I need to tell you guys…..I’m actually nervous about what’s coming for this planet.

I’m going to be honest with you and you can listen or not but the moon and planet are telling me something.

I’ve been trying to figure out for days what’s going on with the moon as its effects on me and the Empaths around me doesn’t match the effects it’s phase should be having on people.

There has been like a “Call to Arms” feeling of preparation with my senior students and I.

It’s making me nervous.

Three seniors had IDENTICAL dreams about me and my Society within 24hrs of each other. IDENTICAL. EXACT SAME MEANING, OUTCOME, PURPOSE.

They too have been going through a deep therapy session with myself where all of a sudden they’re dealing with the deepest traumas of their lives.

Being introspective and retrospective. Clumsy, distracted, can’t focus except to think about their childhoods, and lives.

They’re healing from pain slowly, they’re feeling a need.

It all started in North Carolina on the 4th of December when I was outside at night. I went for a walk around the streets to walk my Besties dogs and have a “smoke” and I was thinking about how I’m going to be getting married in a week’s time etc…how this time next week I’ll be a married woman and how I wish my babies were here….I hate being away from them……I looked up at Father Moon and said “Ok Dude…..I’m done….I can’t be torn between America and my boys anymore. Whatever you have to do to get this done….do it…. I’ll do whatever it takes and I’ll work harder than ever, just help me get to America and bring my family together.”

7 hours later I woke up to a message on my phone that would change my life forever.

It started a 3 day shockfest where I pretty much had to start over. My life, my classes, my business, everything.

My students were dragged into something where with my seniors all three have their loyalty tested at the exact same time. Within 48hrs of each other they had various things happen in their lives where they had to make a choice between staying in my life and leaving.

They all chose to stay. And all this happened on Tuesday the 5th until the 7th when I woke up feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

I felt cleansed. I had the BEST day with my best friend who helped me figure so much out. She gave me the BEST day. She healed me that trip.

She helped me through some tough decisions and even though we butt heads sometimes she’s my rock. She immediately and instinctively took me by water which I didn’t tell her was where I go when I need to wash away my worry, concern or frustration. I go to the Forest when I need to recharge and the ocean when I need to release.

Then……I went to my seniors as we prepared to go to New York so I could marry my love and I kept saying that I felt something had changed.

It felt like cogs has started turning on this planet and we both said we felt something coming.

The Saturday we headed up to NY on the 9th I connected with her awesome Dad and that’s when these revelations and synchronicities all started aligning. We thought we’d figured out what 44 meant but we haven’t. But most everything else we did and they have since stopped.

But all of her numbers and synchronicities were all pointing to what’s about to happen this year.

We sat in my hotel room on the 10th gasping at how the Universe aligned for us with these revelations for about…..6hrs.

Eating gluten free muffins and coffee on my bed gasping, clutching our pearls and OMBing for 6hrs.

I’m talking things that were told to me as a child came true that day, things of biblical proportion. Including the fact we started this reading I did for her with “Dad said follow the star”. When we turned the corner and saw sitting on top of the prison my husband is in, a GIANT glowing star…..we nearly crashed.

As gifteds as Empaths, we immediately felt it. We immediately started putting plans into action that unlike before I have no doubts about.

We started making plans to do one thing and it’s ended up becoming something so much bigger than even I imagined.

Now we can’t stop….my seniors are definitely being prepared for something big and I can’t wait. I’ve started putting plans into action to start my profit and non profit businesses which I mentioned yesterday in my article titled The School.

And I’m now happier than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s only just begun.

That trip and that conversation with the moon changed my life forever.

It’s all happening so fast…I love it.

So…. anyway on Thursday the 4th of January (exactly 1 month to the day) the East coast where I just was a month before and Yorkshire where I reside have a storm at the same time.

I woke up feeling discombobulated. Clumsy, nervous, anxious, pissed off. It was so hard for me not to lose my temper over stupid things and luckily I didn’t but I did yell at a moron at the phone company and told him he was “Fucking useless” and hung up on him.

But I kept saying something felt wrong. The birds are talking incessantly then deadly quiet.

The trees are yelling and bawling and the grass is still. No dogs barking, the cats and dogs have gone….into some sort of rest mode. Like they’re quietly waiting for something and conserving energy if that makes sense?

Dropping things, knocking things over, restless and introspective. So I thought it was just me…until some of my students, the Empath ones are reporting the same thing. At the same time….so I’m thinking…ok this is weird. All this time feeling like a magnetic pull in my ample chest (lol). Like something is inside my middle sternum that is magnetic being pulled out of my chest towards to sky or something. It wasn’t nice but it didn’t hurt. It just started to make me nervous.

