I’ve Cracked The Empath Code using Science and Astrology

You know how I talk about my thought process being like files in my head and I contemplate those files once in a while and follow a train of thought for a bit then either bring the file to a conclusion and that’s how I learn a fact or progress in my knowledge of Spirit and the Paranormal etc….
Then I teach it to you?
Being Empathic and my need to understand what I was has made me finally figure it out. What one is and how you deal with being one.
I will know INSTANTLY if someone says they are empathic because of this synopsis.
I finally understand what the Spirits who killed themselves have been teaching me.
So here it goes.
If your an artist, musician, writer, scientist, creator, inventor, mathematician, (and all the categories that fall under these skills, if you weren’t a happy child, if you don’t like being around people, if you find being around people painful, if you were picked on, bullied, talked about, hated, misunderstood by those who claim to know you, if you never fit in, felt like a round peg in a square hole, if you felt like you never belonged in your own family, if you work in a field of the above mentioned, medical field, psychic sciences, etc…because you genuinely love to help people, if your constantly trying to understand yourself, but never find the right help to give you the answers you need, if your constantly working on your image, have a sport or exercise you love to indulge in because it helps you think and makes you feel good, if organic drugs bring you clarity, if people hurt you beyond repair, if your suffering has been since childhood and your gift is the only thing that brings you balance, if you have spent your entire life pleasing other people, if the love and protection of the animals and planets under our feet and around us is paramount, if you have an above average IQ and your gift completes you, if you feel the need to hibernate from the world when your hurting, or don’t socialize unless unavoidable, work from home and shop mostly on online unless unavoidable, if you have a love of art, music, cooking, science, maths, style, good food (as in organic and better quality as opposed to expensive or cheap, if money has been an issue for you at some point, or you have no trouble making it but don’t always get to keep it for long, if when your down to your last dollar something comes along to see you right, you’ve gotten through another day, if you know loss, and feel it more, if your children are the air you breath (if you have them) or your pets, if you do your gift for money in a way that makes you miserable ie prostituting yourself out to pay bills and not following your passion using your gift doing what you love and loving what you do, then your an Empath.

An Emapth is a Pathwalker and if they follow their compass like I did, they will find peace. If they don’t they kill themselves or struggle with life long depression.
We are Spirits under these skins of ours and an Empath chooses a skin that see’s only darkness and absorbs it into the core of their being because it’s a much purer Spirit than most.
AN Empath is essentially a Spirit in a skin.
And if your gift is of the Psychic Sciences instead of the Medical Science or Mathematical Science or Artistic Sciences etc….it will be what your better at than anyone else.
Your born trying to figure stuff out. Some of us like myself have a stronger compass because of when I chose to be born.
The Scorpio month. When the stars aligned just right, and the balance of the universe was perfect I was born on the 9th of November 1972.
Being a Scorpio I am driven at seeking the truth. I need to get to the bottom of things.
I think constantly about my gift, people and life because all of my experiences have led me to figure this Psychic Science stuff out.
But see my ex husband is a Libra, he is the ruler of balance but his compass was set wrong.
So he’s trying to be a balanced soul with a broken magnet.
He fights depression and suicidal thoughts every single day he’s alive.
But he trusts me to help him figure this out and I think I just have.
His ability to do art in such a phenomenal way is his gift.
Being Empathic his gift is art, mine just happens to be psychic.
BUT we both have identical lives, life journeys and interests of varying degrees and I want you to think of a Pie Chart now when I explain it to you.

My pie has a large chunk of Psychic Science, and you must look at everything as a Science.
Sex is biology, genetics, microbiology etc….ie Science. Cooking is chemistry, nutritional science, horticultural science, agricultural science for example.

But while I can’t draw or paint like my ex I can write not shit stuff and I’m just as good as him in expressing myself through my gift of writing, he just does it through the medium of art.
I do readings to teach and guide, and heal and he does it through his art, be it traditional or in his games and apps.
He makes games people care about. They give people an incredible experience.
He can also write, both appreciate poetry, both like to red, both need music in our lives, both appreciate nature, love our children beyond all reason, both like to cook, both appreciate good food for the flavours and tastes, both want to protect the earth, honesty the list above of boxes to tick we have in common.
But our experiences and appreciation of which are on varying levels.

