Interesting new readings

It seems when I read now in certain states of mind I can get in and around a person’s life and future not just as though I’m them but in the third person individually.

I’ve also noticed my body healing itself quicker.

Things that plagued me for years that would require me on medication I can fix simply through changing what I eat or by taking something natural. Including infections and pain. Food has been the biggest change for me. I can’t eat anything processed now. But it’s has the biggest impact on my body health wise.

My memory has improved exponentially. My eyesight, my fertility also.

But these readings, I can taste, smell, see, feel as though I am them, and myself.

I’m seeing things it’s just not possible for me to know and I mean not even just like the usual stuff, I mean…..things that occurred so random in nature and I see it like in there. It really is so cool.

I feel it, I become it. It’s so cool. I’m really enjoying doing them now.

To see is to know, to know is to explain, to explain paints a better picture for the client getting read. I’m loving it. I really am.