How do I explain Me, to you in my own words?

I know most of you will only come here a couple of times and leave but I know most of you come back repeatedly or follow me religiously and either way I am grateful and happy to oblige.

This post is about no-one in particular. I need to stress this. It’s a culmination of many experiences I’ve had over the years of people who read my works, or watch me try to live my life and thinks “WTF? This woman is nuts….’

One thing I’ve discovered in the almost 5yrs I’ve had this blog is through the thousands upon thousands I’ve read for, talked to or met, people really don’t understand me or how my mind works because I’m not “normal”.

I sound nuts. I get that. But I’m not writing about anyone, or for anyone but me.

It’s an internal monologue. It’s my thought process. My mind writes to work stuff out.

It’s how I cope with my thoughts as a Psychic Scientist and my emotions as an Empath. I talk to everyone and no-one. It’s a process that works for me. It’s like a form of therapy. But I share my therapy with you in the hopes it helps people like me figure their lives out.

I want people to learn from my process because it made me happier than I ever thought I could get or deserved.

I don’t claim to be anything other than honest. I am a bitch when provoked. Arrogant definitely, opinionated definitely. But it’s my blog. I’m allowed to be.

If I act in any way that is disrespectful to my learning as a higher self you can bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna get reprimanded by the Boss.

Yes I have an ego. We all do. But you can have an ego and be humble. My ego is there when it comes to what I know about death which is right and everyone else is wrong lol hahahaha I’m an asshole. My husband tells me that constantly. But I’m allowed to be whoever I want to be. As long as I’m not hurting anyone with what I am, do or say in the process of me figuring my thoughts out for the sake of my learning process then that’s all that matters.

This is random blog where I talk about my experiences with life with the dead guiding me through the internal struggle I go through as me. Me the person and all the layers that make me up.

Self psychotherapy if you will. It helps me vent, self correct, heal, internalise, think, grow, assess and obverse myself.

And this post is kind of a little bit for those who don’t understand why my posts are so random lol it might not seem Paranormal in nature with all my posts but my weight lose regime comes directly by instruction of the dead. Also because of my journey as a person of light and teacher I am using my life as an example of how you can be nuts in appearance but use it to do good things if you learn to process your thoughts.

Which only an Empath would get. Empaths will know what I mean when I say processing your thoughts and emotions and trying to find the balance between both is our biggest struggle.

An Empath will understand this post.

It’s personal, it’s damning, telling, egomaniacal drivel meant for no-one but helpful to many because I’m exposing myself, warts and all for the greater good.

Whatever my behaviour is, it gets corrected and I’m showing you my process of how I do it. I don’t ever want to be normal though because I’m figuring things out that are making me happy.

This post is my release of 45yrs of feeling smothered. It is not about anyone in particular but me.

But I thought I would try to explain me and who I am in the hopes of helping you come to grips with who and what I am before I hit the mainstream.

And I’m gonna hit that bitch hard so get ready.

Firstly, I love EVERYONE. I would go to war for you, die to protect you and welcome you into my home without a second thought. Until I can’t trust you then I will cut you without hesitation and if it’s because you did something really disloyal I won’t even look back at you.

I’m surrounded by a handful of people who are loyal to the point where they are over protective because people use me constantly.

I’m the friend everyone wants until I disagree with you or stop supplying you with what you want, then I’m dumped.

I’ve had more best friends than I’ve had hot dinners and all because, when the other side comes out and people realise I’m not as pliable as they thought they dump me.

I LOVE my family beyond all description. They come after no-one or no thing. Everything I do and am is for them.

I LOVE my job. Teaching, Writing, Having Sessions with clients just rocks my world but until recently I wasn’t happy doing them all because I couldn’t find the balance until I remove some weight from the scale then everything balanced out and now I am focused and driven more than ever to be what it is I am. ME!!!

My readings were stressful because I had pressure to predict things I wanted the client to have or what they wanted instead of what will be. It’s a lot of pressure. But slowly over the last 12 months something changed. I learned the truth about how we read, why we get stuff wrong and how best to give my client the best session for their money. It’s not even a reading anymore.

