Anarchy VS Anarchist

I need to make this clear. The Cleansing predictions I have been making for years will NOT come from Anarchists.

Anarchists don’t cause anarchy.

They are two different things. While an anarchist would never surrender to having a master they don’t cause anarchy.

I’m declaring Anarchy by the masses.

The ordinary men and women of the country.

I’m not saying Anarchists are going to plague the streets. I’m saying the citizens will cause anarchy.

They are too different things.

Maybe I should say civil rebellion instead but that sounds scarier than anarchy.

It is ordinary citizens that will take to the streets and fight for freedom.

Not this nonsense you see now with SJWs and Antifa lol they’re going to get trampled on by every other person taking to the streets.

Suddenly protesting over the misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of the language they speak will pale in comparison to the realisation that their government have been doing unspeakable things to our communities for pleasure.

I saw every walk of life on these streets fighting the man.

And we win….

But to be clear….causing anarchy isn’t the same as being an Anarchist.

Just because you refuse a hierarchy doesn’t mean you are lawless. You live by the laws that government commonsense and respect towards man and community.

But what I see is civil unrest or civil disobedience but with everyone involved.

Old, young, rich, poor, sick, disabled, kids, parents, grandparents, cops, soldiers etc….all taking to the streets to burn them mother’s down.

So…if your not for the people your against them and if your against them…’s you they’re all coming after.

This is about survival of the fittest now.

And I’ve seen the Antifa training videos…..I don’t hold out much hope for Antifa surviving a handbag attack from a gang of angry Granny’s from Florida let alone a full blown civil rebellion where even their parents are taking to the streets with bats to smash up the Majors/ Sheriffs office lol

But at least they’re giving feeling special a go though. Good for them lol