You Really Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are.

I couldn’t stop looking at your beautiful face.

You made every excuse to not look at me even though you couldn’t see me looking at you because my camera was crap.

We’ve only met a couple of times but I know I need to nurture this fragility in you.

You told me you understand the way I think. The way I process my thoughts. You get me like we are in the same.

I vow to make you want to live a good life. I vow to make you see the good in life.

I vow to make you see the good in you and those around you who must now earn the right to love you.

Because I’m going to teach you to be strong and to pick who your deserving love goes to so no one ever takes advantage of your heart and light again.

You are special, you are unique, you are everything that is beautiful in this world and even though you can’t see how beautiful you are it’s okay because I’m an Empath.

I’m a mirror made of sponge. So when I look at you I will absorb it and reflect it back to you like a mirror so you can see just how beautiful you are.

Your stunning B….I’m jealous at how beautiful you are. I’d KILL a non living thing in a non aggressive way to look like you. I mean I wouldn’t kill anything living but I’d totally like snap toast in half or bite the head off a cookie (as long as it was sugar free and gluten free because I can’t be doing with an allergic reaction or anything) but apart from that I really would.

It makes me so angry and sad that people have been allowed to do this to you.

But don’t worry. You’ve got me now. And for as long as you want me….I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.

And I’ll see you in Montana. It’s gonna be okay now B….

I’ve gotchu 

Love always

Your Friend (always)