So he is REALLY good at maths and science. He just knows so much and he helps me understand it because I’m shit at maths and have a basic understanding of science at best.
Yet my gift has given me the life and career where I do theoretical physics on a level that he doesn’t understand but I understand perfectly because Spirit taught me through my life with my gifts.
I in turn teach it back to him……see how it works?

He and I might not have worked as husband and wife but no one gets the other and no one ever will if they aren’t like us.
Living Spirits.
So I have a small chunk of pie on my chart for art and maths and science as he has but I can play musical instruments and hold a tune, he can’t but his appreciation of music has taught me a thing or two and he has introduced me to SO much I never liked before or appreciated.
We both have varying abilities and appreciations and experiences that add a different sized piece of pie to our chart but it’s all the same.

He was bullied as a kid at school, I defended those picked on by bullies, but I was picked on by members of my family where as his family while never understood him, tried. His Dad who is a Libra Tiger like my ex, is the one who understands him most. He is the one still in his life.

I don’t have anyone but I’m at a different level to him. My journey is different.

We don’t have any interest in breaking any laws that hurt anyone or anything, we are rebellious and anarchistic, and don’t like being told what to do but we have no interesting in causing bother for anyone.

The difference is, I was born Scorpio. was born to figure it out. It was gonna happen whether people liked it or not with me.
I am hurt constantly, people constantly read me wrong and get me wrong, and assume the wrong thing and hurt me but being Scorpio means loyalty is my everything and if you aren’t loyal to me, I have no trouble walking away.
It might hurt like fuck but I will walk.
Where as a Libra will stick it out and knock themselves in trying to find balance in the situation or relationship until they figure out that loyalty is also key.
The best way I describe loyalty is it’s a form of magnetic energy.
And the second someone isn’t loyal to me, the minute I realize they broke one or many of the codes that fall under loyalty, you become demagnetized from me and I can then walk away.
Loyalty is like love and attraction, it’s a form of magnetism. It’s physics.
The law of attraction.
It’s why I call it Quantum Magnetics, Paranormal Science, and Psychic Sciences and it covers all forms of science.
So my pie might not be big in knowledge but the knowledge I have will be larger than my exes.

Now…..the trouble is, my ex holds on to the pain longer than I do. He still holds it in, I let it out. I cry, scream, rant, write, work out, I shut down for a few days and disassociate myself from the planet until I heal my Soul from that particular human experience and then I emerge having learned from the experience and become grateful for the experience.
Where as my ex doesn’t let it out. He bottles it up until some small thing will trigger either a shut down or melt down and he gets violent and aggressive for a little bit then he is calm again.
This goes back to what I said in one of my many articles before, our emotions are a release valve.
Ya’ll need to watch Inside Out. It’ true. If you don’t release your emotions when you have them it leads to emotional, mental and physical shut down. We become unbalanced and ill of all three states of being.
The Higher self is emotional, the Conscious Self is the mental and the Physical self is the body if you want to look at it this way.
And we are Spirits under these suits. We are Spirit when we sleep, die and connect to Spirit, that’s it.
But an Empath is the highest tuned in Spirit in physical form.
And living the human experience for an Empathic sponge is hardest of all.
Unlike my ex my compass was set always striving to find North so I find it quicker because I’m tuned in more to my Spirit and Spirit.
His art helps him face North, his gift is his magnet. Mine is my gift.
But it’s all set of varying strengths based on when we were born.
Because that decides who likely and quick you are to find it.

