Time = Death = Following Your Compass

Im doing my Debbie Maths again and thinking out loud again sorry.

How far would a sneeze travel if it had nothing to hit?

This is what they’re teaching me at 6.08am on a Tuesday morning.

If we remove the confines of shape and content ie if we remove all four sides of a square what you have is….time….

It’s is us who put the four sides on a square.

So what if you remove the sides? Does it stop a square being a square?

Or is the square growing so big so fast you can’t see its own four sides?

So that begs the question. How far would a sneeze travel if it has nothing to hit to stop it? If we removed all the sides of everything, what would stop the sneeze?

How far would it travel? So there begs another question. What sides do we have that contains our sneeze if nothing else has sides?

Why do we have sides and nothing else?

It is us that put the sides on. Why do we put confines on everything? To step out of the confines is death, I get that. But why do……….why put shape to things if we all on an atomic level know how to need to be in the confines of one?

It’s like we create everything in pixels so we get a better visual when we die and stand back and look at the picture that was our life. Shapes are literally snap shots in time.

We are literally weaving the tapestry of our lives to tell our evolutionary progress. The better we get at making better shapes ie Cassette to digital music, rocket ship to space craft etc….the faster we evolve because eventually we evolve past the need for shapes because we will learn to exist without shapes and that is time. And death IS time. They are one in the same.

We don’t die, we biodegrade and go back to being part of the fabric of time.

We are still in the process of the big bang.

Everything is having to evolve at the speed of a sneeze or become the tail end of something evolving at an accelerated rate. Terminal velocity in fact. 

Every organism in the known everything is one part of that sneeze trying to go faster to get to the end of the four sides. It has to see where the four sides are and it will keep going until it finds out where the end of forever is.

It’s just in us to find forever. That is time. The sneeze. The big bang is the sneeze and the particles of which are finding forever on every organic level. We started as dust on one of the rocks that got flung in the sneeze. So does that mean we used to be a part of a bigger rock (or another planet) or did we evolve from a sneeze atom that hit another sneeze article in a form of cross contamination?

So that means the big bang has been a part of a cross contamination of something else. One thing hit another thing and became a sneeze and every particle of that sneeze of the cross contamination plus both it’s original forms (before both forms cross contaminated and are the say masculine and feminine….) That is time.

So death is time and time is death. But because we need balance and perfection of evolution to find forever we have two sides. Life / Death Up/ Down Good/Evil etc…in order to evolve until we step outside of those categories of existence and balance we won’t evolve.

So until we stop needing love and hate, life and death etc….we would never become an evolved part of time, we’d not be searching for the sides. We’d be finding it so much faster if we stepped outside of labels and the confines of sides.

Because to not is to drop off from the sneeze. That’s the dark side or hell…. dropping out of time and the balance of the Evolutionary process. The dark side is the masculine to the feminine which is light so to speak. 

So…….what was the original sneeze?

We need to sort out shit out.

Because if we don’t we drop out of the race.
Like things that become extinct (of their own accord not through extermination).

That’s the dark side. Not existing in time. To not exist in time is to not get to be a part of the race to find forever.

Extinction is dropping out of time and nothing in the known anything wants to extinct. So evolution is finding forever and becoming time or being extinct and being removed from time.

That’s why some planets are missing from our solar system.

They dropped out of the race. And our galactic buddies were the ones who evolved better shapes faster.

So that means if we keep fighting over gential biology we will have about 100yrs before we become extinct.

Step outside the confines of shapes people and find your forever please or your taking me down with you and I am NOT becoming extinct after all I’ve mother fucking been through in my life.

Fuck that shit. I want a big ass piece of that fabric and that bitch is gonna be damn well the rarest silk or Egyptian cotton….(I guess I should be humble lol)

Comets and meteors are the bits of those planets that became extinct and got chewed up in the sneezes velocity.

I fuckin love xxxx so much.

