Trump’s building of the wall in theory…..

Is adding walls, it’s containing the sneeze.

Immigrants are like cells, you have good ones that are bacteria that mingle and blend and integrate themselves into the fabric and evolve and the bad ones are like a virus. They kill the cells so the bacteria can’t grow and become gloop in the water that eventually evolve into some women stoned in her room thinking crap up on her modern version of the wheel.

So the thing is to not put up a wall. Encourage the bacteria and contain the virus.

Because if we live in a world where no-one feels the need to be bad because we create a better fabric for society no-one would need to flee anywhere they call home.

Happy people don’t leave where they love. They keep searching until they find it. Either in this life or the next. But I am pretty sure America is mine. In the New York, Pennsylvania area.

I thought it was Wisconsin. But nothing ever worked out there no matter how hard I tried.

I kept always trying to make it Wisconsin/Illinois but it made me so miserable. Nothing went right.

But when I followed my compass and it brought me back to NY where it all started in St Andrews KY when I was watching Curious George with my babies.

I said to my Ex “I don’t know why but I feel like I belong in New York. I feel like I know it.” That was before I even knew Martin. That was in 2011. I met him 2013.

So the synchronicities I’ve been having all lead up to this moment where I’m now following my compass to New York and parts of myself got left behind and devolved into nothingness.

I let go of feelings of childhood neglect by my father because in Spirit making me remember stuff on my journey I realised it was Dad teaching me about Death that made me what I am now.

My Dad taught me not to be afraid because he was the strongest, bravest man I knew. That’s why I’m so protective of my military boys.

Because they’re all my Dad. They want to protect my sides from bad bacteria lol

That’s what a Dad does essentially.

My Dad helped me see beyond those sides. He got me to learn to sew up the fabric of time by not being afraid of my gift.

My love of death and the crime and forensic thing I have a turn on for is him too.

I’m fascinated with death. It’s always intrigued me and my Dad desensitized me to death.

Also he never made me afraid of seeing Spirits. I always knew if he wasn’t afraid I shouldn’t be either and I knew saw him afraid once.

He didn’t understand his gift because he was raised to be afraid of it because he had beaten Catholicism into him instead of deciding for himself like I got to do.

I think he was smarter than he knew because he always knew more was out there than the concept of a Blob but he’d been beaten to believe he had to believe in something other than what he wanted.

My Mum was my Empath teacher. She taught me how to read. Cards, tea leaves, dreams, being an Empath. She was the one who trained me to read people I guess. And taught me what a real Empath was. I never knew how she knew that.

But I know now it’s because it’s in her Maori blood line. 

I also let go of my past pain of abuse. I just don’t even care anymore. None of what any of them did to me stopped me being the wonderfully happy person I am now.

Because I found true love and lost the love that was dying out I shed the weight equivalent of a grown person a small child and dog in weight.

I let go of a reading style that was making me miserable and found something that makes me so happy that’s making a difference to the people my words attract. It all either advances like a sneeze or burns out like the back end of a comet.

That’s the concept of burning in hell I guess lol

But putting sides up doesn’t detain the virus, it contains the bacteria and it can’t advance if it doesn’t cross contaminate it dies out. But the virus in return HAS to get over the wall. It’s driven to do it because it too has a primary purpose of being a sneeze not a comet as well.

So the thing to do is monitor and control both in way that is balance for both but leave it up to the individual to decide which way to tip the balance.

Self control, self monitoring but in a society where it too lives by the same principle.

Encourages and grows together or dies out and become a ghost city. It’s in us to migrate.

It’s part of needing to be the sneeze not the comet.

That’s what we need to live in an evolutionary society.

No schools only self education. I do a form of home schooling unschooling. We teach them maths, Science, etc…through every day life and English and writing on paper.

But we let them choose what they want to learn and base their life around that.

My 7yr old is obsessed with engines, civil engineering, atoms, animals. My eldest is imagination and medicine. He’s incredibly creative. His grasp of language for 9 is impressive.

He loves to imagine. 

They both do. My youngest is incredibly gifted too. He’s more reserved about it but his grasp of language is above standard for someone with a degree in it.

He’s incredibly cerebral. He loves to come up with jokes.

