Is it the Moon? (Update)

There’s a pull….can you feel it? It’s a feeling in the chest. I’ve had 7 people now say their phones, TVs, laptops, etc….are playing up for no reason.

We had a storm here in the UK at the same time as the US which says something.

Because it was the day after that I started being clumsy and discombobulated.

It was like I couldn’t get my body to coordinate with my mind. But then others reported the same thing.

Phones randomly shutting off and on, transactions going wrong, electrical equipment malfunctioning, headaches, heart palpitations……also what I find interesting is my three seniors had identical dreams the night and day after all this moon stuff kicked off.

People are reporting a huge increase in Spirit activity too. 

Do you remember I said a while ago I noticed I was surrounded by a lot of children in my room?

Children Spirits are playing a huge role in this coming event I wondered wasn’t related to this Cleansing. PizzaGate? Or it could be coincidence of course.

But it’s a curious observation. Many people I know are reporting identical experiences.

There’s a nervous excitement thing going on and this moon phase has been intense.

It’s almost like we’re all on alert around the watering hole.

Is anyone else feeling it?

Here are comments I’ve been getting from people.

Hey, how is the moon affecting you? As for me, I feel some irritability, indecisive, anxious, and have been thinking of past relationships…the last part was quite odd coz it is not normal for me to be thinking about my exes lol

Since Friday after the cleansing I’ve been having major ups and downs. Late Friday night I just became so sad and angry at the same time. Haven’t felt that emotional in a long time.

And He’s not acting himself.   No energy,  not drinking,   and sleeping more than usual.

Something is up but it’s only a Wanning Gibbus Moon. I looked it up. It’s about to be a full moon. But Gibbus moons are apparently a time for letting go of things. Building bridges and making plans. So is it a moon thing even? Is he trying to warn us of something? Is this an Empath thing?

Because for a true Empath this stuff matters. Remember an Empath absorbs and then reflects energy. Are we picking up on the thing yet to come?

We had two storms on Thursday that felt odd. The storm here felt electricity charged and then stayed feeling charged until yesterday. One was in the US near where I will be living and the other where I’m living now.

I can’t put my finger on it just yet. But I will.

There is hostility in the air. Magnetically charged hostility but in the atmosphere.

It’s like….you know when you see two drunk people about to fight and one is taking his jacket off to prepare to fight and the other is standing with fists up?

That’s how the planet feels……and this bloody headache.

I tweeted this. Empaths are feeling it… there is a preparedness sense on earth….like the planet is gearing up for a fight. Since Thursday after those two storms the magnetism coming off Earth is suspenseful. It’s nerve racking. It’s like Earth is preparing for war, or a battle or fight.