The Evolutionary Chain of Command. I Think I just figured out the God Theory.

I know those of you that believe in a God or Creator won’t want to read this but I’ve been figuring out the chain of command in terms of Spiritual hierarchy.

Those we the living answer to when it comes to our growth and development as Spiritual beings. None of us could be here without the help of everything else so let’s try to get a better grip and understanding of who is out there and what their roles are.

There are a few to get through so grab a cuppy and put your feet up.

I’ve compiled a list starting from the bottom.

Dark side:

Nothing is lower than the lowest vibration of energy and light.

All working to evolve, all fighting to get to a higher vibration. It’s survive or die out. It’s that simple. There is nothing in this Universe that WANTS to become nothingness. Devolving means the wiping out of existence. Ensuring your place in the fabric of time stops at a certain point. Never to exist again.

So the dark side play a critical role to the development of the living.  If they’re in your life, it means you’ve done something to invite or let it in and now you have to fix it or go down with the ship.

There are varying levels of all dark and light. So start at the darkest negative and work up the spectrum of light to actual light being added to the dark.

Remember I said not all dogs go to Heaven? Well not all animals are here for an easy life, not all were good people, some were bad enough that they needed to know a life of subservience, or hardship etc…forging for food as a survival animal for a gluttonous business for example.

They’re easy to spot. They have a purpose, it is critical to the symbiosis of everything else. They will absolutely will cross over to the light, they will be grateful for the experience and they will be happy.

If your an Emapth. As in a TRUE Empath.

You can spot them. You see as soon as you look at them. There’s a particular thing that happens when you look at them and you know instantly.

However, the abuse and mistreatment of animals is unacceptable. Even if it’s an animal that’s being a dick like a Goat, doesn’t deserve anything but a good life.

Eating an animal is fine. But just don’t more than you need from this planet, give it a good life before it gives its life to feed you and your family, and give it a quick painless, stressless death.

A cow should last at least a year if you eat things like chicken, fish, vegetarian dishes like pastas etc… well. Who doesn’t just want soup and toast or melted cheese on toast with a cuppy on a Sunday? But I’m not talking every animal. Some are WAY more superior than us. Again, it starts from the lowest vibration to the highest based on the lesson their Spirits are there to learn. But in terms of what they are allowed to experience or choose to experience their lives are still easier than ours. The human experience is what tips the balance. There is nothing before or after it as complex or difficult to master.

The Living Human:

How you treat children and the elderly says a lot about you as a society.

If you end up with the balance wrong you end up with spoilt children and lazy pensioners.

Children are trusted to us. As parents you are given a living spirit. You are in essence a Spirit Elder or Guardian.

Get that wrong and you’ll be held responsible.

Children are until society takes over the raising of the child. (By which I mean once they get peer influence, become influenced by music, media, school etc…) It is the oarents and families responsibility to ensure that baby, toddler and child gets nothing but the purest love, honour and protection.

Having children is like having the gift. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should be allowed to. Some people do not deserve children. It’s that simple. Women especially are 800% more like to harm their child than the father.

Children need to be raised with the masculine, feminine energy and they should never want for any basic human right. Food, shelter, warmth, medical treatment and education. Hugging a child should be mandatory.

Children are the thread that sew a society together. Do these lights damage or cause harm to one and you will ensure you go to the dark side even if the next day you save someone’s life or donate $30bil to a charity.

It doesn’t matter what you do in this life, if you diminish the light of a living Spirit, your going to be held accountable.

It is the most critical role a parent has, to nurture a living Spirit. It takes them at least 7yrs to get used to being in human form again.

It’s why they’re born useless. It’s why in tge first 5yrs of their life a child will learn more than at any other point in their existence. They observe us. They mimick, and adapt to being human and it takes about 7yrs. Then we as parents remove the training wheels and let the village help raise the child just like animals in the wild do with the exception of things like Turtles.

But all nature with the exception of things like the Turtles etc…all parents take on a role specific for the needs of that life they created together.

Evolution us incredible at ensuring the survival of so many species of animals.

Look at Mammals, like Lions and Apes including humans.

Do you know the reason why the babies are born looking like the father?