An Empath will hold their hands up to a wrong doing and if they are right they will not budge.
They can support other Empaths in a way that others can’t handle because they don’t understand them like another empathy.
They seek to self improve. To hurt anyone they love kills them, but WILL fix it eventually because they can’t let it go.
They trust very few people. They can take feedback from the empathy but it’s criticism from anyone else and that hurts.
Because it’s all about the approach. An Empath understands that.
They never ask anyone to change but will strive to help someone improve because they care enough to want to help.
Even suicidal souls help those they love and will have touched the lives of people, having left a legacy of some sort in the eyes of the ones they loved.
It’s just in us to be selfless.
My ex will never be the gifted I am but ‘ll never be the gift he is.
But we balance each other. We get each other, we help each other evolve.
It’s why I want to do well in my career and become White Oprah to the Paranormal World.
Then I can retire him so he can paint. I need to help him the way he has helped me.
He struggles with mental illness, for me it was a physical illness. But we have the same journey of the soul. I’m lucky that I healed faster than he did, but now he works on his body while I work on my mind.
He’s helping me work on my body by taking me hiking, buying the foods I need to eat, buying me rowing machines and I’m helping him understand why he is the ay he is, because then when he realizes what he is, he can embrace it and let go of the fear, where as I fear nothing.
I’m not afraid of outcomes in my life. Good or bad it’s the journey and what I learn form it that matters.
But I have learned to control the experiences because I don’t head into anything with blindfolds on. I prepare for all eventualities in my head, trust me lol and anything else I have the dead to tell me.
There is always some heads up now or I ask for it to happen.
I will say to Spirit ‘Okay……show me who needs to go’ and BOOM!!! they’re gone.
I can demagnetise from people who bring my compass needle down. It might not happen right away but if it’s bad it can be as little as 2 hours to work.
It seems harsh but I’m heading North fast and I can’t carry dead weight anymore. I’m trying to evolve and my evolving helps people.
People want to understand and then change me.
I reject anyone who doesn’t embrace me and my emotional self, my physical self, or my mental self.
There are people in my life who don’t care what I look like, how I conduct myself or what I say because they know it comes from a good place.
I might be crazy but I’m not insane. Those who now me know my heart and know I’m on to something that helps others and them evolve in a good way.
When my ex gets to this point, when Empaths get to this level, everything changes.
They embrace life and death in equal measure and it all just becomes a journey of discovery they’re happy to take.
Because they embrace their Spirit and become the Spirit they set the clock to be on the day and second they chose to be born.

This is why I get so angry at people who use the word Empath without knowing what it means.
It is as offensive to me as the N word. Many people have died because of being born to both types of lives and people use those words like it’s jewellery, a piece around their neck.
They aren’t badges of honour, they are words that have suffering and death behind them.

So there you have it. An Empath is a pie chart and the size of the gift determines the strength of the pull north.

They rely on symbiosis just like everything else organic. Symbiosis is also a form of magnetism.
It’s about need over want without knowing why, just trusting that it is and no matter what, your there together doing what needs to be done because your both smart enough to realize you can both learn something from each other in order to grow and evolve.
Be is bird and tree, soil and clouds, bugs and spiders, cows and humans, etc…symbiosis is key to evolving and an Empath is the most evolved of them all.
They just need to find North then everything else gets draw into them like it’s own little milky way and black hole.
Drawing in the good and getting rid of the bad, recycling, evolving, growing, expanding, learning, existing, dying, starting all over again until it’s the right amount of light. Getting the balance just right.

In conclusion artists, musicians, writers, etc….is just another form of psychic ability for lack of a better word, just of varying ability but all having the exact same pie, with the exact same experiences and gifts all just with differing sizes in various slices of pie, each piece being a different flavour.
Think of Trivial Pursuit an the pie pieces being a different subject. Each piece of pie has subcategories all of varying sizes also, depending on the experience and where the compass was lead on that Spirits (Empaths) journey.

When an empathy makes a mistake against another empathy it’s brutal. Because it puts everything off balance.
Nothing will get fixed until they put the wrong right.
It took me years to wrong my rights. I might not of gotten the relationship back in all cases but was forgiven every time and it brought me peace of mind and balanced my psyche out.
I then learned from the experience and found happiness because of it.

When an empathy is born with the compass set wrong and they don’t know how to follow their compass north because they aren’t around the right people, who can help them figure this out, they kill themselves, to try and reset their clock.

I just recently let go of a TON of people in my life. I reset my clock. In a different way.
The wrong people and situations and choices weigh your chart down, it pulls everything down like a magnetic.
Every thing has a balance, so you have a good magnetism and a negative one. Good magnets attract the right people and choices, and situations and the wrong ones pull down. If someone in your life is starting to pull on you and wear you down it’s because the pendulum of life has finally calibrated and said NO to ‘Is this person positive or negative for me’.
You can pull away from someone for the right reasons but still have made a bad choice in letting the go.
You could dislike someone immensely but be drawn to them for the right reasons.
You could suddenly see someone in a whole me light. Whatever it is, if your meant to be your magnets will always pull you together, otherwise you can cut it off and walk away never to look back.
Either way it’s helping you evolve.
I have VERY few people left in my life now and I’m going to keep it that way.
But these people have proven loyalty to me in the highest order even at loss to them.
Because for some reason, their compass faces the same way as mine.
We’re like sperm all chasing the light to the golden egg knowing something huge is being conceived by us just being together.
I love how the dead explain this stuff to me.
It’s perfect.
So…….if you can’t identify with every thing I said your not Empathic and you will never be one.
Your not made an Empath, your created an Empath. We are nuts to everyone else but magnetic to others.
And thy can never walk away from each other. All roads lead them back to each other once they have one in their life. In some form or another.