My boys are complimented everywhere we go. They have groupies lol especially Nana’s and parents. Always compliment us on having such engaging, entertaining and polite children.

Because we raise our children together even though we are divorced. We put the needs of our children first and put our differences aside to help each other cope with it rather than punish each other.

The people who helped me begged me to sign a paper that said if I make money after our divorce he can’t touch my money.

I said to her “And why wouldn’t I want him to have some of it again?” and she said “Well it means if you divorced and won the lottery he could still get half”.

I said “Good…I want him to have half.” She said “why? I mean it’s your right but I’m curious”. I said “because any money I take from him takes from my children. He helped me make those babies. The least I could do is to help him help me raise them. Because if I don’t it’s my kids that suffer when they’re with him and I have way too much love and respect for the man who killed himself working two jobs and having a breakdown so I could work in my career perfecting my gift.”.

She said to me “Mrs Black that is very big of you, your an incredible female.”.

I said “That’s because I’m a woman. It’s what a woman is supposed to do. Do what’s right by her children.”.

We were taking each other down and that would of taken our blessings down with us and has parents we want our blessings to be big snotty sneezes and not comets.

It’s up to us and a perfectly balanced society to ensure they do.

And they never will get to if we put up walls and contain the bacteria.

The virus has to push the bacteria to divide and grow and swim onto land and evolve into walking things that invented wheels and vibrators, iPhones and Rocketships.

We’re all part of the sneeze. A wall contains it. 

When we get sick or get pain it’s our bodies way of fighting for or against its own immune system.

And any kind of stress on a genetic level is the cells dying at a certain point because it can no longer function so it becomes a comet that eventually dies out.

But when you heal and get better your immune system gets stronger and even bones when under stress break but heal back then times stronger on the break than before the break.

Do I think too much? Lol

This is why I need to be rich enough to think lol

Gotta get this out there because the concept of dead people is fast becoming a blur for me.

Not because I don’t believe they exist. They absolutely do. But because I’m just not bothered by then because I understand who they are in the bigger plan they just a strand of cotton in a larger piece of fabric in the grand scheme of things.

And besides if America put walks up you wouldn’t have every African American famous everything. You wouldn’t have New York because no Jews, Irish, British, Italian, Polish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Chinese, (you get my point right) immigrant building the wonderful melting pot that is America. The country who first starts standing up to the darkness trying to invade the planet. Not just America, but what they fight almost alone and single handedly it seems well no….with some help from Russia. Poland, any country saying no to the bad viruses. Not to the good virus because remember you have the balance.

Good immigrants bad immigrants, but you also have good bacteria and bad bacteria too. It’s all about balance.

But there’s a good virus in America too. They’re your soldier’s, officers of the law, paramedics, Nurses, Teachers etc…they’re in the very fabric of our society.

Immigrants strength the fabric not weaken it. We just need to pick the right cotton to weave the strongest fabric.

And if an immigrant is will to work cleaning your toilets so you don’t have to then you treat them with more respect than you give your mother because she only cleaned your shit for you up until she taught you how to do it yourself.

Unless you had an immigrant Nanny who did it then that woman is your Saint.

So when you eat your tacos, or rice and beans, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, beer, fries, iPhones, Xboxes, you get it right? Remember your eating immigration when the walks aren’t there.

And Chipotle restaurants are the temple between two cultures  colliding.

Chipotle is my Temple. Just so you know. I want to marry Chipotle restaurants.

I ate it three times in one week lol I was so happy every time.

Because I’m allergic to gluten I can’t have anything with yeast, wheat, barley, nothing except rice, corn, gluten free oats, meat (without seasoning that has starch in it or thickening agent, soy sauce, baking powder etc..), dairy, fruit and vegetables are fine. I also don’t have sugar so I’m screwed for take away or eating out. Chinese is the WORST for my allergy.

It suffer for about 5 days with the effects of one meal with msg and soy sauce.

But the thing is, and i know I keep going off on one again but remember I write as I think it. I’m writing my thoughts to expose my process to you so you can do it and be happy too.

But my body seems to be getting healthier as I age. Now I’m happy my body is getting like. Dropping weight has become so easy I don’t even notice I’m on a healthy eating regime.

