Why I think the cleansing needs to happen in America first

Do you remember I said ages ago that Spirit told me “you’ll know when the cleansing is about to kick off because you’ll see unusual weather patterns happening?”
This is Florida. My student sent it to me.

As the planet gears up for civil war in many countries as the planet braces itself for a purge or cleanse of parasitic energy’s I’ve noticed a pattern in behaviour with many cultures around the world based on the people I’m taking to.

I’d like to make this observation out loud based on what I feel from the people and places I’ve come into contact with since last November.

Firstly let’s start with India.

They’re is a huge negative positive going on.

While people are killing themselves at an alarming rate there people are also embracing technological change and it’s helping them advance as a culture exponentially. They’re not perfect, no-one is but in terms of Spirituality and their dedication to the procurement of Spiritual enlightenment they are leagues ahead of anyone else.

They will teach us a lot after the cleansing.

They still have a lot of changes to make but in terms of progress they’re a force of nature.


It feels tired to me. Like the Europeans have given up the fight.

Britain used to be the home of defiance. They perfected anarchy and sing songs about their disdain for authority.

Now they are so broken and beat down they have no fight left in them. It’s just anger and it’s getting dangerous to live here.

The fear and rage is seething here and it’s horrible to even leave the house.

Britain had fight in her. But it’s not there anymore. Britain was the ruler of disorderly conduct. They were cool for being anti-establishment.

Whenever people try to rise above the conformity and go against the man they get beat down and everyone takes it.

Brexit is a prime example of this. People voted to leave and the government said “Actually, Oh Nah…your vote meant nothing”

The defiance has gone and they’ll only get it back when the tanks are threatening to sit at their doorstep. But having said that The UK is going to play a HUGE role in the cleansing and I feel it’s because while it starts in America, it ends in Great Britain.

I’m sure it starts with Assange as I said years ago, then ends with the royal family.

I know Assange is helping QAnon directly in the rounding up of people like Clinton so that makes sense.

But these weather patterns and the odd behaviour recently of the moon I’d say it’s a sign of the pinnacle.

I truly feel the revelation is coming that sends people to the streets to burn their Parliaments and Palaces to the ground.

I keep seeing that man getting his head kicked in.

The rage will be almost in essence mass hysteria.

When these officers of the law be it Sheriff, PD, CIA, FBI, MI5, Interpol ATF, Whoever!!! Go in to make these arrests having just witnessed videos of babies being eaten alive and children decapitated while alive so they can drink their blood to get a high from the fear they invoke in these children they won’t be able to stop themselves from wanting to get some form of vigilante justice.

I saw these demons stuffing dead babies bodies into washing machines and fridge freezers in order to hide the evidence when the raids come calling. They were African babies.

I’ll never forget that dream I had about the citizen dogs and burgers with the children coming down from the hills.

I didn’t understand it back then. I do now.

West Virginia is important somehow. I always say the kids come down from the hills in West Virginia but I have no proof in that dream it was West Virginia. I just knew in my dream it was.

But America has something no other country has now.

They’ve got fight in them. Whether you agree or disagree with someone doesn’t matter there. What matters is they’re at least expressing an opinion no matter how right, wrong or indifferent that opinion is.

They’re is an air of trying to bring the socialist ideals into the general populi but Americans are so much smarter than people give them credit for.

I had incredibly esoteric conversation with a biker in Wisconsin. Had a beautifully enlightened conversation with a born again Christian in Chicago.

I’ve met some tolerant Native Ancestors who shame me with how Spiritually strong and resistant they are. They’re better people than I ever could be. I yearn to understand the stars the way they do.

My dream is to find my Grandmother Tree. She waits to teach me about the stars. She’s been waiting since I was about 8. I have a feeling it was more like 10 but based on the bedroom I was in at the time I will say 8.

But the dream is always the same. It always ends with her sending me out into the sand to go out and look up at the stars and I know she’s trying to tell me something.

It’s why I say Just Look Up to Empaths. Because that’s what her and Birdie always say to me when in reference to me going out to look up at the stars. Answers wait there for me.