Because light attracts light.
Light is magnetic and it’s the law of attraction.

36 thoughts on “I’ve Cracked The Empath Code using Science and Astrology

  1. I paint, write poetry, read a lot,play guitar, write songs. I might not be an empath, but I love reading about fellow artists, musicians, etc and how they develop/find their gifts.

    It’s taken me a long time not to give two flying monkeys what other people say about me. I am only beginning what I should have started. I am nowhere near where I ought to be.

    And I now accept that certain people cannot be in my life anymore. It’s my birthday again tomorrow and I don’t feel the same as I did last year. I feel a bit better.

    • Then your a magnet 🙂
      How cool is that they you get to be one of the inspirers of the world. To support the arts and sciences and have an appreciation of it is just as important as those who create it. You decide people’s fates by what you choose to follow and support. Your appreciation helps tip the balance for them. It’s all part of and a different version of the symbiotic relationship you choose to have with each other. With you the inspirers and we the inspired.
      Both helping each other in some way.
      Yeah I hear you. I stopped giving zero fucks about what people thought of me this year. Too many people who think they know you try to change what you are to suit themselves and it’s soul destroying. But not now. My truth is my own, it’s me who has to live it. Only those who truly get me don’t care how I present myself. They know the real me and love me regardless. Everyone else is just kidding themselves.

  2. Hmmm

    Empathics are drawn to darkness due to its purity.

    I never seen that before. Makes allot of sense .

    I like that . Now I need to think about that allot.

    Thank you Debbie. That hit a cord.

    I don’t like the dark… But I’m kinda drawn to it. It fascinated me I guess. I want to understand it.

    Carol F

    • We aren’t drawn to darkness. We see both. We walk the balance between all sides. Everything has a balance, an Empath knows that light comes from dark and visa versa. The darkness is anything but pure apart from pure darkness. But light has a darkness too. For example Mother Theresa giving false hope to the homeless in the name of religion and furthering her cause. She exploited the suffering in the name of light. But by the same token a dark energy can do good by helping someone see the light. Because an Empath sees the balance and follows it like a compass needle. A true Empath. Not those who think it’s cool to be sensitive. There is so much more to it. Being nice or a bit into angels and orbs doesn’t make you Empathic. Your born empathic. Empaths migrate. They can’t help it. The trouble comes for an Empath when they can’t migrate. Why are more craft seen there? Why was America chosen to be given that technology when a country like Russia or The UK could of easily of handled, and even more so. Why America? There’s more to it. An Empath also lives the truth the seek. It’s not enough to know something if you don’t live it. That’s why I can’t teach just anyone anymore. Why my science has to be behind closed doors. Because there’s only a small few who are going to calibrate themselves the right way to get it. It takes decades to understand. It’s a painful life and terrifying journey but something pushes us because the pull is too great and it takes you far and wide across this globe. Once you feel it’s pull you can’t stop. The UK, England especially is a civilization on the brink of extinction. The Europeans are dying out. Like the Prussians, Greeks, Goths etc…. before them. When you kill in the name of religion, king or queen, when you rule by terror and fear you die out eventually. It’s inevitable. But countries do cotton on quicker than others and choose to stay out of the fight and advance in their own or change what is broken and evolve that way. America is the latter I believe. But again….why America? I need to go all over that place and figure this out. Something is there that inspires and creates and nurtures and understands true Empaths. Empaths have a need to learn and create, nurture and teach whoever they can with the gift they have. They can’t stay in one place and often it’s the fact they can’t get out of where they are that makes them feel trapped in themselves and choose to reset the clock by killing themselves. If you haven’t contemplated or attempted suicide at least once, if crippling if temporary depression hasn’t consumed you even if just briefly, your not Empathic. You aren’t happy just doing reiki or massage, it’s bullshit. I don’t get reiki one bit It’s confusing and holds no merit scientifically neither does charkras. There is no scientific proof charkras are real. Chi yes. It’s just energy flow.
      But reiki bothers me because not everyone has the same vibration. It can take years to tune in to someone, or time out of them as the case is with divorces and relationship fall outs, being fired etc…if you were a powerful enough source to balance someone’s energy, one client would put you in a coma of exhaustion. Massage has excellent medical benefits. But hot rocks is just a lazy massage, acupuncture is real, but no-one can tune anyone in to anything without training to calibrate the weaker in to the stronger. But Empaths are ground breakers, they’re shakers and movers, they command a presence no matter how big or small said presence is. They talk and people listen, because their gift is luminescent to those who’s vibration is the same frequency. That’s why they can’t keep out of each others lives. Drawn like magnets. They give and receive support from each other. That’s why so many famous writers, artists, poets, scientists, musicians etc….have other writer, artist, poet blah blah best friends. My exes best friend is an incredible writer. He too has the same Empathic journey. He wants to be in America to be a part of this incredible movement Empaths know are coming. I need to find My Tree. I thought I found my Grandmother Tree but I was off by a few thousand miles. I’m pretty sure my journey to her begins in New York. Once I find her my real journey begins. Then the universe and the dead who sail in her uterus are mine.

