My son saw the dead homeless man.

He just came in and said Mum I just had a man come into the living, almost pick up a toy and sit in the couch.

I asked him what he looked like.

He said “brown hair, brown bears with grey through it, he had brown skin like Spare Dad (so Latino colour) and brown eyes and his shoes had holes”. He said “Mum he didn’t scare me but I think he’s waiting and just wanted to snuggle because he was nice and warm next to me. 😖

I told asked him what he was wearing and he said he thought they were overalls but they could of been jeans too big for him. Then he said “But at least he was cleaned up this time”.

I reassured him I’m crossing him over.

I mention this because I’m on my exercise bike typing this but when I was on my rowing machine I saw a young man around 20-26yrs old. Short light brown hair, fair skin, stone washed jeans and a blue and white striped collared shirt walk up the hallway.

He peeked around the corner at me when he realized I was right there.

My dead are very polite when I’m in my bedroom.

Only the little kids come barging in but I don’t mind at all. But this young man looked as pale and thin as all get out.

I’m white, like I’m dayglow white. And he looked like that but I could tell it wasn’t natural. He was only there for a millisecond.

He was about 5’10 give or take. He was slender but looked gaunt. He looked very sure of himself in the hallway until he saw I was in the doorway of my room then he vanished.

He looked like he went missing in these clothes and in about the 1980s – early 1990s.

I can’t tell if he dies recently or a while ago though. There’s so many here it’s hard to tell unless they talk to me which he wasn’t.

As always will keep you posted.

So I know I’m not dying lol

This is just a wee note for those contacting me to ask if I’m ok after yesterday’s “developments” lol

I’m perfectly fine now. I do feel like I’ve been ground down by one of those stone wheels that grinds flour in a windmill but apart from that I’m fine.

Psychologically I’m still trying to process what happened but physically I’m fine.

I have a BP monitor, diabetes testing kit, thermometer and urine test strips.

Whenever ANYTHING happens like this I monitor my vitals.

Even with my heart pounding so hard out of my chest yesterday it was making my shirt move to the rhythm of the beat my BP and pulse were perfectly normal.

It was the weirdest thing. I use the urine test strips because underlying medical conditions can cause physical reactions attributed to these kinds of episodes.

But while my house is full, FULL, it’s quiet.

It was bad enough my ex and Pixie were worried about it putting me in hospital but I’m completely fine now.

Once my Conscious self took over the physical and psychological reactions calmed down and balanced out once I was able to explain it to my brian lol

My biggest issue is my subconscious freaks out and tries to make sense of what it knows isn’t a common occurrence.

But Paranormal means Extra or Other Normal. So it just means your brain needs time to register that which is completely normal for a Spirit because it’s not for a mortal.

Extra, Other normal. Ergo: Don’t forget to the higher you this is perfect normal on top of what is normal for the physical self too.

It’s all linked….all connected.

So don’t worry my Babies, I’m fine. Just a little sore but I’ll have a work out and a hot bath then rest once I’ve finished work.

The last episode was me getting a crossbow in my back during dinner. But he died instantly so I’m grateful at least for that. The girl in the bath and little girls weren’t so lucky. 😖😞😟😭

Thank you so much for your messages of love and concern. I love you all so much.


Does my body prepare itself for Time Slips before I know it’s coming?

I’ve noticed a correlation between my Time Slips and the way my body seems to fast naturally before it happens.

I had a flash of light the other day but this time I was in the room with the flash. It was small. Tiny in fact. Barely enough to register it was a flash.

But then the next day I was nauseated and couldn’t eat.

As you know from past posts my time slips make me exhausted and hungry after the event because of the fact I seem to know what’s coming.

I spent Sunday and Monday on the couch because I couldn’t sleep, because I felt anxious about something and didn’t want to wake anyone up.

This thing with the kids and events surrounding my life have been overwhelming. I wish my seniors were here to help me because they take over thinking for me because I become so discombobulated.