America has something Britain hadn’t had since the war. Togetherness, a comradary that was made evident on 9/11.

That love was something that etched into my mind forever. Only Princess Diana’s funeral compares in terms of pure palpable grief globally. I don’t think Betty and Phil will get the same send off.

I just feel something really bad is coming for the Royal lineage’s.

America is ready…. America saw this coming long before the UK did because after 9/11 gun sales went through the roof. Which means they knew a threat was coming. They just didn’t know it was going to be an internal threat.

They’re defiance is comedy gold. They’re cheek and sassy retorts to acts of bullying by things like the media, SJWs and such is a good few hours of hysterical laughing at some of the content on YouTube.

They’re calmer about the whole thing. They’re ready for change, they’re seeking change where as old tired countries need comfort and assurance all the time and it must get exhausting.

They’re also not afraid to believe in something. Whether you think it’s right or not doesn’t matter. What a person chooses to believe in, that makes him a better man because of it is no-ones business but his. Americans aren’t afraid to believe in something though. That’s the point. Be it religion, Rubber Dolls, Toothpaste or nothing at all, they understand it’s healthier to have a belief in something than nothing at all.

Whatever it is, is your choice.

Americans make no apologies for being American.

The British used to be the same but she’s an old tired Queen now who’s shine has left her tiara.

America is about to plunge into its darkest days but before long it comes into the light. But then begins the ripple effect.

The click heard all around the world.

I just wonder if 44 is 4th April? I’m seeing it again. Is it Obama?

I don’t know. I just know it’s show time.

My popcorn is beside the bed. Just keep your head down. It will be over quick in America. Countries like China and North Korea will be like it for months bless them.

Anyway……it’s here America.

11 thoughts on “Why I think the cleansing needs to happen in America first

  1. Do you mind me asking if that is two spirits showing themselves in that photo?? It looks like a young woman and a young boy? He has suspenders and the woman has a cloth wrapped around her hair. Both wearing white. Maybe it’s just my eyes?

  2. I was listening to fulcrum news the other day. They were doing an anonymous video with a survivor of trafficking. She managed to escape.
    She said the end game was to send her to the mountains in montana.
    I had to google where that was after reading your post. It’s in west Virginia.
    I feel really upset and jumpy lately. Crying a lot.
    I only started reading about what was happening in the world last summer. I have your blog to thank for that. X

  3. Hi Debbie. Having huge problems signing in to word press…saying I don’t have an account..even though that’s what I’ve been using..grrrr.

    Phone is playing up. Beyond annoyed.

    Anyway if go on YouTube and type in fulcrum news. There is a video called darkness revealed: Satanic mind control drug.
    The survivor talks about this powder they nickname devils breath. It’s the most dangerous drug in the world. They literally just blow it into your face and you become compliant and believe whatever you are told.

    Hope this message sends this time. X

    • Everyone is having issues. Empaths are really feeling it right now. It’s magnetic and palpable. I wonder what the hell is going on. It’s like the Empaths are feeding off the energy collecting in preparation of something. At least for the Empaths I know anyway. We’re all having internet issues, phone, laptop, etc…..

    • Nope, baby it’s because your an Empath. I’d love to have you at my school. Once it’s up and running, come train in America to be the Empath you are. Open yourself up to Spirit by way of using your art. There will be two courses. One is the Empath therapy then when your balanced you start the Science therapy side where you train to enhance your ability. It will be scholarships so it’s free for those who get taken in. It’s gonna be like Art College but not lol

  4. I would love that, Debbie. I really would. Thought I had lost my chance to pursue an art career. Two years ago I was accepted for a masters in fine art at central saint martins in London. Even got a loan in place. Due to some other issues I won’t go into here, things felt very wrong. I decided to pull out and not get into debt.
    On paper it was everything I wanted but for some reason it felt like I was making a mistake.
    I’ve tried to find somewhere to study but nothing has felt right since. I was drawn to a year long residency in Washington dc last year. I didn’t get it, but it did make me more determined to keep trying. I know what I need to do now. X