      • I have had zero interest in going to new York, until i had a really vivid dream about being there several weeks ago. I was walking on a deserted tram line and was trying to find directions to visit a circus museum for some reason?
        I don’t normally have dreams that I can remember so strongly. I also had another dream that was America -related, but was a bit more lovey dovey if you know what I mean!
        Id really like to exhibit in new York now, it seems like such a strange intention.
        I’m also interested in how astrology also is a part of who you are. Some people think it’s hokum. Do you go by your whole astral chart or just your sun sign?

      • It’s hokum if it’s not done right. You must take into account your parents signs too and year of birth, it’s not just about date and time. But New York is because that’s my journey. It’s where my journey is taking me. It started there, u thought it was Michigan, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, even considered North Carolina and California but The Council came and shouted loud and clear that my journey needs to be in NY. Now I know why. I’m certainly not complaining. But not everyone’s Empathic journey to America will be in America. My exes is San Francisco for example. And it might not stay there, but for now it’s where my compass is pointing and when I got distracted the council and my teacher came and redirected my focus and now I’m back on track I’m raring to go. I can’t wait. I’m like a greyhound waiting to get out of the starting gate. But Empaths don’t judge, they observe, they don’t think what they do they do what they think, they love what they do and do what they love, they seek truth and balance in everything. I shall not by my own actions cause loss or harm to another living being is the code we live by. It’s in us to be at peace with all living things even if it’s been brought about in a negative way. They seek balance. Judgement isn’t balance, staying in one plays stagnates their soul. They never find one place they truly can call home until they find perfect balance. It makes them migrate. They can’t help it. When they don’t get to explore their souls journey it crushes them heart mind body and soul. They truth because truth is light and brings balance. They want to taste it all. Experience it all. See it all, live it all in their own way, using their gift as their medium because they can survive perfectly well on their gift as an income. Even make good money. Eventually they live past the need for it and never take more than they need from the Universe. Either saving well or giving it away. Money is a necessary evil to an Empath who would rather trade and barter for what they need. They can make incredible money, bit Empaths are ALWAYS generous especially those less fortunate, of any standard or situation, creed or origin. Suffering is suffering to an Empath. Suffering like death is inevitable for an Empath to feel. But the journey determines which part is stronger, an Empath always fights to keep it balanced.

      • I was quoting what you said.
        Emapths are drawn to the dark due to its purity.

        I just never thought of it that way. Yes its pure.
        Pure evil.

        That’s ALL I was saying.

        I Ofcource I see the balance of both.

        Don’t have to be empathic or anything to see that

        I’m allot less wordy of a person .

        I could get in too the Muslims being evil .. Another quote from you.

        In saying religions that kill .
        They all killed in the name of religion .
        Back through history
        All did.

        But today Muslims ate the only ones who have not evolved in that respect .
        They see none Muslims as Infidels .
        Kill us all unless we convert .

        Bye dear.
        I felt you …….

      • Yeah because they see the balance in both the darkness and the light as I said. I should of elaborated. That’s my fault. I apologize for not making myself clear. I’m learning as I go. That’s why I document it all here. It’s an evolutionary process. That’s how it feels. When I started I believed in God and heaven. But suicidal people live life with death in their presence, it’s a balance on varying levels. Each slice is a different size of the pie. It’s about balance. But not everyone’s balance is the same. It’s all based in individual journeys and experiences that decide which scale sits at which end. If you know what I mean?