I want to marry xxxx. I’ll be Mrs MJ Arce. And I don’t mean Michael Jackson lol

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg….bollocks…. I’ll be back. The thought process itself of me figuring this stuff out is part of that sneeze from the original big bang. Think about that one lol

Your excrement was several parts of that big bang that dropped out of the race but gets to come back and try again as something else ie reincarnated as soil that grows an apple tree. A cow will eat some of that dirt and it becomes a part of something else entirely on so many levels. Nutrients, bacteria, excrement, soil, gets rolled in by a pig. Then it becomes something entirely different again…..it’s all just a part of the sneeze evolving at velocity and eventually see no sides like how the soil gets to be a part of a tree and seed and animal and insect etc…ie evolving or slowing down and hitting sits or devolving. But when you think about it, It’s all just part of the original sneeze ie the big bang.

So we will never find what’s at the end of that sneeze if we get it right and evolve beyond confines. Because if we get it wrong we hit sides and go no further.

Like Panda’s. So does that mean any animal that has reached its maximum potential as an animal ie one that hasn’t adapted to change are essentially devolving? But of course I’m not talking about animals who are wiped out by extermination.

But then again plenty of animals have adapted. Dogs, Cats, Cows, all doing what it needs to in order to ensure its survival.

But again the dark side of that would be extermination. Any way you want to look at it a cow that becomes necessary to the process of Evolution ensures it’s survival. At some point we will find no need for cows as food or they adapt into something else like we did as gloop in the ocean or we wipe them out because we become greedy and it all devolves for not adapting fast enough to see beyond the need for anything.

It’s all just a different part of the original sneeze evolving, devolving or cross contamination. So cross contamination is the balance to evolving or devolving. So the sneeze is conception. Conception is a big bang. Conception is part of the original  sneeze. Conception is the balance to life and death. Conception is evolution.

Evolution is time, time is death. Time is the balance to death and life or time is the balance to evolving or devolving.

Time is the sneeze.

That’s why my dead always say “Remember me for that is where I wait for you”… memories are snap shots of time. To remember is to catch up with time and be a part of time where our loved ones lay.

They lay in time and when we connect and catch up (like I do now  with my time slips every time I work with Spirit) we can be with them anytime we want.

Death is just us putting sides to it. I am removing the sides faster and faster because I’m starting to understand time better. The psychic mind is a time traveling one and it has bugger all to do with a Blob. To Blob something puts sides to something.

Why does there have to be a Blob? Why can’t we all see this as not needing sides? Why can’t we just be allowed to be a part of our own sneeze and try to find our forever on our own?

Religion and government just seem to be sides we were told we needed when in Actual fact it’s slowing us down.

That’s why I was told the cross, the Christian cross is the symbol for “devolving” because evolving wouldn’t have a middle to its four sides. The written in Debbie autism mathematical version of an equation for evolving is a Christian cross with no middle. It would look like all four sides were pushing out towards a life without walls or 12 6 3 9 on a clock.

A Cross is devolve and a cross hairs symbol is evolve. So that means time is it’s own balance. It expands and confines. Why is 24hrs have to be 24hrs? Why can’t it be phases or cycles? Do we evolve faster because we confine time to a system or measure? Or does it slow us down?

It’s never ending questions. I thought I was being a smart ass know it all typing this out thinking I had a conclusion to the big bang thing and now I’m asking what was the original parts that created the big bang or is it all just an original part of an original sneeze for all time? Lol

And is time productive or counter productive to our evolutionary process?

I can’t stop thinking about the human brain. I KNOW it’s in my dementia theory.

Mind blowing No? The way the human mind thinks.
It’s almost like our brains are slowing us down because it feels the need to go to work to earn money doing what it hates even though it’s heart wants to make cookies and sell them at counters and online.

Or we hit each other over the head like a poo flinging ape because one doesn’t like the other ones thoughts. 

Chicken or egg????

Really both just a part of a greater sneeze lol 

So following your compass is being a part of the sneeze that has no sides.

It leads you exactly where your evolving yourself to be.


To clarify I’m not saying there is no creator or Blob. I’m saying the concept of one being a white dude with a beard who sits on a cloud moaning about how shit we are like a grumpy bitch with PMS is.

Because religion like education and government is putting sides on something and then forcing your sides to fix someone else’s. But the thing is….were not all squares, some of us are circles, and oblongs, and hexagons etc…we might not want to be squares.

But if being a square or hexagon, sandwich or purple is what makes you happy then go right aheadits all about choice.