Pixie is training well in the art of Mama Goes Dead Time lol she is also instrumental to a lot of my recent events because she’s a trigger for such events. She feels it the way I do.

But I’ve noticed that every time a flash happens I seem to stop eating, and sleeping.

It’s like it knows on a full stomach or sleepy I won’t be alert and it makes sense because when I do The Craft work, I fast and don’t sleep.

It makes me concentrate better, we focus better when food isn’t making us sluggish.

So are these flashes of light a heads up or me seeing time opening up? I just don’t know.

I haven’t figured it out yet.

I just know that it’s quiet outside, I have about 1000 dead children and homeless people now milling about my house, 44 is everywhere, and my brain is having trouble trying to comprehend all the voices and images it’s seeing.

I don’t think even me with my used to death in all forms realizes how bad this is going to get.

If I’m emotional at the thought of babies being boiled alive like lobsters and then they come to me smiling and blistered with skin coming off, cooked down to the bone, then most people won’t recover from the horror of the realization this little girl suffered at the hands of someone they tried to vote in.

I keep seeing George Clooney and his (pretend to love women coz he’s straight) wife.

I don’t know why but he’s been on my mind for a few days now.

It bothers me those two. I’m just putting it out there. He is Hollywood Royalty after all.

But the hardest thing for me to cope with at this moment in time is that I’m going to cross them over, ALL of them. But they won’t go until EVERYONE is here. They don’t want anyone left behind.

The children are waiting to bring the men, and women over so they can all go together.

The children seem responsible for the adults.

I’m seeing females now who went missing in Canada, on that billboard on the Highway of Tears.

Homeless men and women, teenagers, all works of life, all nations and colours.

A lot of little girls and black children, Native Ancestor adults, soldiers, men in uniform like law enforcement, all gathering, all being brought to me by these children who turned up months/weeks/days ago.

They won’t leave until they’re all safe.

Which means I can’t do this on my own. I’m gonna need help.

So I’m going to gather my trusted followers and students in as many countries as I can once this is done and we’re going to cross them all over.

I think it I wouldn’t survive doing millions of Spirits on my own.

Any volunteers would be appreciated.

My brain is trying to make sense of what it’s experiencing and my eyes can’t see anything other than dead people. My balance is off and I’m having a pull to the right like my original time slip episodes from way back when.

I wonder why I’m experiencing things from when I first got used to time slips. Remember when I used to have “gravity issues?”

Well I’m having that. I feel like I’m in a decompression chamber and my subconscious mind is trying to make sense of what my conscious self is perfectly calm about.

My physical self has freaked out totally, but my conscious self is talking to me calmly and telling me to just relax and let what needs to happen, happen.

I did my BP, and glucose levels and they’re perfectly normal. I bought these machines to monitor myself lol nerd or what? My BP was perfectly normal while my heart was pounding out of my chest. So it can’t be because of diet or illness or anything physiological that I’m feeling like this.

I have work to do today and I can’t even sit up without sliding side ways.

It’s like I can literally feel every molecule in my body going to the right but so strong it’s magnetically pulling me and I’m definitely not strong enough to fight gravity.

Nauseated beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life.

And through it all these children smile, laugh and play at being free in the safety of my home.

Why Wiccans, Witches and Pagans are as bad as Devil Worshippers.

I want to start by stating again should anything happen to me you know I was right.

Look after my babies, continue my work and fight the good fight my students.

The truth always wins and my work will be vindicated.

I don’t know why I can’t stop talking. But I have to do what I’m told.

Just know I’m healthy, don’t drive, don’t take ANY medication apart from the natural sort, I’m mentally sound according to the voices in my head, I’m the best physically I have ever been. I don’t have anything processed or inorganic in my diet, no Fluoride or sweetners or sugar, and definitely NOT suicidal.