My clients call them sessions. I love what I do so much now because it’s guiding people to predict their own future rather than me trying to do it for them.

Because I understand it’s about choices now. So I’m teaching my clients how to always make the best choice to get them what they want to be happy.

People criticize me constantly, always have done. I’m trolled constantly but I really don’t care.

I spent my entire life changing who I was to fit other people’s idea of me and now I’ve decided fuck the lot of them. 

I really just don’t care what people think of how I dress, look, talk, walk, think or act.

As long as my husband and kids aren’t bothered by my behaviour I just don’t care what you think.

I’ve been well groomed by my dead over the course of 45yrs to not care about the things that don’t matter. And people can have whatever opinion of me they want.

It’s none of my business what people think of me. I just don’t care.

I spent my entire life trying to fit in to the ideal of what people decided Debbie should be and it damn near killed my Soul every time. So if you don’t like me, good for you.

I just don’t care. You not liking me or anything about me doesn’t stop me being me so ima be me regardless. Because I’m not coming back to do this shit again because of you. If I’m not me for me I am me for you which isn’t my part of the plan. So I’m not coming back again for you.

If you don’t get me…it’s not my job to make you figure me out. I’m really not that complicated. I’m just Scorpio with a twist.

My posts are for anyone who is too afraid to learn how to internalise their own existence. Are afraid of life and death and need to understand it better for their own sanity. 

I deal in death. That’s my job. Understanding the Science behind it made me fine tune my connection. Now I teach not read. Now I live not survive. Now…for the first time ever….I am happy. 

I would say I am an observant person.

I observe EVERYTHING. I will spot a pin drop out of the corner of my eye from a mile away. I’m that kind of observant.

I think it comes from seeing Spirit and spiders a lot as a kid out the corner of my eye but it’s also a Scorpio thing.

This is the mistake my students make. The think I don’t notice that little comment or behaviour I observe in them that goes against them in character as one being handed the key to perfection and balance in their life. (And by perfection I mean on a Higher self level aka getting this life right so you don’t need to return the next). 

No-one is perfect other than the innocent Souls of course.

I’m defiantly stubborn, I’ll act out in rebellion because it’s fun to shock people. But the thing people need to know about me is I have honour and integrity when it comes to what I am.

I won’t compromise my connection now because it’s something I’ve worked hard to understand and it’s moved beyond the stress of reading and moved into guiding people to source their happiness themselves rather than relying on a psychic. I’m trying to teach people how to do what people like me do so they don’t need psychics and mediums.

I’ve said that for years in this blog. But I’m on a mission to help people who need my brand of help. I’m not for everyone. Like anything in this universe some things are magnetically drawn to each other and some are polar in energy and that’s perfectly fine. As long as we tried.

There will always be hits and misses in your life and that’s ok.

Remember that. It’s ok to not get on or like each other. It’s not the end of the world. If the person gets you they are meant to. If they don’t they weren’t meant to and that’s ok.

This is the problem people have is there are people who think we’re supposed to all get along and agree and we’re not. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we.

Your not meant to all get along. We’re just meant to cohabitate together without judgement or fear of criticism. 

I myself have things I’m working on. I’m in the self correction phase of my training so I’m observing my behaviour and trying to work on these less than appealing traits I have about myself.

I just recently did a course for my new business and it taught me so much about human behaviour. Especially the difference between a passive, assertive and aggressive person. 

It helped me pinpoint my behavioural problems and work to isolate them and analyze them. I have things I learned from this course that I was immediately able to put into my sessions and they have helped me so much. This course changed my life. I’m so glad my friend Albert talked me into doing it.

My mission was set from birth and now I’m past the point of needing to learn and understand my gift I know EXACTLY what I am and need to do and my code of conduct is my life source. I’m still trying to figure me out but I’m getting there.

I have the guts and honesty to say “No” even if it destroys my career or friendships. 

As a member of my society we have what’s called a code of conduct. They’re like our commandments and your bound to live by them. They remind you of why your doing what you do. It keeps you honest.