Make better choices….in partners, in jobs, in life…make better choices.

Don’t be in relationships that are ripping you apart.

Stop working jobs that make you miserable when you’d rather sell chicken out of a van.

Do what and who makes you happy and to hell what anyone else says.

Live outside of fear.

Happy is Light, Evolutionary. Sad is Sadness is Death.

To an atheist death is the end. They will become nothingness because eventually they’ll be soil and that grows something until it can’t anymore or becomes something else and you just turn to dust and blow away eventually and become a part of a whole new big bang. But do you become a planet or a Universe, a cell or atom? ie reincarnation. Depending on your choices and what you allow yourself to evolve to become is our choice no-one elses.

That’s true of any organism.

Or do we become time itself by evolving and being the sneeze itself ie Light, Evolving to the edge of the sneeze.

So as I said back when….the mathematical equation of the Cosmological Constant is the big bang confined to a shape we understand ie maths. 

So shapes are necessary for us to create better shapes to understand and be a part of the fabric of time but until we step outside of time we will never be able to become a part of it.

Hmmmmm now that’s a pisser aye?

So my shapes to help me understand how to understand this stuff they’re teaching me is in letter form.

So my Egyptian and Greek etc.. ancestors perfected writing and language so one day I could write out a mathematical equation in written form because I can’t do maths for shit?

To me 8×6 = ¥}÷√shoe@£&¢=}twelvty

That’s how my head sees numbers.

But language helps me understand it. And music playing on my headphones while I do this (because I think as I type because I’m dictating as well because I’m too poor to have a secretary just now lol I’d love to have someone type this out after I speak it. All I want to do is teach, think, get stoned, think harder, love my family and help everyone in the world ever. Why can’t I? Lol I’m gonna one day) distracts my brian in the right way that I can focus on my visions better.

Because everything they teach me is visual and memory based. So conscious and subconscious (the balance of the brain)

But everyone has their own shapes. That’s why it’s important to be different while being part of the same.

It’s creative and expansive. 

Live and let live and let them sort their own shit out basically is the rule of the Universe and it’s Evolutionary process. I shall not by my own actions cause loss of harm to any living being basically is right but I need to add a caveat in that unless it’s symbiotic and mutually agreed upon by all parties. ie growing plants and crops and animals for food source in exchange for them living good lives and being allowed to genetically evolve. We all are one and all become one its just going at different speeds of acceleration.

Just only take what you need to live.

Never take more from anyone or anything than you need.

So if your in an unhappy relationship, or job….leave…..you do yourself no favours by staying. In fact you’ll just end up dirt.

Because people who have no hope devolve.

People who have faith have hope. Hope springs eternal, it really does.

So ok Spirit I understand you made me answer my own question there. I now do understand why people believe in religion.

It gives them hope. But….what I would ask is…..to anyone who believe in God or a creator…..if I said to you “What is YOUR idea of what a Good God is, what is YOUR idea of what being a good Christian, Jew, Muslim is? If you could tweak it so it was written into law for you to practice that made you happy with being that religion what would those tweaks be? If you could do these tweaks without anyone knowing what would they be? They have to be tweaks you know would make you better in your faith and growth.

I know you’d all stop to think about it.

It’s thinking about it that means your not following what feels right to you. If your religion felt right to you then you wouldn’t need to think about it.

If ever you have second thoughts about something you know it’s not right. It’s the Universe telling you your making a bad choice.

Because religion is what your told to believe. Faith is what you find to believe.

Find your faith in everything you do including love.

Do what you love, love what you do.

Do who you love, love who you do.

You then have complete control over how you go forward.

Second thoughts are X and Without doubt is ✓

Got it? Do everything with a ✓ in your gut never a ? Or X because X drags it out ✓ moves it forward and ? Tips the balance.

Because if it’s right you never say ?

It’s just ✓✓✓✓✓ all the way.

Mostly life is this ✓✓✓xXxxxx✓XXXX✓ but Evolving and getting it right is ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ devolving is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX But all an infinite amount of possibilities of both X and ✓ based on the choices we make.

On every organic level on every aspect of the sneeze analogy.

