Art Therapy with Mr “The Dead” as Teacher

One day I will show you the one he did before this. His “introduction to his pain” painting.

This is without a doubt my favourite painting because out of the darkness comes the light. I know they won’t always be like this but I’ve known this man since 1999. No-one knows his style and talent better than me.

This painting is the first one to have blue in the sky and lights on reflecting. There’s never lights let alone reflecting.

So those parting clouds are his breakthrough.

We worked with his past life. Realized where his depression comes from so we’re working to heal her through his art.

It’s been an INCREDIBLE process and immso proud of him.

I really need to retire him so he can paint and grow brighter. He’s my longest serving student and his gift has exploded. He’s experiencing Spirit now every day and he’s working shit out. 

He’s genuinely and consistently working on himself now where as before he wouldn’t entertain the idea.

I feel like he’s going to be ok. I feel like he sees hope now. He’s having beautiful dreams for the first time.

His art therapy is how I’m training him using his gift. But I call it Empath Therapy.

It’s a process of discussion, observation and then the formulation of a training plan based on Spirit interaction. Because he’s never been able to train the Normal way because his depression won’t let him concentrate that way. But then they made me re-evaluate my career and I realised there are many ways I can teach someone how to open up and have their connection to Spirit heal their Souls in ways other than card tests and pendulums.

So I formulated a session plan and I’m proud to say it’s working.

Yesterday I set the task of knitting and sewing to a client yesterday. I can’t wait to see the results.

I have to be brutally honest….see this new way I help people? The sessions and Empath Therapy etc…’s so much better than predicting a lottery win. That stuff is actually beneficial to the client because they get their own connection to Spirit instead of me trying to find it for them.

It’s self healing through Spirit. This is what I do now.

I help the lost souls find their light and develop a relationship with Spirit that helps them open up gifts waiting behind closed doors.

I want to heal people. I want to work with The Dead and Empaths. Empaths being those who suffer from crippling depression and self awareness in a world that makes no sense.

This is why I don’t call them readings anymore. Why I don’t do predictive readings. I guide in sessions I developed over the course of the last 3yrs.

It’s helping people. The way Spirit have done all of this with me and my clients………

It’s genius.

This is my favourite painting of his yet.

I’m so proud of him.

“hang in there Chris…. I’m almost there, then I gotchu” xox Debbie xox