What is with this moon discombobulating me?

It’s been a really odd day today. I’ve been flustered all day.

I’ve been dropping things left right and centre.

My phone is being a dick. My laptop too.

I’ve been putting wrong numbers in things, spilling things, ALL day.

Bloody moon.

It brought the storm then stood in the sky like “Whaaaaat?”

I feel all discombobulated inside. Like my compass needle/ intuition that lives in my gut is being pulled by a magnet and it’s making me spin like a top and I’m crashing into things, knocking stuff over and pulling stuff down as it spins.

And I don’t like it one bit……yet I’m oddly excited about something………..but I don’t know what.

It’s really the oddest day.

7 thoughts on “What is with this moon discombobulating me?

    • HA!!! You might not be wrong lady lol you are officially the best reading I’ve ever done. I’ll never forget it EVER especially when I hear “He Ain’t Heavy, he’s my brother”

    • When you consider I’ve been doing readings since I was 7/8yrs old in the playground, I’ll say lol I can’t stop thinking about it.