Why are Empaths drawn to America?

Why do all writers, musicians, artists, creators, thinkers, awakened, balanced Empaths of history go to America or feel drawn to it or it has some impact or meaning in their life?

Some American bands couldn’t cut it in America until the UK balanced and fine tuned them out like Blonde and The Pretenders but so many progressive Empaths hit America like comets harder than they ever did in the UK.

Like Elton John, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Wham, Culture Club, Queen, Billie Idol, David Bowie, all those Empaths ahead of their time, progressive, who touched the lives of billions in total, all made bigger once they got a taste of America.

When you look at the Native Empaths of the Americas and their deep connection to the Universe, is it maybe in the soil itself?

Does America have a magnetic polarity to it that helps certain types of Emapths evolve.

It’s a responsibility to say the least.

These people with these lives whatever the medium of gift in them is, don’t have easy lives, their journeys are fraught with trials, tests, pushing one to ones limit on every level. 

It decides dates of nations, dominates most industries like sport, music, advertising, branding, they’re trend setters, thickets, movers and shakers, they have a different kind of class the Europeans don’t have.

They hold family values still. They of course aren’t perfect, no nation is……yet. 

Look at what they did for computers, the movie industry, space exploration, engineering, mechanic’s, politics etc…..

But why does America have the influence to make or break entire countries, people’s lives, careers, livelihood etc…..

They get something the rest don’t, but what?

And why is it both dangerous and comforting?

But why do these Empaths all feel the need to have America be a part of their evolutionary journey.

The people there get something the others don’t I’m telling you.

Is it because of all nations it’s got the biggest melting pot?

The diversity of cultures and minds makes a more Spiritually passionate, resound people? 

Is it because their comradely by nature and it’s healing?

Is it the bit of rock itself? Is there something in the soil? It’s latitude and longitude?

It’s position under the moon and sun?

Is it the Native Ancestors? Or the Immigrant Ancestors? Or is it everything?

All I know is it offers a journey to Emapths of any science they can’t resist, like moths to flames.

And I’m one of them. And be it good or be it bad, it is critical to the journey.


It may truly actually be the land of the free, the home of the brave.

If you look at the free and brave being Spirits on a journey.

Something is there…..it has something. It makes and breaks like a milky way and black hole.

It defends and protects, it’s religion and faith, it’s defiance and submission, it’s aggression and unity, can you think of any nation that comes together more wrong or right more?

Look at their history.

The dead will help me figure out what it is.

I closed my Empath file off, marked and sealed shut, now I’ve opened a Why America file…..

To be continued.

11 thoughts on “Why are Empaths drawn to America?

  1. Well as a native to the America, and I am very what you call empathic.
    I don’t feel special or anything for being born here. I believe I enheritedvmy gifts from my grandmothers side who was born in Prague . They were 100percent checkoslovakian .The gypsy if you will.

    I Wil say though that our lands here are seeped with the blood of the native Americans .

    I can and do feel their energies and have seen it. Mostly on nature. Our beautiful woods. I’ve felt them in the South west areas. Arizona , the red rock area.Least of all Grand Canyon area.

    But you have to still yourself . They come to you easily.

    The UK I’ve never been too but I have very sensitive friend who lives there. I believe all lands on earth are full of energies.

    Not trying to argue with you but it is.

    On a side note . America better be careful we don’t allow invasion of Muslims over taking. I’m not prejudis but they have a agenda that’s evil. All be it not all of them but most. Look at Europe .
    Its scary!!

    God bless America

    God bless you

    • Yet you still live there. I was born in New Zealand, yet I’m pulled there. America made my career, it’s presence helps me figure stuff out. Your ancestors certainly felt the pull. So I wouldn’t dismiss the connection just yet. You use and support American products, food and values when in this day and age you don’t have to. And if we spent our money helping countries like Syria and Palestine, Iraq, etc instead of trying to dominate them and push our values of on them which isn’t meant for everyone as countries and civilizations have to evolve or die out like everything else in the universe…these people wouldn’t need to flee. No-one willing chooses to flee their country. You said yourself your immigrant ancestors created you in America, why can’t another immigrant do as your ancestors did? I’m a proud of Arab immigration, I have tons of Arab/Muslim family in America, have done for at least 100yrs. Am I not welcome? I want to employ Americans, pay tax, abide by the same laws, support my local economy, and live with my husband and children in a place I feel safe. Why can’t that be America if we’re willing to help make America great? The science, medicine, cuisine immigrants bring, etc…..it takes all sorts of genetic ancestry to make a human, why not a country? If you become insular you’ll kill yourself off like the Minoans and Goths, Vikings and Romans etc…..many flavours make a stew.

    • If you can’t see all sides your not an Empath I’m afraid. An Empath finds balance in all things, that is how we create whatever we need to with the gifts we are given most of. That’s how it works.

    • And I’m more afraid of Hillary Clinton than I am my students Muslim husband who has never been anything but protective, kind, generous and giving of his time, money and home.

  2. Lol. I agree on Hilery Clinton. A big yuck.
    And I don’t feel I need to prove my self at my old age .
    But. I do see and feel both sides .

    Its the agenda they have to kill or convert all none Muslims im referring to .
    I hate politics . don’t want to get into it.

    If you were too connect to me you’d know without question what my energy is about.

    I’m a sensitive . don’t care what you want to call it.
    Empath psychic what ever.
    Sometimes it sucks. I hate it.

    Have a great day
    Big hug across the pond

    • Not all Empaths are psychic, psychic is the science not the ability, there are aspects to this science, being empathic isn’t one of them. Empaths are the carrier’s or creators of these abilities, they are teachers of them through the medium of their gift be it art, music, cooking, sewing or talking to the dead, which in itself isn’t being psychic, there are levels to it. An Empath is all but seeking to perfect them all using the medium of their gift. If that makes sense.
      And where are they killing people in America exactly? More people have been killed in the name of God than Allah by a factor of about 60 million. I’m not a believer in politics, I am not a believer in government, anarchist means without a master, it’s a slave term, I don’t believe in religion either. It’s all a form of mass control, but if you believe what your being told about Muslim’s then your definitely not Empathic. An Empath while doesn’t get involved in such things like politics and religion, their beliefs are the same. Live and let live. As long as you don’t harm me I don’t harm you. Empaths question authority not follow it. They’re not out to cause bother unless bother is started but then usually are the ones to help bring the establishment down in their own way, be it through a song, post, letter, book, invention, creation or painting. The pen is mightier than the sword so choose your ammo wisely I say. Divide and conquer it’s called. Fear the bad guy the way Germans were made to fear Jews and you get another mass extermination of innocent people because of a few ignorant ones. Is that acceptable to you? Because that’s what will happen if we don’t look at who feeds us our information.
      An Emapth seeks the truth and will balance themselves accordingly.

      • They are killing here in USA.
        Remember 911?

        Ill never forget it.

        And they continue on in any way they can.

      • 9/11 had nothing to do with Muslim’s. I’m sad that someone who claims to be an Empath thinks they would. Empaths seek the truth remember.