If it goes against my code of conduct or my code of Spiritual Ethics i can get into trouble gift wise.

I’m expected to enforce my code of conduct. I can’t go against them because they are the counter balance to ones behaviour. I live by my code. 

I am a staunch and regimented person like my Dad and if it is going to bring my honour or integrity as a member of my Society, or member of my Ancient bloodline, into question then I’ll choose honour and integrity every time.

I won’t lower myself to anyone’s standard for money, fame or friendship.

The other thing people need to realise is…I’m human.

I know the answers to Death and all its aspects, I might have this life shit together now and be unraveling the mysteries of this life and the Universe in terms of the human experience. As far as the process of how I’m trying to figure my existence out  within the confines of my own  reality  is concerned I am still a person. I make mistakes. I’m supposed to. It’s how I learn.

You can’t stop me from making mistakes nor would I want you too. Stop me from danger sure, but if I go against your opinion to do what feels right to do, what business is it of yours to try and stop me from making the mistake if it helps me better understand myself and our paths as humans?

My life, is my test subject for everything I teach here also to my students and clients.

Without me observing the mistakes I’ve made I can’t find how to correct them then pass the knowledge back on to you.

That’s the point of me being a Spiritual Teacher.

But you have to remember, while a monk is taught his philosophies by his Teacher, I’m learning mine as I create them.

There is no precedence for what I am. I am the first. I learn as I go. I learn as I create it.

There is no-one, NOT ONE PERSON alive or dead that is what I am. And it’s not easy for me because the dead are all I have to help me figure it out. No-one can comment on this because no-one can be me but me. You’ll never understand me. But in the same respect I’ll never understand you being you. Not one person alive know you, how to be you or how you cope with you being you. But it’s not up to anyone but you to figure you out like it’s up to no-one but me to figure out how to be me.

Now….here in lies the other thing about me you need to understand.

I’m being taught complex physics with NO education.

I got kicked out of school at 14. I am SHIT at maths. I just can’t grasp the concept. Maths is chaos in my head.

I can remember huge sequences of numbers because it’s ordered and uniform. But equations and symbols become scrambled in my head. I am not, on paper academic.

But neither was Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo DiVinci, William Herschel or The Wright Brothers. Charles Darwin HATED maths. He couldn’t abide by it.

All these people made HUGE contributions to the world of Science without an education so I’m ok with not being good at maths.

I’m not making any claims other than I’ve figured death out, it’s point, it’s process, etc…and how you can use the dead to be happy. I’m claiming I can help you figure your path out to find happiness and balance by understanding death.

Just because your smart in paper doesn’t mean anything other than your good at retaining the information and writing the answer down a certain way.
I retain my information by WRITING it down.

This blog, my posts….IS my maths. Letters form maths in my head and music helps me find the right frequency with which to do it.

I can’t live without music now because I’m ALWAYS in my own head thinking stuff out.

I feel this urge to write, so I get it all out. Either in my notebooks or here.

As it happens, I write it. I never know what’s going to come out of it. I never know what is going to be said until it is written.

That is why my grammar and punctuation are crap on these posts.

I go into a zone and it comes out then I detach and leave.

Then I think about what I’ve written, correct parts or add to it, or leave it to be read, think about it some more and if I have to because I’m drawn to or told to, I write another post about the subject and advance your knowledge based upon my preponderance of the subject that I write.

I try not to delete too much. I keep it all in my trash because either it’s too personal, I’m exposing too much or I’m just wrong.

I will always admit when I’m wrong. My conscience is my guide. Spirit guide me. If I don’t apologize to you for something you think I did wrong or something I know I got wrong it means I didn’t think I was wrong.

If I walk away…’s with the view of never coming back. I don’t go back. Going backwards doesn’t advance anyone.

Anyone who claims to be Spiritual and perfect isn’t Spiritual. Because being Spiritual is about being honest and knowing your faults and not being afraid to correct them as much as it is using what you learn to be a better person.

But how I write on here is my thought process. I’m Empathic. I’ve learned to deal with being Empathic and writing helps me get it out.