Because the Father won’t kill a baby that looks like him because that’s his offspring. If the baby lion doesn’t look like the Father he will kill it. Whether it’s right or wrong it shows that evolution is on a baser level organic and in itself needs to adjust, learn and develop to ensure its expansion into the next level of existence.

Then of course, the elderly. Our living past. They are our societal creators orlf our generation and deserve our utmost respect. Especially if they served, defended or provided for our nations with honest intent.

But not all old people live to be old because they’re good people bring rewarded a long life. Some live for ages as a punishment. The Elites are a prime example. They all live to a billion. The Queen and Prince Phillip look painfilled. Look into their cold dead eyes and you see the pain of being old.

I hope they live forever. Blob Save The Queen.

Then us……the average human. Now….as a human, I’m not perfect….but I’m getting there.

The whole point of being human is getting the balance perfect so when you die you tip the balance and don’t come back.

So….I’m not perfect…..but I’m getting there. I’ll work as hard as I have to in order to get being human perfect.

But what is the perfect human? That’s another post.

As with the chain of command in the spectrum of evolutionary light you have darker humans and lighter ones. Off spring being the highest, and most animals that aren’t fucks like Goats lol (I love Goats, I just don’t like their faces and how dick they are eating stupid stuff. Who the hell eats a battery then at no point when the battery acid burns their gut to death doesn’t stop eating said battery? And not a remote battery, I mean a car battery. Why…..? Lol I wish no ill will towards any ANY living being but Goats…..they …..I just don’t get it…….lol I jest of course…..or do I? *Raised eyebrow* lol


What we become when we die. If they communicate with us, they too have lessons to learn but not ones bad enough they’re choosing another life. Obviously some don’t get a choice. They’ll take one look at their journey before it and insist they do a do over with specific lessons pinned to their collar.

But if they talk to you, (as in the Universal You) they are doing it because they here to help. Which means lessons to learn or to teach. A Teaching Spirit is the highest evolved of the Spirit spectrum. The trapped ones would be the lowest on the spectrum. Not because of being darker, but because the energy is lower. They didn’t cross over due to fear and as a Spirit there is no fear. To be trapped by fear for any Spirit is devastating because they know what they have to do and instead of we capable ones crossing them over and doing the right fucking thing by our ancestors (we really are all related) we stick EMF detectors in their faces while wearing stupid logo hoodies or t-shirts with names like SNAPS (San Nanfrisco Apparitional Paranormal Society) or worse, leather trench coats telling people it’s evil and needs an exorcism.

I literally want to punch Paranormal Investigators so hard. Nobody NOBODY does it with any mediocum of respect for who and what they’re dealing with.

If all Paranormal Investigators crossed every Spirit over that was trapped we wouldn’t need Paranormal Investigators.

But they don’t know what the fluffy they’re doing and make my job 10 times harder than it needs to be. I bet you they’re the ones who come back as Goats lol

They are like New Age Practitioners, SJWs and Feminists. They’ve set us back decades.

So anyway I went off on a tangent there lol

So varying levels of Spirit blah blah blah…….

Then when they have learned their lessons, or we have lived the perfect life and die and tip the balance just right the next up from Spirits are…… anybody?

My students should know this………

Your Spirit or Higher Self:

They are the highest living Spirit. To be a Spirit in charge of a living body is the highest reward for any Spirit on a mission to learn. Being alive living the human experience, where every life is directly responsible for and a critical part of creating the very fabric of time itself is HUGE!!! That’s why it’s hard making decisions. Because your Spirit knows that what you decide next matters to the creation of time.

That’s a huge strain on something that only wants to be perfect light.

It do NOT want to get shit wrong because it knows the responsibility being put upon it.

That’s where suicide comes in, addiction, violence, mental breakdown etc…..your Spirit decides what happens next. It’s the driving force behind what happens next.

Imagine a light that sits behind a complex computer in your sternum on top of your digestive system and has a lightening second window of opportunity to get something right. Whatever it decides decides the fate of every person, plant and animal on the planet at that very second.

Forever etched, never to be removed, in the fabric of time.

That’s why I say Embrace the Suck. Reward yourself the favour of appreciating the hard times. The fabric of time is dependant on you evolving as fast as you can. 

The sooner we get this, the quicker we go to the light, the balance tips and we all head further towards the light.

