side because it only understands physical response.

Fear has a physical reaction which is why when our intuition senses death the left brain reacts by making your heart pound, hair stand in end etc…. because it’s the fear of the back of the comet.

But faith is intuitive. It’s instinctual. It’s the balance to fear.

People who fear what happens after death have religion to assure them they’re never going to the back of the comet.

People of faith do so without fear because they know what’s waiting.

That’s why losing a loved one hurts because there is some part of us on a genetic scale that lacks the faith to trust it’s not final.

Because it’s in our very code to migrate our cells and evolve. It’s in every living thing.

Nothing organic lives knowing it’s going to die, it lives knowing it has to. But on its very atomic level it’s designed to make sure it doesn’t.

And because we came from the comet itself we know darkness. 

And no-one wants to be at the back of it.