If anything happens to me

I’m healthy of body and mind.

I’m not on any medication, nor am I suicidal. I can’t drive either.

If I go missing, anything happens to my family…..

You’ll know I was right

Just saying…..

Whoever, they’re days are numbered anyway.

They have bigger things to worry about than me.

This is end game.

Read the 44th QAnon post. My words?

For those who follow me, read thread 44.

You will recognise the words because it’s what I’ve been saying for months.

Remember I said United we stand, divided we fall.

I said They want to divide and conquer us.

It’s almost word for word me

I said power cuts coming while they get the baddies off to Guantanamo Bay.


Questions are they reading me or am I reading them?

Julian Assange is working with them aka The White Haired Man…

My dead rock



The Paranormal Science Show: Myths and Legends, Illuminati and more (Special Guest) Pixie

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