I am sorry if I hurt people with what I write or say but if I don’t get it out, if I don’t release the valve I suffer as an Empath and it can take me years to recover from the trauma so writing helps. It used to be poetry. Now it’s my posts. 

Trust me when I say no-one judges me harsher than I judge myself. That’s my struggle though not yours. I’d never expect or want you to do anything with me that doesn’t bring you balance in your life.

But I won’t suffer for you because I hurt your feelings. You come to me because of my alternative view on death and the paranormal.

You don’t have to agree with me. I’m not here to persuade anyone to listen or believe me. I’m simply writing what I know and that is how to be me.

I know I’m stubborn, I know I’m opinionated, I know people think I don’t listen. But you can’t argue with me a point about something then not give me the respect of a counter argument.

Arrogance is just as dangerous as ignorance. Compliance is just as dangerous as defiance. Remember that.

Know how to find the balance. This is what I’m trying to teach. B A L A N C E to quote The Highlander.

I know my thoughts seem scattered. I know I must sound so confusing, bossy and nuts but I am totally confusing, bossy and nuts.

But try living my life with my head. I was lost once just like you.

For whatever reason you know me, on whatever level or capacity your in my life we chose each other. We were drawn to each other and are a part of each others journey no matter how long or brief.

If we part ways or fall out, it’s not the end of the world nor does it mean it has to be a bad thing. It’s not bad to fight or disagree with someone.

You can disagree and fight respectfully if you can be mature, patient and take full responsibility for your part in it.

But no-one ever does. I’m ALWAYS expected to be the better person but your not. Your allowed to get away with talking behind my back, and gossiping, and acting completely inappropriate. But that’s fine, because it doesn’t stop me from being me. It just makes me a tougher version.

I’ve never come to anyone publicly or privately and told someone what they are or do is wrong and here is my opinion on how I think you should fix being you.

Unless I’m asked to because my job as a Teacher and Psychic Therapist (which is basically what my sessions are).

I know people think I’m false because I can change so quickly but it’s not that I’m false. It’s just that once it becomes evident to me you have an unrealistic expectation of me it’s easier to walk away.

I’m never going to be able to live up to whatever it is your expectation of me is.

I can change on a dime. But I have to be like that. If I don’t advance in this journey as me. If I don’t advance in my knowledge, I can’t perfect my journey, my Science or my gift. If you become a weight you get removed from the process. If I become a weight I get removed from your process.

Your journey in this life as you is the only thing that matters. If I’m no longer meant for you I’ll be removed. It’s not a bad thing. It’s ok to not get on, see eye to eye or understand each other.

It’s my right as a human to make mistakes and my right as a conscious light to correct them. 

But it means I’m no longer a positive influence in your life too so we’re doing each other a huge favour because I don’t want to be a burden in anyone’s life. I don’t want to be someone you tolerate.

I want to be someone you love. Someone you enjoy and try to understand on all aspects of my journey. Like I would want to be in yours.

Because it doesn’t matter who you are or on what level you are to me in my life, you’ll never understand what it is to be me like I’ll never understand what it is to be you. 

Your gift will never be like mine. Your never going to be expected to figure this shit out for the masses so what you know saves lives in this life and the next. My gift will never be like yours. It’s up to you to figure your shit so you can pass your experience on to others. That’s called living the human experience.

Science and Medicine only works in this life. What I do works on this and the next life and even affects your last lives.

Because when I help you (the client or reader who wants it) figure this life out, it brings balance to your previous ones. Your past mistakes all get forgiven and smoothed out. You forgive yourself for lessons not learned because what you didn’t learn then I help you learn now which advances you later.

I’m living my life as me to help you learn to live your life as you.

I hand you the answers as I make up the test to sit and find the answers to.

But no-one ever thinks about this.

They see what they see and judge it based on opinion alone.

But it’s ok…..that’s your Journey not mine. I’m not here for the people who don’t get me or won’t try to understand me. I’m here for those who do.