      • And it’s the suicidal Empaths who see the light in the darkness. Because death is their only option by that point. Death is darkness and light because its creation again. For the suicidal ones who follow through with it. Not the every day Empath but at some point they will have contemplated or attempted it. But their balance was set at a different weight I guess you could say. They’ll never try it again unlike others or those who succeed. As I said varying sizes of the slice etc….does it make sense? This piece analogy? Lol

      • Thank you for helping me have to explain myself. I really want people to understand this so it’s never abused by people again. It’s a privilege not a right because it’s a painful joy being Empathic. I want people to know this so they can identify it in themselves and know it’s ok to be who they are. They’re not different, their special. They are light. They seek the balance of all. They seek truth. They live raw truth from the minute their born. So by people like you asking these questions and pushing me it helps me perfect my answer. That in turn helps the reader. So thank you for the wonderful dialogue. I appreciate you. Xox

      • I’m glad you took no offence.

        As that was not my intention.

        I’m married to a Scorpio. I’m Virgo. Friday the 13th of Sept.
        He is November 8th.
        He is off the charts sensitive but wants nothing to do with it.
        He’s seen partial apparitions In his truck on his way to work!
        And many other times to many to mention
        I see these spirits or what ever you may call them . I call them the dead.lol

        But i see them upon falling asleep .
        Its slowed down . The visits I get.
        Because I’m taking pain medications.

        Im about 8 years out from neck spinal surgery and two years out from cancer surgery.

        But I still feel energy’s.
        I’m sure the meds dampers the seeing some.

        But I still feel. Cry easily . very over sensitive. I’m not Going to put my whole life out here .But its been hard.

        I love animals more then people.
        They are without baggage.
        Pure hearts they have.

        Have a good day

        Carol F

      • Animals do have baggage. They all chose those lives for a reason, some as a punishment, some for a greater purpose. But we’re mature, adults. We can agree to disagree. It’s ok to see different sides of the same coin. That’s what we’re supposed to do.

      • Lol.

        We seem so apart yet agree on parts.
        But remember this too.
        Just because one does not agree , does not mean they are not what your calling an empath.

        You have told me at least five times…
        I’m not.

        Well. Like I said I don’t feel any need to prove myself ..

        I have many clients .
        The hardest person to prove anything to was myself.

        I kept doubting my abilities until I could not ignore them anymore.

        I don’t brag about it. Or try to call attention to myself.

        I’m just a person like you and everyone else.

        Its also my opinion there is no science to this stuff. Sorry.

        Here is my opinion for what its worth

        We are all empathic psychic or what ever

        Its those who pay attention to it and cultivate it that are more in tune if you will.

        As my Scorpio husband for example.

        He wants nothing to do with it. Yet he see hears feels spirit or dead what ever ya want to call them .
        But unlike me wants nothing to do with it.
        We are all energy . Animals are energy .All that is and was alive is energy.

        Ignore it. It can get weak.embrace it .it grows.

        Off to bed soon.
        Good night Debbie

      • But that’s the point. An Empath is so much more than people think it is and have it wrong. That’s the whole point of this article lol

      • Also if you’ve been married for so long and your husband doesn’t support you your not Empath. Because the spouses are the protectors of Empaths. They are guardians, and even students in a way. They learn from what they see the spouse develop. It’s an undeniable existence that the spouse inevitably begins to see because they see the good the spouse does with it. Empaths can’t be with lovers who don’t get them. My first husband didn’t. That’s why we divorced. Lol but it’s okay. I’m going to sleep now. All this talking is exhausting. I bid you goodnight. All I’ll say is this….stop googling so much and follow your own part. At your age you should be enough of what you are to be teaching not learning your gift. Following isn’t leading. If your a true Empath, lead not follow. Googling new age stuff won’t evolve YOU, it evolves the practice. If you know what I mean. I wish you well in your journey. Clients? I thought you were on disability? Also if there is no science to any of this life, matter, universe stuff why mention the zero field theory? It has nothing to do with death but you seemed to think it did, and psychic IS the science not the ability. Your welcome to not follow me. I really don’t care who reads my stuff. It’s my thoughts and theories no-one is obligated to listen to. You can poo poo it all you like. I really don’t care. What I know and am affects you in any way so your free to think what you like….but at least I’m out here putting my theories out there. It takes a brave person to stand up and be different instead of going against the norm. That is what makes you and I different. I lead, not follow. People Google my theories, you Google other people’s. That’s your choice and I wish you well on your journey. Happy New Year Sweetheart, I wish you all the best for 2018. Onward and upward. Xoxo

      • Oh brother ….

