My School: 

So as you know and can tell I’ve stepped away from the original way of doing readings.

I couldn’t deal with the stress of getting stuff wrong. It bothered me.

I do have a theory on why we get it wrong for some but spot on for others. But that’s for my book.

But over the last 3yrs and with the help of ALL my students (who were kind enough to let me in for a spell) I’ve followed my compass to where I know I’m meant to be.

I just recently got my Life Coaching Certificate and will be starting a new business doing Psychic Life Coaching.

It’s what I’ve been doing for over 2yrs now and how it has been developed is incredible.

I’ve added Empath Therapy into the sessions working on past life or childhood trauma, helping them deal with their emotions and depression, hurt and anger and ultimately helping them find their “thing” that helps them shut down and mediate using their hands.

For me it’s pottery. Yes…..I want to give it a go. I’m drawn to it. Always have done. But I’m not good at it. I just feel drawn to it again so when I’m Doprah I’m gonna give it a go. I think it could be my recharge station to be honest.

But my sessions are incredible. I Worship and Adore every single one of them now. But before conventional readings terrified me because I didn’t want to get anything wrong for these people.

It was why I stopped and started teaching.

But now I’m being pulled back but in a way that is perfect for me.

All I do is done using Spirit. It’s why I will be making my school.

The School of Paranormal Therapy and Science.

I will only train Empaths. As in Writers, artists, musicians, poets, scientists, builders, etc…the thinkers and creators. TRUE Empaths. They’re the ones struggling with depression the most. They’re the ones more likely to kill themselves.

They were born with their compass set wrong.

Well I’m going to help them find North again using Spirit and Love.

The more Empaths I can stop from dying the more they create and inspire which spreads light.

That’s why the 60s were so important to the world. Look at the music and literature that came out of the 60s and because of the 60s.

Creators are Empaths, and they’re the depressed ones, the suicidal ones, the ones who need the saving. Their roles in our evolution is critical. They need balance.

It is them, the unbalanced I shall train once my school opens. It won’t be for the general public. 

It will have an art studio, recording studios, classrooms, car repair shop, kitchen, dark room, cafe, gym, you name it, batting cages, bar, salon, barber, construction area (because im building apartments remember?) fashion design, movie production but, cinema etc….and this is what my students will do as they train to connect to Spirit so they can heal.

Their work can get sold, displayed, cherished, donated etc….. whatever they create.

We will produce Speilbergs and Hemingway’s and Poes and Nirvana etc…..out of these men and women regardless of talent or ability.

Because it will not be about anyone but them and then using their “thing” to connect to the higher self and heal from it.

That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing and why I don’t do those kinds of readings anymore.

With the money my non profit makes (because these will be scholarships my students get, they won’t pay for this training) I will do up the apartments and house the homeless men and veterans.

So….The School of Paranormal Therapy and Science.

That’s my goal and why I need to get to America. I’m so keen to get going.

I just need to be Doprah lol

But the thing is I’ve become obsessed with the connection between the human brain and conscious self.

I really want to use what I know eventually to help people with dementia. I truly believe there is something in what I’m being told by Spirit.

So….. yeah…no more predicting lottery wins for people.