So I think this gluten allergy is my cells way of fighting a bad virus that was harming my body.

Now I have this allergy I can’t eat the goods that would make me fat.

It literally causes me intense physical pain so I’m not pissing on an electronic fence just because I want to see. I can move a bit the other way and not cause myself intense dangerous pain lol

So I can only eat natural foods now. I can’t drink pretty much any booze apart from gluten free beer which is actually really beautiful.

Gin, Tequila, Wine, Slim pickings really because the rest has tons of sugar. Wine kills me after a few drinks. Burns my gut so no thanks.

If I’m drinking I’m drinking to get pissed and I’d need about 10 straights and then I’d be too drunk to enjoy the night and feel like crap the next day. But if I get stoned and sit on a couple of gins on the rocks and occasionally soda water  them in there all night having an awesome time and I become a part of something fun.

But I do love to sit stoned and write like I am now.

I’m in a bit of pain today. I kinda over did a work out and hurt my back. I think it’s just sciatic. 

But what I find interesting is how when I’m down I get injured or I’ll.

I’m down because I miss my husband terribly.

I’ve had to get a new number for him and it can take from between 3-7days to get new numbers on the list.

So we’ve not spoken in 5 days and it’s killing me.

It could be another couple of days before I hear his beautiful stupid voice. 

I love him so much I want to punch him for being so perfect for me lol

Because it’s like *rolling eyes**phtb* *cross arms* *spoken like a teenager in a sarcastic moan of brutal honesty* why is he so perfect awesome that I have to work so bloody hard to have it. Why can’t I just jump to the bit in the fabric where I get every thing I wanttttaaa?

Stupid being all like…….*Waves hands in the air all flustered* mature and junk and stuff. I just want what I want NOW!! Stupid Spirity dead people lesson evolvy shit and crap.

I just…….all I want is to be American and take my heart over there and heal people one strand of cotton at a time when they need to be a fabric more than ever.

The dead are waiting to teach us how to be happy. People WANT to listen. They just are too afraid to take their fingers out of their ears.

It’s all about choice.

Worry about your strand of cotton. Let everything else be its own strand and weave your fabric however the cotton collides. How the pattern is woven is up to each strand of cotton.

Have a beautiful country garden or a big hairy bum to look back down on. You choose lol hahaha oh Debbie….so eloquent lol

But my point to all of this is when I’m upset my body immediately feels pain or tries to inflict pain upon itself.

Suicide being taking yourself out of the equation. Removing your cotton from the fabric.

So they make amends and come back and so on until they jump back in to the fabric. It can be whatever colour it wants when it’s at its basic level it’s all the one original colour. Other elements are added to add the colour (migration, magnetic draw, law if attraction) but on a baser level it’s the one original colour. But it will always be itself original colour underneath, because if it doesn’t it will fade and break down and disintegrate.

And pain and sadness are the breakdown of the very fabric that is you.

Because I guarantee the closer I get to him calling the better I’ll feel.

Pain isn’t just an emotional deterioration, it’s a physical one too.

Everyone chooses their poison. That trigger that tips the balance. Everyone has it. Drugs? Food? Sex? Love? Everyone has that one thing that tips the balance.

For me food is the dark side of me, love tips the balance and my gift is the light side of me. It keeps me wsntito evolve to see my true potential because I kinda like what being happy is doing for me so far haha.

I just…..I need to do it in America. I can’t stop myself even if I wanted to.

Love tipped the balance. I love my husband and his family. They love me more than I knew I deserved.

I love how friendly everyone is. I talk to everyone there the poor buggers.

They don’t look at me like I’m nuts though lol until I tell them what I am lol then that decides if a long conversation is coming to explain what I am or the conversation changed to something entirely.

The difference being, an American keeps talking. They might never agree but the dialogue is still there. Shit gets figured out when you talk and compromise.

But people are in too much pain to talk it out.

So I want to start my Psychic (being the Science not the ability) Therapy Studio, and get a TV show and take people through the steps of healing through understanding death on every aspect of life and death.

So like Oprah. I’ll have people on who are grieving and hurting and I’ll coach them and help them heal.