I know my posts are all over the place. I’m sorry if I’m an emotionally charged drama queen who seems to others as having more opinions than sense.

But I make no apologies for the fact it’s me doing it. Because every time you knock me down, every time you talk about me, every time you judge me without consideration or merit, any time you go behind my back or try to upset my life in anyway it only makes me pity you more and glad for the experience.

Because your passing up on history. Your passing up on being even a tiny part of something huge and that’s on you not me.

We are living in the most exciting political and religious age in our planets history, if you don’t want to be a part of it that’s fine but Im gonna jump right in.

I want to say “I was there when they….”

Whether you believe in my philosophy or Science or not matters not to me.

I’m still gonna write, teach and help people. I’m still gonna learn and expand. Im still going to create and inspire. I’m still going to advance my gift and  perfect my craft and do incredible ground breaking things.

Where as haters…gonna hate.

That’s on you not me. 

You don’t have to like me, believe me or even care.

I’m not here for you. Your journey goes on regardless as does mine.

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We are SUPPOSED to live in a world of differences.

If we all agreed and got on we wouldn’t have Lamborghini’s now would we?

You don’t HAVE to get me or even understand me.

It’s only me that does. It’s what I think about me that matters most. It’s if I get myself that matters most.

And I just won’t be held down anymore.

So if my tits offend you don’t look, if my white skin offends you put sunglasses on, if I’m too fat, too foreign, too weird, loud, opinionated, don’t dress for my age, immature, stubborn, whatever it is you have a problem with, I can guarantee you it all boils down to the fact that I’m too honest and that terrifies people.

Because I’m not afraid to live outside of conformity and own up to being different.

What you see is what you get with me.

I am EXACTLY like my blog posts suggest I am. I don’t hide my insecurities, my insanity, my emotions, my Science as random and as crazy as it seems is me, Debbie Arce in the raw while you hide under many layers.

I’m not afraid to admit what I am.

If what I say offends you then chances are it’s because I’m doinf something right in my life.

You can believe whatever you like about death and the paranormal, Science or me. It doesn’t matter to any of it.

You still continue to be you and I still continue to be me. Nothing changes except our opinions of each other and that’s not a bad thing.

Agreeing to disagree is a balance for the evolutionary purpose.

The difference being……I’m not nasty about it.

So you can leave you comments and form opinions as much as you like. At least I got you thinking about an alternative view point.

And THAT is the point.

I’m doing exactly what it is I set out to do.

You can then go back to your life….feeling proud of yourself because you called me fake behind the safety of your computer screen and run away. That is your right and privilege to do so. Be grateful your not living in a fascist regime where freedom of speech is illegal and freedom of expression or independent thought is punishable by death. 

If you know of the book The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn you’ll know what damage a communist country does to the Evolution of us as a species.

It stuns me how stupid these people are when they call Trump a fascist or anyone who disagrees with a SJW wank stain is called a Nazi. Read that book. Then you’ll realise pretty quickly how NOT a Fascist Trump is.

I’d rather have a cervical smear with barbed wire than entertain the thought of being a Social Justice Warrior. I’d rather have a pain in one than be a pain in one.

The thing is, people who refuse to see the truth just won’t get it and never will.

Anyway you look at it I make you see something you don’t want to see and that’s a bitter pill to swallow for those not quite on an enlightened path. Like those who refuse to believe the earth is round. By enlightened path I mean ones personal theological journey.

Self enlightenment is why your here after all. It’s not my fault some of you see with the light off or dimmed while others see the light so strong it’s blinding.

Either way, it doesn’t stop me from shining and never will I dim my light again.

I’m like a steam train now I know my purpose. You just watch.

And if you don’t like me, just switch off.

But it doesn’t stop me from being on the screen. I’m embedding myself in history whether you like it or not. Huge changes are coming globally and there’s no way in hell I’m missing this. It’s history…once it’s made it can’t be undone. So I’m taking part and making my mark.

As you will be too. 

That my dears….is called Life….and it’s going to go on regardless of where we place each other on the time line.

How you choose to deal with it is all that should matter because what you choose next decides your fate for all time never to be able to go back on.

