Men Vs Women

So….going by the sneeze analogy then does that mean a woman’s egg without the man’s sneeze dies and devolves the cells. The egg is like the Panda. Mate or die out.

The sperm is the sneeze that pushes the light forward. So is birth the cells dying at a slower rate?

In the hopes to eventually evolve past the need for a physical? Like those humans we become in the movie AI?

A conscious light? So men are more important to our evolution lol we just ensure the sneeze travels further.

And we have the cheek to complain because he doesn’t earn enough to buy us things with pretty sides? Lol some women are devolving this planet it seems like.

Is that why so few women like myself are a part of the right movement of EQUAL rights and  in the “Booo men are shyte and I’m ordinary everybody look at me” brigade.

It’s why so few men are choosing marriage now and countries like Italy, China and Japan have a dying populi.

They say the woman chooses the mate but really…..if the guy don’t perform she doesn’t get nothing from him. Lol

She might think she picks her potential mate but if he don’t sneeze ain’t nothing evolving haha he is the one who has the control.

Plus….they catch the spiders that hide like ninjas in the shower waiting to bite your face off. I swear to blob they’re the size of my youngest child.

Plus….they carry my heavy things when I don’t want to. I’ve got to out heels on and wear make up to look good for him. That’s exhausting. I hate doing girl shit. It’s so….dumb….but I love doing it for him because for some reason he likes me lol

So I want to look nice because he makes me feels nice. In return I let him carry my bags because it makes him feel manly and assertive and women….. oblige please. It is in the man to take care of a woman just like it’s in a woman to want to nurture a child be it human or animal. The nurture is in us and the protection is in them.

Let them feel like men. My man is everything I ever wanted in a man. He’s rough and gentle, brute and saint. He’s hard on me and oh so gentle. He’s been in prison for nearly 10yrs so you know when I mean hard I mean hard. But see when I Purr my little kitty purr? He’s a little Latin boy.

That’s love. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Boy meets girl, they are the best and worst of each other and then they evolve by creating.

And it’s not confined to make and female really. Biologically yes but what if each partner had a child each to the same donor male/female so the siblings at least shared the same part of DNA? That’s still ensuring each partners genes evolve.

If only one partner contributes it just means they’re branching into their own part of the sneeze. The role you play is by choice.

I know too many women who died regretting never having kids because they chose career or because they lived at a time when it wasn’t ok to be gay.
Without men this planet is doomed.

But now having updated my last post I realise it’s really truly and equal balance thing.

My Time Death Compass Article kinds answers my own question.

Sorry….I know it’s random but I accidentally wrote two articles at once about the same thing.

I think constantly lol

But this is all going to help me help people and especially Empaths, and Dementia. There is a point to my ramblings I promise.