While getting to cross Spirits over, showing how I deal with (in my job and how you can cope with it in your life) depression. Explaining why and how we manifest negative energy.

How to embrace being a TRUE Empath. Getting men and veterans off the street and inspiring each other to become something more than existing.

It is better to die living than die existing. 

Here’s a crude thought. Lol coz ….I’m me after all lol this is why I need a TV show lol coz I’d say this shit out loud (you can imagine the faces when you hear what I’m about to  say ) BUT!!!

That’s why women don’t like to swallow cum I think. 

Because it serves no creationary purpose (I know that’s not a word) so on a basic generic biological instinctual atomic frequency magnetic level we repel it because it’s putting the baby in the other end tips the balance that creates a set of cells that guarantees our genetic code gets woven into the fabric of time?

I mean……right?…..I make sense though right?

If anyone out there gets me please say yes lol coz I need to know people understand me before I try and teach it to people who are broken.

And I’m just putting it out there Spirit!!!! *I better NOT N.  O.  O. O. O. O. T become a cult.*  I’m too tired to run anyone’s life. That’s the bloody point. Teach people so they don’t need taught.

But then in my head I think *hang on…. doesn’t that sound a bit preachy and religiony?* NO!!! 

I’m perfectly happy to let people do whatever the hell they want.

I’m just trying to get my drug I’m addicted to. Chipotle….lol

The only take away I can eat that won’t kill me.

And without immigrants we wouldn’t have The Mecca of fast food.

See……..I had a point to the title lol 

But I had to explain my thought process.

Or…like… manicures, the variants  of pink, girl things…and whatever it is a girl is supposed to like and junk, contrary to what I’m actually thinking.

Which is actually…..when I move to America and could afford a muscle car which would it be? And what year and model? Lol

It think it’s a toss up between Chevrolet,  Camero, Ford, Mustang, Pontiac. I heard they’re bringing it back….I hope so.

Anyway…Look! I’m not here to do anything than think out loud.

You don’t have to listen. I’m not out to hurt anyone. It serves no positive purpose for me to do so.

I have no issues with whatever you need to believe in to be happy.

Just give me the same respect of believing in what I want to.

And we all live together, different but the same.

The process of which starts integration and integration gives us Chipotle.

Which is progress. Because it used to be McDonald’s and Mutant Fried Chicken.

Ahhhh Free market capitalisation at its best.

Adapt or die. Survival of the fittest.

Be the sneeze or the comet….

No wall….just make sure you let good immigrants like me in.

I want to pay tax, I’ll work hard to pay whatever tax I need to do what I want to do which employ and help heal thousands of Americans.

Because then I help the dead and that’s the entire purpose of my gift.

It’s why it’s a privilege not a right to be the light of light jumping to and from forevers. It’s stressful to get it wrong.

So my gift is in the teaching of it to my students and clients, readers and viewers and why I need Patreon and PayPal donations.

Because then I’m being productive. Every dollar or pound or whatever currency they pay or donate pays for me figuring it out one way or another. I then teach it back to them.

It helps me and I help them.

It’s symbiotic. The people my lessons attract help them immensely.

For the ones who stop understanding it or don’t believe it is their choice to do so.

I know I’m confusing. I know I’ve been wrong and I know I’ve hurt people.

And I’m so sorry for that. But….I want to be a sneeze finding my forever and I was wearing myself thin. I had to choose between friends and everyone else.

Loyalties were tested on sides and we both failed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It doesn’t need to be a failure. It can be seen as letting go of something that clearly wasn’t working for anyone involved. 

I wasn’t loyal to you and you weren’t to me and demagnetisation is perfectly natural. It hasn’t stopped anyone from evolving into what we chose to be.

I will always love every single one of the students I tried to teach.

You can believe me or not but I really did want a family in you.

But we all started going off in different directions for whatever reason and pulled us both down, tearing the fabric of time.

The test comes in whether you fix the strand or not. Do you see the year or let it rip?

Either way it starts a strand of something entirely different.

It just depends on if you let it rip, sew the frayed edges or sew it back up.
The choice is ours. It has always been since the very first sneeze.

And viruses and bacteria can’t do its thing for genetics without migration.

Point of title made.