I do have stalkers though lol

I wish I could sit down with these people who are doing this wonderful work and talk to them a out what I see and shit.

But I was wanting to write this article before but got side tracked with everything else.

But did you hear witches cursed Trump?

Tens of Thousands of them gathered to curse the man who just saved children.

Tell me is that The Craft or Occult? What Witch curses a man saving children?

Did it work? Um…no because you know why?

Because my lot and I protected him lol I reversed everything they did because Light TRUMPS Dark. (See what I did there? Lol).

I don’t do politics but I knew what he was going to do so I did some stuff.

So if you think Wiccans and Pagans are the beautiful Earth loving, Universe loving Witches you think they are, think again because the law of the Universe dictates no-one who holds power of their Universe is allowed to cause loss or harm to the living within that Universe.

To curse someone who is saving lives is about as evil as you can get and this is why this stuff is a joke.

If you know The Craft you understand the laws within it and cursing someone is Dark side manipulation of energy and will only come back on them.

The laws of attraction, the laws of Nature’, the Laws of Energy,….. every action has an equal and opposite reaction is PARAMOUNT to spell casting.

Fuckin Wiccan, Pagan idiots cursed themselves in the process.

So it took 1 me to undo tens of thousands of them.

Because as I say and have been saying all along that it takes the light from only one match to illuminate an entire room of darkness.

I’d do the same for ANYONE I’m told is going to do good for humanity.

BECAUSE that’s what a True Witch does.

They preserve, protect and defend the Universe and all who live upon it.

Not curse it. That’s why it’s called The Craft. You craft your spell accordingly. It’s hand carved for the purpose. One spell can’t be used on many.

Spell books are bibles, bibles are the book of indoctrination for the following and followers of the occult practice that is religion. But religion comes in MANY forms under MANY names.

To write a spell for one person from words centuries old is pointless and redundant and counter productive especially in a modern society.

Spells are CRAFTED for the purpose and can never be done to hurt people.

That’s called The Occult.

I am from a long line of Witches. My Maori ancestors in New Zealand were doing Utu before people even knew what spells were because they understand the ramifications of manipulation of the seen and unseen forces.

These people who do this stuff aren’t Practitioners of The Craft, they are destroyers of it.

That is why the Christian cross, Halos, etc… and Pentagram are closed. It seals of evolution. It stops growth of Spiritual evolution and universal expansion.

Evolution is open and expansive. Witch craft is all about taking organic objects like wood, stone, crystals etc..which to the planet is the equivalent of taking organs in rituals and uses the power of it to control for gain to meet the creators, or clients own ends.

In the Craft you take nothing that isn’t offered up. You test everything before use and you don’t do a thing to hurt anyone or cause loss or harm. It takes days to forumlate a spell because it is CRAFTED specifically for each individual or group as a whole.

You have to be literary capable too and you must think every word carefully before it is written because once it is written it becomes so.

You have to put intellect behind it because you understand that being able to manipulate the Universe like that comes with great responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility.

The fact that it took 1 me to undo what it took tens of thousands of these witches to not do successfully proves me point.

My ex witnessed me do this too…as did some students. I said it the month he won the elections.

One me vs tens of thousands of them.

You sent out a curse to a man saving children from sex trafficking and murder. Regardless of whether you like him or not. Think about what you put on him and his supporters………and remember the first rule of The Craft. If you know it……shall I remind you?

1) What you send out comes back then fold. The laws of attraction.

So… cursed yourself and all who surround you.

Meanwhile the ones who protected him….are getting happier, healthier and more spiritually rewarded.

This article cracks me up every time. A binding stops someone having power over the ability to do harm.

So they’re binding him from causing harm to people like Hillary and Podesta, Weinstein and so on….

You tell me if these are good people you all give so much credit to.

They do NOT understand the Craft at all and the fact they boast their gift being handed down from Mother to Daughter for centuries cracks me up because they stupidly believe women hold more power in a circle because they have wombs and give birth even though conception starts with the sperm lol

They really aren’t bright these ones who practice the Occult. They just don’t understand how any of it works.