        Firstly .how many times are you gonna keep telling me I’m not an empath.

        Second. I am on permanent disability. My clients are online.
        With an occasional in person. I mean really we on disability are allowed to obtain a little income that’s within the allowed amount. Do I really need to explain this?

        Thirdly. My husband does not give a hoot what I do. He supports my readings. Listens to me .
        But as for himself he has no interest in furthering his own abilities. And they are amazing. I told him that’s a shame. But like you said we are all on our own path.
        So this makes me not an empath?

        And fourth .you can boot me off your following if you like
        I don’t care either .lol

        I agree with about half you state. If I’m to be scorned for not following or googling your stuff and You are too Just other peoples stuff.

        Now Google is a bad thing?

        I advised Google so I didn’t have to explain away it all.

        Your very young yet. Just because I’m older does not mean I know it all.
        Life is a learning journey.
        I hope I never stop learning.

        Some of the things you put out just sounds very ego based.
        Some of it is great. Some entertaining.
        The YouTube videos .
        Some of them funny in a good way
        So don’t think I’m beating on you by saying that.

        But you n I only can read what’s posted here. I mean we do t really know each other .
        So on that note. I’m not judging you nor should you me or anyone else.
        What turned me off most is the asking for (no less) then 85.00 a month to become a student of yours!

        Rather step or do I think that because I’m not an empath according to you.
        Or maybe because I’m a cancer survivor on disability .

        Fighting every day fear of cancer is a ruff road to be on.
        It did make me see things much differently .Nothing to do with my gifts . Had them for longer then I can remember.

        Again..I feel no need to prove my abilities to anyone.
        I was attracted to you because I liked most what you were saying.
        Then came the fee.
        Ill follow you if you don’t mind. Ill give my opinions here and there too if you don’t mind.
        I’m actually quit harmless
        Good night

      • Have you heard of
        Zero point energy ?

        Google it.

        Akashik records.
        We all have access to it.

      • If people are attributing that to death I feel sorry for them. Zero point energy has nothing to do with Spirit and what we become after death. It’s a totally different field of Physics. Light us creation, it needs the most energy, that’s how it creates. It needs to most energy to push forward and expand. Push forward to create. It is a field that shouldn’t be in the same category as the Paranormal.

      • For all those who read these threads of comments if like to say this. Carol and I can disagree and still care about each other. Not agreeing doesn’t mean anything negative. We teach each other so much by disagreeing and still maintaining a mature respectful connection. Also to explain my point about Zero point energy. It takes the force of atom bombs to create even an idea. To manifest something from nothing as zero point energy suggests time doesn’t exist. If you manifest something your pulling it from time. Which exists. Your not manifesting something from nothing like ZPG suggests is possible. Your pulling forward the best possible outcome from an infinite amount of possibilities based on one key initiative. So you can say you manifested the job you wanted. But what your doing is pulling the job to you that already existed in another time space. Possibilities in this universe exist before you even create the decision to have it. You just haven’t caught up to it yet. It’s all a learning process as you go. But that’s not to say dimensions exist. Because on an energy source that’s not possible. BUT it is that we create time as we live it which pushes the next possible scenario or outcome forward. You create it as you go to.pull forward something that already exists as you create it. It connects the fragments of time and starts a chain of light to connect and magnetically pull it forward. Time….is fragmented, it’s like cogs. It exists when the engines are turned on to set the wheels in motion. As I said before momentum is critical to evolution of light and creation. It’s one of the reasons I call it Quantum Magnetics. It’s why forgetting the dead loses them to time. It can stagnate if not set in motion. The Victorians celebrated death and look how fast they progressed. Remembering your dead evolves time and helps you jump in and out of it.
        Just felt the need to explain. And thank you so much once again Carol for an incredible chain of enlightening conversation. Your an inspirer for sure. Xox

      • Love you to Debbie.
        I just read this after I shot out the last reply.
        I could see you n I sitting down to tea and chatting away.
        I actually hate texting because it lacks emotions. And can cause miss understandings.

        I would like an in person chat.
        If you make it here in the states let me know when and where.
        Dinner on me .
        Carol F

        Yes we do learn off each other.
        This is beautiful

      • Dealing with a horrendous head ache.

        Till next time.

        Stay the beautiful person you are.