Just know the rules. I’ve discovered the rules. You must too.

My life is pretty perfect and I’m broke in a country that feels like it is dying all around me with an ex who is my best friend and number one student and protector barely clinging on to life, and the love of my life in prison in a different country. A country I just happen to love so much. A country at this point in my journey I feel I belong more than any other.

And yet I’ve never been happier. Because I’m figuring out how to live my perfect life.

I figured out the philosophising version of a mathematical equation of how to live the perfect life for YOU.

Not the you you see in the mirror. But the you you see when you look in your eyes.

The you you become when you sleep.

I now call sleep clocking off now lol because it’s that light that man’s the computer in your gut going home to run free. Be it man or beast, if it sleeps, it’s clocked off and will come back to work when the conscious and physical self are aligned. Because it’s hard living a physical life. No matter the species.

So sleep is break time lol smoko break, is clocking off.

Now….this is a perfect sedge way into the next stage of Light Evolution.

The Spirit Elder:

The Teacher to your soul. The guardian, or parent to your very light. Your driving instructor so to speak. The lowest of the highest light but so crucial to tipping the balance of existence.

It’s a lot of pressure. This is why they don’t communicate or interact unless it’s to take over the steering wheel.

That’s non more so true than when your sleeping because they have you watch you man the ship to dock which can only be done when the upper decks and lower decks are still and balanced. Like when a plane lands on an aircraft carrier. It has to be just perfect or it could of end very badly.

So your Spirit Elder is the flight instructor and Drill Sargent, as I am to my students.

It’s all the same job just on a different journey and frequency.

Your Spirit Elder has to get you living and dying exactly perfect so you can graduate.

Some will stay with you your entire stream of light until you tip the balance and evolve to the next level. Not all, but some.

Because then they get to as well. It’s like a shark and remora, perfect state of symbiosis in action. Both thrives and evolves because of it. It’s everywhere in organic life. Everything that gets it right, tips the balance for all of us.

And a Spirit Elder has far too much pressure on their plate to be getting personal with you, their student. So if anyone says they or you are talking to your SE or Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide are lying. Get your money back.

The Spirit Elder who lives the most lives as a Spirit Elder, the most self sacrificing light, they become……..?


The Council. I’ve taught only three people in the ENTIRE world, about who the Council are.  HA!!! I just figured out the other three levels of hierarchy of light. 

There are three more levels to it after the Council and I JUST FIGURED IT OUT AS I WRITE THIS. Ha lol 

How fucking cool. I get it now. What they showed me with the brain analogy. I fuckin love weed.

So……. does that mean the next to come from The Council are the Weavers of the fabric? Holy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Batman I think I’ve cracked it.

I think I’ve just proven the God Theory. 

And I think I was right…….and if I’m right I could in theory reverse dementia.

And that is as far as I go. But I’m saving that for my book.

I don’t even know what to say after this.

I have to start writing my book.

I have the title too. It’s going to be the name of my business also.

Working on logo and web design today.

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It’s all part of my plan to get my perfect life.

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Happy New Year


2 thoughts on “The Evolutionary Chain of Command. I Think I just figured out the God Theory.

    • Yes and that is very true if you look at all organic life being considered animal but what if the animal was a mass murderer in a past life and their for has to know suffering in order to evolve? Not all dogs go to heaven remember. Now that isn’t to say we as humans are to treat that animal badly. But we aren’t the only living conscious beings that control the path we go down. I’m not saying abused animals deserve it, or that all animals need to be eaten etc….but there has to be a balance. And it’s up to everyone involved animal, mineral or vegetable to play it’s part. An animal that is abused may have chosen this difficult path to make up for the last one being easy, knowing that the message they leave behind in death makes sure we never take life for granted ever again….all animals evolve once they die. Without question. The life of an animal is a hard one, but still not as hard as a human one. Not in terms of what humans have to endure, learn and do compared to animals. It’s not hard being an animal. It can be sad, heartbreaking even but their place in the light is assured. They evolve to the next stage without question. We humans don’t always get it right lol the circle of life is like the ring of light I talk about in my gyroscope called Universal Balance. I love the way you manage to get me talking like this Carol. You have a knack for it. Your an Inspirer, a true muse.