Its just that I understand that the pen is mightier than the sword and choose my ammunition carefully but you just spray and pray.

So with that being said I’d like to thank you all for giving my opinion a go. Whether you believe me or not is not the point of it for me. The fact you considered it is.

I apologize for the random thoughts and emotions but it’s a process for me and writing is the only way I know how to document my thought process.

I think constantly. Those files don’t sort themselves out.

And what I’ve learned since this massive December life change that occurred in 2017 has cemented my future in such a way I am SO grateful for the experience.

If you knew what has been going on with my gift and my path with Spirit you would think I was lying or gone nuts. But I’m getting things I want within hours of asking the moon for it….I’ve gotten 5 free purchases, fallen in love with my husband more than I thought love was possible because I realised he ACTUALLY gets me even though that’s hard for me to cope with. He forces my truth and it was a tough pill to swallow buy a pill I’m so glad I took.

It’s like….when you become a part of your own journey it unlocks your potential for peace… internal peace. That’s why I don’t do prediction based readings anymore.

I’d rather show you the process of how to have your connection for personal happiness than predict it for you.

You learn so much about yourself when you do. It’s invaluable.

I’ve developed an incredibly close relationship with my ex through his Psychic Therapy he is having through his training. Today I see the extent of his depression and it’s opened my eyes to the understanding of the condition. It’s raw now, he’s left himself vulnerable to me through the course of his training and I will go to my grave protecting him from that darkness that smothered him for so long. His art is his therapy and it’s exploded open his gift and now he’s reading ME!!! Which is odd for me because I’ve always read him lol

He’s a fabric woven into my soul and I’ll never to able to tie off those ends.

My gift is scaring me now because I’m time based in all of them now. I don’t quite understand the purpose for this change in ability yet but I trust that it will become evident at some point.  But Now I understand who talks to me and how, I’m them, myself and the client all in one in the physical, mental and emotional or Body, Conscious and Spiritual as the case may me. A 1hr session is exhausting now. Because it’s a physical thing too. I can walk around their readings at free will. But it helps me find their broken pieces and fix it.

I feel what they feel, think and know. I know as a woman what a make anatomy feels like. Men’s bodies are gross lol they’re all…..muscles in places that feel odd to me as a female yet we have the exact same muscles. 

But some people I do readings for like the lady I did yesterday have this connect that changes both our lives forever whether we talk again or not.

I started this life not even able to hold my head up without someone holding it…..then I sat up, then I crawled, then I walked, then I lay down for a few years, then I slept, then I sat up, crawled, then walked because I hold my head up on my own.

And I’ve got my running shoes on… get ready because the starting gun went off in December and I’m nearly at the finish line.

Once I win this race, I’m training for the next one wherever that may be.

My finish line is in NY waiting for me to open my studio and start our lives as husband and wife with our family. Extended and close.

You can train with me or not in this life we chose together, you can run with me or not the choice is yours. It doesn’t stop me either way. You set your own pace not me.

But for those who join me, Thank you.

Thank you for being my counter balance.

I can’t promise I won’t weigh you down at times, I can promise to raise you up at all times. I don’t know where this journey takes us together but I absolutely guarantee I’ll ALWAYS meet you in the middle.

Figuring shit out rocks. I’m telling you. Nothing makes you feel more powerful.

Thank you for embracing my crazy. Thank you for allowing me to work on myself through the medium of writing.

I’m sorry if I am so random…I’m sorry if I don’t sound right in the head, or if I sound arrogant. It’s not my intention.

This is me documenting my journey as me. Nothing more. I’m not here to push anything on anyone. I’m not for everyone. I’m going to be either sweet or sour to you unless you know me personally where you’ll know I’m both.

I’m not perfect nor do I claim to be…..but I’m getting there. Whatever I have to do, whatever I have to learn,, whatever I have to be to be the best me I can be  I’m gonna do it coz I ain’t coming back again. 

And it should be the exact same thing for you.

Love and Light



25 thoughts on “How do I explain Me, to you in my own words?