        Good night

      • An inspirer is the light which ignites the spark of the creation of something. Your headache is a result of the after burn from that spark. I hope it burns out quickly you poor thing. Sucking ice helps, and pressure points at either side of the nose in the soft part of the eye socket. Speedy recovery young Spark xox

      • My headache is , was , from the spinal fusion surgery I had done in my neck years ago…….

        Thanks anyways

      • Or is it because being sensitive, the second you lit the matched that started my explanation on certain theories and the headache was the after effect? Or dehydration? Or too much sugar?

  3. I have no idea what names you got wrong! But, that’s very interesting- parental astral charts that are in alignment with their children. I’m off to the curry house. Will def think it over later. X

    • Yes, if you think about it like this, your creation is due to the signs and planets of your parents aligned at the right time, as did their parents Thiers and so on. So it makes sense to add your parents in on your chart. Mine are Aries and Virgo. So I’m nuts and a nurturer, pushy and gentle, need the attention of those around me but like solitude. I’m an oxymoron, I’m telling you lol oh JUST had a curry. That’s SO FREAKY!!!! Dopiaza I had. Was so yummy. Enjoy your meal. Xox

  4. I definitely relate to all of this. I paint and do other forms of art and always have. Growing up I would not sleep late at night and instead be up doing art of some sort and I still am the same way. And it is no surprise to me that you mention medical career, and possible life long suffering as an indicator of an empath… but I have suffered my entire life with health problems, I’m 31 come the end of January and my entire life has revolves around trying to find an answer to my medical issues. I have a love for medical things and I truly believe that’s my direction but I’m being stopped by my own medical issues that doctors can’t seem to find a solid answer to (even though there is proof of actual problems). But everything you said is me to a T. And I have had a reading or two done by psychics, and each one has pointed out to me that I am indeed empathic and that’s actually how I learned about it. I was at a psychic reading and she told me spirits were excited to be in the presence of a medium and an empath and her LED candles she had all over the room were actually turning on and off and flickering and knocks on the wall. She was excited and told me she’d love to have me sit in on some of her readings if I wanted to but she was far away for me to do that. But ever since she mentioned it I did some research and identify so closely with being an empath. My entire life revolves around helping others and my own needs often suffer because of it. But this is so incredible and I’m so happy you posted this. I was afraid to ask you questions about this because one of your other posts I read was kind of talking about those who say they’re empathic and are not. But I truly do relate, especially being an artist. Actually, speaking of art and you mentioning it being a form of psychic ability, I always had this feeling of being a fraudulent artist because when I did my pieces, and someone said “why did you do this?” I would never have an answer I would just say “I don’t know it made sense in my head?” And my work is always so strange to people haha and I would just always be afraid to do shows or sell at events because I never knew what to say to a potential buyer when they asked for my motivation. I have recently realized it may be a connection with Spirit when I do art and sometimes after I’ve finished a piece I sit and wonder how it is or why it is I did what I did. I get in a zone until I finish a piece and actually am curious about autonomic drawing. I feel like my art is done through me sometimes…and it was pointed out to be that I do a lot of random spiral doodles as parts of my pieces and I wonder if that triggers some sort of connection in my pieces. I struggled for years to find a name for a shop to sell my artwork and recently asked my guides to help and I woke up with the word autonomic in my head. And it was just perfect. So I used a different variation of the word and had the perfect name. 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind I shared that, but I most certainly relate to every single this you listed. Being bullied, feeling out of place especially in my own family. I’ve always been the black sheep so to speak and it was a big part of the problems between me and my mother for a long, long time. This was quite a validating post for me to read.

    Thank you, again, for another great post!


  5. Thanks! I know this isn’t gourmet corner, but had a lamb madras and it was looovely! And an Irish coffee!
    Thought you’d appreciate it. LOL 😁
    Funnily enough my mum is a Scorpio, born the day before Halloween, (I’m a Capricorn – don’t know about my dads side), but we’ve had a pretty bad relationship. I was told by someone that I was acting more Sagittarius than Capricorn. ( I have almost the same amount of planets in sag as I so in cap).

    I’ll def look into the parental astral thingy. X

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  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just had a similar situation with my last relationship and thought for sure I had to be crazy with all that I was figuring out, but it was what I consider a twin flame situation. A writer and a musician. I was so confused when it ended. So thank you for sharing this because it has made me believe that there is another journey for me separately and will meet another person on that same level.