So I’ve been looking at the moon’s phases and the effects they could have on us Empaths and they don’t match to what I’m feeling. So it got me thinking “Is this a heads up?”

And then it began. Every corner we turned down in the car for about 1hr I was in snap shots of time. Seeing a man ride up through the car looking Dick Turpinesque on horse back riding to the building that looked like an old farm house turned pub.

I saw farmers at a fence in white shirts, suspenders, grey woolen pants and flat caps standing at a farmer’s fence line talking. I saw WW2 soldiers at the village town hall saying goodbye in their dashing uniforms going off to war, I saw men sitting in a pub on a summer’s day dressed in 1930-40s clothes and I could tell it was the best feeling for them to be sitting having a chat after a hard grafting day at work, having an ice cold one before heading home to the family dinner.

It was fast, instant, automatic without having to think. I could describe every single detail of the people, their thoughts and feelings, the buildings, in perfect detail even now.

And the dead out the corner of my eye.

I forgot to mention that. Since the storm u keep seeing what I think are people trying to talk to me or approach me and when I look to see them they’re not there. I saw what I thought was my ex walking out of my room and would of sworn it was him but for the fact he doesn’t own black jeans.

Animal Spirits running across roads, out of trees, all in front of me or to the side.

And all this mixed with everything else I’ve just mentioned I’m now feeling nervous.

BECAUSE!! I have this urge to stay in doors and get ready for something.

I feel like the planet is holding its breathe and these Time jumps and seeing Spirit and the dead, these feelings and pulling, these observations etc…are telling me something is coming and it’s big and it’s close.

It doesn’t feel good. It’s bad. Whatever it is I’m being told revelations are coming and it could start civil war.

I always said this is what would happen so this isn’t new but I think it’s worse than even I thought.

I think we (my seniors and I) are being prepared for the aftermath of what’s to come.

We are ALL part of the Truth movement. We are ALL enlightened. But we are Science based as well as logical. By its paranormal and by which I mean we are tuned in to all of this enough that we know what to trust out there and explore the truth of and what is garbage, click bait or lies. It’s hard to explain but it makes sense to anyone who reads this from my class who is a senior. I’m not doing what I mean justice but it’s hard to explain. It really is.

But whatever we get wrong, Spirit always correct….then we know for sure what to believe.

And what I’m being told is something huge is about to hit the mainstream that sends the world into darkness for a bit.

Anger at a level this planets history has never seen and many people are going to die.

I keep seeing that man who shall remain nameless getting his head kicked in by military men wearing the Stars and Stripes.

I keep seeing the rich and famous in Los Angeles and Tennessee, Georgia etc…being dragged out of their homes at night, beaten and houses set on fire.

Buildings burnt to the ground. There a woman from the Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills I see constantly with blood in her face because of her husband.

Young women dumping their men in droves to disassociate themselves with their rich and powerful men.

The Kardashians I think at least two of them will get arrested.

I saw the one with the bum crying on TV and no-one cared.

The anger and rage, that is coming is beyond anything I saw before and I think I’m feeling it before it happens.

We are feeling it before it happens.

It starts in America and ends in The UK.

I feel it starts with the low level ones like Hollywood celebrities and these Hollywood bikes that get ridden around by every man who raps, does a thing or pretends to be something.

I know JayZ, Snoop Dogg, Eminem etc….are getting taken down.

Most of these people in the music, movie, media, sports, celebrity industry if they’re not arrested will have their careers destroyed.

I think we’re about to see a mass heart attack/cancer pandemic for those not brace enough to face the consequences of their actions and West Virginia plays a role.

And I swear it ends at the Royals of Europe.

But whatever it is it’s bad.

James Herbert’s books The Others and Ash comes to mind.

Read this narrative describing Ash.

Ash is James Herbert’s most controversial novel to date, and will make you wonder what is fact and what is fiction.

They were miscreants with black souls, roaming the corridors and passageways. Infamous people thought long-deceased. Hiding and nurturing their evil in a basement full of secrets so shocking they would shake the world if they were ever revealed.