  1. Very wordy , but all in all you sound pretty normal.
    I see nothing none normal here.

    Sorry but your same as all that read your post.

    I guess everyone wants to feel special .

    But your NOT anymore then I or anyone else.

    • I’m sorry that post wasn’t for you. I’m sorry you thought it was. If you’ll remember I said I do this writing stuff for me not you. Lol sweet you thought it was though. You know how to hit delete sweetheart. You come to me, I don’t go to you. Freedom of choice my love lol
      Your allowed to think whatever you like. That’s the beauty of freedom of choice. You choose to come here, you chose to read my articles, you chose to comment. It’s whatever makes you happy. I wish you well in whatever you choose to do. But just know your here by choice. If you find my words unpleasant choose to delete the message lol your not here by force. Your here by choice. So why are you still here reading this stuff? I find that curious behaviour lol even more curious is how you choose to respond when all your previous replies have been so supportive. That would suggest one of two things. Either your false in your true nature or I said something that was truthful that you didn’t like to hear. In any case…. whatever….I’ve got no time for it. I’m busy being special lol I just don’t understand why you still come here though lol

      • Well sweet heart your not the only poster with a over inflated ego.

        I did not follow you to beat you up. I told you once already I liked most of what you post. Till the ego sets in.
        Know this . I’m a reader too.
        I follow others . It upsets me I guess when they say in so special .I never tell clients that. .
        I have considered in following you. As you hAve also to block me.

        Lol. Your alright . Just drop the ego.

        I knew you were going to tell me to go away.

        I guess I will .

        Sorry I’m just telling you … Your not special. . oh good grief already

        And I’m not either .

        If this did not bother you why do you keep defending yourself.

        You put your panties on same way we all do .

        Block me if you want.
        Like I said .imnottrying to beat you up. I do care about people . those like you too. Do youknowhow many paranormal . or what ever you want to be called. Are claiming they are above others.

        Your not special. We all are .


      • Feel better now you got that off your chest? Good….now let’s grow up now shall we. The world has bigger things to be dealing with than immature behaviour. You can out me down as much as you like. It’s not my place to make you hear or see me. It doesn’t stop me existing either way. If you makes you feel better to put me down while I discover myself go right ahead. It makes no difference to me. Troll me all you like. Do whatever makes you happy. I’m off to be special. Xox

      • Also if I’m so shit why did you ask to be a student? Lol short term memory loss? I just don’t care. I’m gonna keep writing my thoughts whether you read them or not. Your not important to the process in any way shape or form. Maybe that’s why your so pissed off. Because your realising your not important to me. I’m done with this conversation. It doesn’t do anyone any good other than waste time.

      • Uhmm no . not waiting. I’m cooking

        So. I kissed you off telling u your not special. Big deal.

        Yes I asked to be a student.

        I never said you could not help others did ?

        I help my clients . I never say I’m special.. Never

        Proof is here. My day g this really upsets your ego.

        I’m not attacking you call I g names or cussing . am I ?

        Just relax and drop the ego girl.

        You might benefit more then you know.

        I Done . waiting on my oven and to be blocked for telling you Your not special

        If you don’t think your special then tell me your not.

        Have a good day

      • I thought you were on disability? Be a dear and declare love. Don’t want to get into trouble with the disability benefit people.

      • Memory laps on your part.
        I told you we are allowed to make x amount per month.
        I don’t charge 85.00


      • Ok but if your fit to work then…….why don’t you? I don’t understand. Because disability is for those who can’t earn. You…. clearly can earn….so…….? If you charged enough to pay yourself a wage then you could go off disability. That’s how it works. If you can earn……you don’t need disability. That’s for people who can’t.

      • And I thought you had to go because a client was arriving? Or do you sit waiting for my reply while you cook tea seconds before a client who pays you while on disability turns up for a reading? It’s not a judgement it’s an observation.

      • Ok girl
        Client left.I’m yours for a little .

        Did I call you names? You called me a troll.

        You clearly don’t understand how the system of permanent disability works here.

        We are alowed to make a certain amount . Get it???