My seniors have been at this 2yrs 5yrs and 14 yrs and none of them are even close to being taught this stuff.

Because talking to the dead takes around 2 and that’s if your hard working at the study and practice of it lie my 2yr Senior has been. She’s on par with me now for talking to the dead. But she’s been training like a soldier.

She’s the only one left from the original 36 who joined. Because she did as she was told. Not by me but by how it has been taught to me by the centuries of Teachers who came before me.

She is my right hand when it comes to working with the dead and now she’s branching out to do readings on her own and I’m so proud.

She has a visit from the Council only months into her training. She didn’t know that until recently lol

I knew she was special then. They don’t appear just to anyone because of who and what they are, which takes a while to emotionally and psychologically prepare for. It’s a process. There are steps that require timing and balance.

And even she hadn’t been allowed near the craft stuff yet.

There is a reason why The Craft is part of training. It comes last after seeing the dead. So what does that tell you?

Your taught how to read minds, place thought into minds, talk to the animals and plants, move objects with your mind, see the dead, talk to the dead and open portals of light to cross over the dead and predict and guide people’s futures, BEFORE your taught the Craft.

Why do you think that is?

As I say “Just because anyone can learn this stuff doesn’t mean anyone should”.

Now I’m going to lay down. I’ve cried so hard this morning and I have a migraine.

I’m only being honest. The truth sets us free.

I can’t have my beautiful WordPress family being sold a lie about things that are so evil and destructive.

I’ll keep you posted.

I love you all.

Please stay safe out there.

The stress of all of this is too much

My heart is pounding, I can’t stop crying.

Spirit WTF? I don’t understand what’s going on. Did someone involved in all of this just take the injection?

Or is this something else?

Why can’t I stop crying?

My solar plexus is in KNOTS and my chest is pounding so hard out of my chest it’s thumping through my shirt.

The children are piling up and bringing homeless people with them now.

There is like a…..what’s the word in looking for?

Mass exodus of Spirits gathering in my home and it’s hard to breathe. To make matters worse my children just got up and said their toys from last night had moved from where they were placed last night.

The children have come to me because they know what I am. But I think they have come first……to bring the others. The pressure building up inside me is immense now.

I can’t see normally for seeing the dead that are turning up in droves.

The pain is getting bad. I am trying not to panic but I think I can’t be alone today.

I think I need someone with me because I am actually afraid of what’s gonna happen today.

I hope it’s just a panic event because I know what’s about to happen.

I promise to document it all here though.

Just please bear with me because I genuinely don’t know what about to happen.

It feels like something has been injected into my right upper arm and I feel the chemicals in my blood stream. The blurred vision is masked by the dead I see, my head is pounding and hot, I’m feeling crushed under the pressure. My stomach is in knots and my heart is thumping out of my chest.

Is this me or is someone big about to die of a heart attack to escape the trial of what’s coming to them?

The children are so vast in number in my home now. It’s like…the more I talk to you the more they come.

But they’re bringing others with them.

The children are all happy here, the adults are confused and unsure until they see me looking at them.

My house has dropped about 5 degrees in the last 10 minutes.

My children know NOTHING of these events and yet I can hear them discussing why the toys got moved.

They placed them in position to continue the game in the morning and got up and Tel toys were in a different room to where they left them and three were placed away from where they were left. My kids make home videos with their toys and stopped recording to go to bed.

Everything was left in position to resume film making lol their Lucas and Speilberg at the moment lol I love it. But my eldest accused my youngest of moving stuff even though they got up together.

They’re currently talking about the little boy who has a dirty face and hands.

I’m scared…but only because I don’t understand if what I’m feeling is a physical thing, a psychological thing or Paranormal thing.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I’m able.

Why can’t I stop crying?