David Ash, ghost hunter and parapychologist, arrives at Comraich Castle – a desolate, ancient place with a dark heart – to investigate a series of disturbing events. An incorporeal power has been ignited by a long-ago curse, fed and now unleashed by the evil of those who once inhabited this supposed sanctuary – and by some who still do. Yet their hour of retribution is at hand . . .
This book is about The Royal Family and other elites who hide their depraved, deformed, savage embarrassments they feed innocent children and people to for their amusement and pleasure.

I’m not kidding that just months after this book was released Jane’s Herbert died of an aggressive form of cancer and I think whatever he knew is about to come to light.

I think the truth is coming and for the planet the pill will be hard to swallow for so many they go into a panic and rage and suddenly all those “no-one likes me because I’m a woman, black, trans, a Hillary Clinton supporter” will go very quiet because I think it’s more than just eating live babies.

I think most of these people won’t survive the imprisonment. I honestly think Obama’s days are numbered.

There is a darkness that has swept this planet for centuries and it’s losing grip because it was used to hiding in the shadows and now someone is about to switch the light on.


The White haired man I predicted back in 2002. Julian Assange is going to be the man who saves the world.

Remember I said Australia felt involved but I wasn’t sure if it was the 5th country caught up in the cleansing? He is Australian. He is working directly with QAnon apparently.

SO!!! In conclusion.

Whatever is coming it’s bigger than I’ve been told. It’s devastating. It’s evil in the living flesh and it’s about to get its head kicked in.

Then people like me and my seniors will be left with help deal with the aftermath.

Because it’s all dealing with death, darkness, satanic, demonic and religious belief structures, life after death and paranormal occurances as well as the emotional aftermath and trauma.

And who better to hold these broken witnesses to this darkness than us?

It’s already started. I work with a lot of Veterans with PTSD and the things they tell me would give the average person nightmares.

But…Empaths are feeling it. I’ve got four students and a couple of clients I’ve been working with who in the many years I’ve known them on mass are having the same breakthrough at the same time.

People days away from suicide when I met them now seeing the light in a time when darkness prevails.

This my friends….is called The Cleansing.

Now you know why I gave it that name.

And my students and I are being prepared to deal with the clean up of the broken hearted and fearful. And that’s why we have had to dump all the emotional baggage.

I think my client base for Psychic Therapy is about to get very interesting indeed.

So….stock up, stay indoors as much as possible. Observe odd behaviour with banks, train stations, airports, ports etc….acting weird with malfunctions or power outages, and mass firings, suicides, heart attacks and cancer deaths of seemingly healthy celebrities, rich and famous, powerful and privileged.

The pinnacle is coming.

I can feel it and it’s close…..really close. Is this 44? Obama or 4th April?

I wait with baited breath.

3 thoughts on “I need to tell you guys…..I’m actually nervous about what’s coming for this planet.

  1. Have you heard of ‘dead mans switch’? It’s going round in my head. Assange posted an encryption code on new years day. Someone called it a dead mans switch. It means if anything happens to him it will be automatically released. Or it might be linked to a wallet in an ethereum account? Though I think he’s somewhere safe now anyway?
    What kind of info is in this one? After everything that he’s leaked, some are still unmoved.
    I’m just thinking out loud. It just popped into my head reading this. It might be completely unrelated.
    I’m being asked why I’m so anxious. I don’t even know myself.

    • Yeah he set it up before he went into safety mode with the Ecuadorian Embassy that should be gets killed or taken to face trial in Sweden they were to release the files to the media. I heard Alex Jones has a copy as does Trump. I also heard it’s video footage of baby/child sacrifices. That drug they give the kids to make him hallucinate fear before cutting their throats to drink their blood to get a high from it and it is at the White House and is the reason why the President’s wife refuses to live at the White House. There’s footage I know for a fact of NYPD doing a raid on a house they thought was a drug den where they found these kids thier mother had sold to Podesta for drugs and money who were literally ripped to pieces the youngest is 4 the oldest is 11 and their body parts are all over the house. They had sex with the parts and each other. Apparently the police involved still need therapy. So if that isn’t shocking people enough to warrant action can you imagine what it’s going to be? Your talking about decades of missing children and young adults going missing never to be seen again and no-one does a thing. Kids turning up dead inside gym equipment with organs missing inside our schools, babies signed up as dead at birth and being sold to these monsters, orphanages passing these kids off as sex toys and target practice, the handicapped and disabled raped by savage brutes on camera for black market porn for the elites etc… people know this goes on, and so I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be but it’s what Assange has instructed his friends to release should anything happen to him or his family.

      • He is the bravest man in history. I’m so proud and honoured to watch him bring truth and justice for all of these victims of the elites.