Love….is ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ and right now my relationship with death is all ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ because the more I learn the happier I become the more I write the more I learn the more I can teach to help people looking at how to make better choices.

This is why I don’t do those kind of readings anymore.

I couldn’t stand getting stuff wrong and letting people down. It’s too much pressure.

I’d rather show people how to have that connection themselves because then they don’t get hurt being being presented with a false ideal of what the dead and Spirit are about.

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

I am He-man and I have the Power lol and I hand it to you now.

That’s what I do.

I teach people how to live love and love life beyond death and before it now.

Which is so much more rewarding for my soul than to say someone’s going to find love then they don’t.

I have a theory on why I think we get stuff wrong and why we don’t if you’d like to hear it?

It’s the law of averages versus probability and possibility. The law of averages tips the balance and decides the fate depending on the roles both party plays to the equation.

If you believe it will happen it does, if you play your part in the equation just right you’ll get the result you want. It’s all choice, choices are magnetic, you get what you attract to you. So the law of averages would dictate that if I see your best out come for something by warning or preparing you, if it’s what you want, we together pull the probability of it happening for you because it’s what we both want for you.

If you don’t want it or don’t put in the effort to achieve your dreams then the possibility of it happening are slimmer.

But then also maybe I’ve not been tuned in enough to see the bigger picture.

And that all depends on the laws of attraction. Because I have some clients I’ve read who hate me and think I’m shit and that is their right to do that.

My punishment is the guilt I carry for not making them happy. But there are sides to this. For example did it not happen because you did everything you were told? Because if you did and it didn’t happen then fair enough. I got it wrong and I’m sorry. Or did you not do what I told you to do? Because that happens constantly too.

Or did I accidentally read for someone around you? Which happens slot too.

What I’m saying is there are many reasons why we can get it wrong.

But I also know I get it right for others because they had faith in me. Because the connection was perfectly balanced, because I am more open now because having self corrected my readings style from card readings to email readings to Empathic Therapy, Psychic Life Coaching, Paranormal Science etc…I get to teach and help people evolve.

For the people I get it right with its life changing. And it’s the experiences of all of it in my life that’s gotten me to where I am with my connection to Spirit.

It’s all the Empaths that are drawn to me and stick like a magnet.

The people looking for meaning and hope not stuff. Purpose not purses hahahaha

That’s how you know your a true Empath. You isolate yourself until you find the right magnet to stick to then you never let go.

So follow your compass and find your magnetic so you can stick together forever.

Stop flapping about like a compass in a room full of spinning magnets lol which I guess is an atom? which is light itself.

Creation contained.

So is the egg the compass? And the sperm the magnet? And the embryo the atom?

So I was wrong… Women are equally as important as men.

So it really does rely on perfect balance but it’s still men who create the biggest impact for the conception of the atom but women create the biggest impact in the conception of the atom and then it’s up to the both of them to get the balance of the atom just right. Because we all know how unstable atoms are HAHAHA

Boom!! Big bang all over again.

So black holes, milky way and worm holes connect the balance in the fabric of time. One sucks it up (milky way), chews it up (black holes) and sneezes it back out to start over (work holes) so the black hole would be the balance? No the Milky way would be? Because it decides what to scope up and gather to feed back into the recycling machine…..no wait….the black hole would be the balance? It’s the worm hole. It’s controlled by conscious thought, them and black holes can be manipulated telepathically.

I know this for a fact. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

So if they can jump in and out of time and black holes and work holes…oh wait….they can’t.

That’s why they’re waiting for us to catch up.

I think the black holes and worm holes are responsible for sewing up the fabric of time.

If we don’t expand it gets sewn up and we can’t get out, this ensuring in collapses and decays like cotton fabric over time.

Biodegrade and become nothingness.

If we join them by not fighting about crap and invention faster better shapes we can join them and leave before everything collapses which it will if things like feminism (not rights just women’s rights) and religion (not faith….just indoctrinated religion), schooling (not learning and education) and government (not social law and order just politicians) etc….then we get to slip through the fabric of time before it sees itself up and sews up the fabric of time forever.

Which if not looked after in itself biodegrades over time. So it really is a case of do overs.

It’s better to be the front end of the sneeze than the tail end of a comet.

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