Why I want to redefine the word “Ghost” to Ghosting in the language of the Paranormal.

As you know over the course of the last 5years of me having this blog I’ve changed so much not just in looks and size but in my understanding of Spirits and the Paranormal.

I accidentally discovered two new sciences I’m so excited to bring to the mainstream and I’ve learned so much about my gift and death, this blog if your a long time reader and follower has been an evolutionary learning process for me to say the least.

When I first started I believed in Blob. When I first started I believed in Heaven.

Now…..I believe in Science.

And as one who now can step outside of the constraints of time and understands perfectly the balance of life and death of all living organisms from a evolutionary stand point I would like to redefine what the word Ghost means.

From now on I will not acknowledge the use the word Ghost to describe a dead person or Spirit. Because now I understand that 99.9% of “Ghost” hauntings or activities are actually Ghosting.

The dictionary describes the term Ghosting as.

Ghosting: noun

The appearance of a ghost or secondary image on a television or other display screen.

However I’d like to add that it’s also a secondary image of an overlap in time giving the perception of an image of the dead when it is in fact an image of a moment in time secondary to your own time.

If you imagine all time exists simultaneously like an infinite roll of film. Each imagine on the roll of film lay side by side in perfect order, is a different snapshot in time since time immemorial for everything and every one. As one….long roll of film. 

People like me, (there are less than a couple of us that can do this) and the dead can manipulate time and jump in and out of it at will.

Well Ghosting is when the moments captured on film are laid one behind the other or where the roll of film is bent so December 26th 2017 aligns perfectly with June 4th 1957 for example and both times existed together.
Your not seeing or hearing a dead person, your seeing a living person doing what their doing in their time while you do it in yours.

Ghosting is when a secondary imagine of a moment in time overlaps the current time space existing simultaneously at the same time as yours. 

Giving the appearance of a dead person but is in actual fact a living person, living at that moment, at that time.

To say Ghost is an ignorance for lack of knowledge of death and is archaic in use of Language.

So when I end up ruling the paranormal world it’s one of the first things I’ll change. The words empath, pathwalker, whitelighter, orb and karma will change too.

So from now on I will say Ghosting. You’ll know what it means.

Education education education.

Merry Everybody


Mrs Mama Bear Arce