        Look. I have clearly upset you by calling you out on your huge ego.

        Get over it already . And you call yourself spiritual .lol

        Better put on a tuffer skin if you want to make it.

        I’m not attacking you. I hate when those in this line go around saying

        ” oh I’m so special ” your not .

        Look if you can’t handle it block me
        Nuff said.

        Your attacking me on everything .
        Because I have clients ? Because I don’t work outside my home ?

        Because I’m not kissing your ars?

        I call out anybody who is going around stating they are so grandiose .

        I’m glad you over charge students because I would of been one other wise.
        Too much ego for me.

        I should ask you …. Were are your clients . but I won’t stoop that low.
        I did not come here to beat you up.
        Calling you out on your ego is all a d you don’t like it.
        I bet you’ve deleted all this conversation.

        I’m done. I’m not trying to change you either . As you can’t me.

        Try to take is as constructive criticism .

        Good grief already

      • Why do you care so much? You do realise you come to my blog right? Say whatever makes you feel good. I’m off to be awesome as me. I just don’t care lol

  2. I’m not defending Debbie but as a reader myself I never ever or should any reader claim to be 100% all the time.

    But if none what she told you happened that’s pretty bad.

    This is probably due to not connecting. It happens . If I can’t connect I tell the client or refund them. I would also direct them to a reader they may fit with better .

    Our energy sometimes just does not connect.

    And on a side note. My intentions on posting here are not ment to be mean or anything of the sort.

    I just get burned up when I see people stating they are So high and mighty.

    She’s not the only one either . Its a real buzz kill for me when they are good too.

    I look at spiritualality as a never ending learning .

    Stay humble……..

    • Your just agreeing with everything I’ve just been trying to say lol I don’t do readings. I haven’t done readings in a while because I couldn’t stand it when I got stuff wrong. My clients know they can get a refund but no-one asks. What I find curious is why you come near one you find so abhorrent? Your coming into my home to complain about what I write in my diary lol if you don’t like it go away. My psychoanalysis is no business of yours yet you make it such. Your following me, asking to be students, complaining about readings yet still come back and read my stuff. So i don’t really care what you think. If you don’t like it go away. You can try and do the public shaming thing but I just don’t care lol your entitled to your opinions. I’m not trying to please everyone in this blog. Your free to not book a reading, I don’t even do readings anymore. If your so offended and good at what you do go do it. I’m not stopping you figuring out your connection. Im busy figuring out my own. All your doing is watching me cultivate my little garden in my own private little patch of dirt and then stomping on the flowers after they bloom. But it’s ok because I’ll just keep planting my seeds happy in my own perfect little garden happy. I won’t reply to your posts anymore Carol your just sitting waiting for responses because you have nothing better to do. Your counter productive at this point and it was fun before but now it’s just exhausting.

      • Debbie.

        Take a deep breath and relax.
        Did you not just yesterday I think it was put out asking for readings?

        Book a reading you said.


      • Yes but you silly woman it’s a reading SESSION. I use the term almost in every conversation. I don’t do predictive readings. They’re sessions like therapy where I read the persons emotional state and then help them tune their energy in to their higher self so they can gain strength in themselves to be happy. A bit different to a reading love. Your just being petty over your misunderstanding of the use of the word. Words can have two meaning you know.

    • I’m AWESOME. Im the BEST me I could ever be. A few years ago I would of been devastated by your retorts but now I just don’t care. But this is my last response. I find your behaviour curious indeed. This kind of behaviour fascinates me.

  3. Well my husband and sons think I am very special. Just because you don’t think Im not doesn’t mean I’m not to someone my dear.

  4. And I believe I said I was awesome. Which I am. I believe you said as much when you were kissing my ass a few days ago until I refused you as a student. Now go back under your bridge. You have nothing better to do that sit claiming to be self righteous while you troll someone’s blog who’s just trying to figure her own existence out lol how sad are you. Get off benefits, get a job and stop trolling people who don’t make you feel special. I’m done. Walking away now. Let’s see how long it takes for you to reply.