How DARE you condemn a baby. WARNING: Content upsetting.

I just had a rant about this on Facebook. I was so angry over this case when my husband called I burst into tears.
You know the kind of angry you get where you cry with rage?
I’m going to tell you this story but I warn you….it’s very upsetting so don’t read any further if your easily upset. But THIS right here is why I need to get publicity and exposure. So I can go to these countries and smack some people about with my knowledge.
Turn away now if your not sure you want to hear this.

I was contacted this morning by a couple from one east Asia.
This couple have a 3 month old daughter. They came to be through recommendation of a follower of mine because they had gone to a Shaman/Witch Doctor whatever you want to call these apparent Seers or Soothsayers.

The problem was their child was draining the Mother of energy because this child was draining her Mother of milk. The Mother has become hysterical from exhaustion and is threatening suicide because the child is awake night and day screaming a horrendous cry that sounds ‘haunting’.
They took the baby to a doctor who said the child needed to see someone who could read this child’s soul. A DOCTOR OF MEDICINE!!! sent this couple to a Witch Doctor or whatever they are called there and this person told the couple this child was screaming bloody murder because they were a serial killer or killed multiple people in it’s past life and was draining the Mother because she was draining this Mothers life force because she probably male who hated and killed women in her past life.

This couple want to know if they should give the child up, abandon the child or bring about a death of this beautiful little girl to save the family and if so how could they ensure the babies soul was crossed over in a way that absolved this child of it’s former sins.
My blood runs cold just repeating this story.

The first thing I asked was how heavy was the baby at birth.
The answer was “She was 9lb 2 at birth”.
So basically this man told them to kill the child because she was hungry.
I explained to this couple that she was draining the breast milk because she was hungry. Mums milk wasn’t enough.

“Was Mum eating enough fat and protein?”

“No she has been very careful not to over eat during pregnancy because she was modelling and wanted to return after the birth but is now too emotionally exhausted to do anything but cry”

I then had to explain that I worked and trained for Plunket in New Zealand which is the organization that deals with ALL pregnancies and births and anything pregnancy and birth related including delivery and after care up to schooling age of all babies born in NZ and that the baby was hungry and needed more food.
That a big baby wont get enough nourishment from breast milk and she is trying to tell you she is starving and her screaming will be because she is starving and can’t rest or relax and Mum could have Post Natal Depression.

I explained that my boys were 10lb 1oz (premature) and 10lb 6oz and both were on formula for hungry babies from birth and baby rice and porridge from 2 weeks old, by 2 months they ate what we ate with bottles and baby porridge minus sugar, salt and sweeteners etc….and they slept through the night and never cried for food because they were demand fed.

I told them to please PLEASE feed this baby more than breast milk. Try some cooked rice and milk without sugar or salt and mash it to a paste.

Now comes the worst part.

He said to me ‘Oh……well my wife’s grandmother had said this, and had tried to feed the baby some a few weeks ago and the wife had the grandmother removed from her house for trying to make the baby fat. The grandmother was accused of being an accomplice to the demon inside this baby.

In Celtic cultures hungry babies were said to be Imps or Trolls basically. They would throw them on the fire.
Apparently people still believe this.
I just got feedback to say they fed the baby and she is asleep.
I’m TERRIFIED for this baby. What kind of lunatic tells a brand new parent that their hungry, healthy baby is evil for crying from hunger?

What kind of Mother chooses being thin over feeding their baby?
I’m so afraid for this child. I have demanded this couple keep in touch with me and between myself and my friends in the medical industry we will help them with this child.
I haven’t worked all day because I’ve been TOO angry and upset to do readings for people because I didn’t want to transfer my angry into the readings.
I’m SO angry. I want to hunt these people down and fuck their shit up.
I’m SO done being nice about this stuff.

I’m going to go to these countries and open my trap and spew some truths at these people that burns them like acid and I hope they feel the wrath of those they condemn.
ALL children are innocent. Regardless of what family they are born, healthy or afflicted. No child is a sin, or evil. They are a GIFT!!! a PRIVLEDGE!!! NOT a Right and NOT a fashion accessory. They are innocence and purity personified.
If you sin against an innocent nothing ensures you devolve upon your death faster.
I will repeat what I said on Facebook for your easy reading.

To all those who claim to speak with or know the dead, who take money or gifts from those seeking your guidance and protection that you then tell them they are evil, have evil attached to them, loved ones or loved ones who have crossed over, if you tell people their loved ones souls alive or dead are possessed and need freeing, if you use eggs, or anything else to gauge the evil, put spells on, curse or condemn the living or MY DEAD!!! I just want to say this….you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why Debbie Black is coming for you and I am from a LOOOOONG line of Ancient gifted people who will fight to bring the darkness you spread down.
I’m done being nice. When you go after the scared, ignorant or grieving is one thing but when you go after children you make me fuckin angry. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to clear the name of the dead on ANY level of vibration because truth is light and I am light like my ancestors before me. And I’ll be sure to come to a town or village or city near you and tear your shit down. You do NOT!!! Fuck with an innocent. ALL children are innocent, those in a life of suffering are innocent. They are more light than you will ever know and now more than ever am I determined to start educating the masses about the truth regarding death and the evolutionary balance that must come after death. I’m done being nice. You better run and find a good hiding spot because light penetrates dark and the dead are light so you can run but you can’t hide because my dead will find you.
Black magic and curses only work if you believe it does. Negative energy or darkness only comes when invited or is the creation of a negative mind.
They work because you believe it works. I’m so done with people bring victimised in the name of death.
I am the Queen of Death. NO ONE!!! Knows it better than me that is why I am the world’s first Paranormal Scientist and I’m so fuckin angry at these people who claim to want to help the masses but create fear and confusion. All Spirits no matter the vibration are on an evolutionary path to evolve. There is no form of after life I can’t control or not understand. Centuries of learning and I’m going to school you all.
I’m gonna work till I die putting you all out of business and hopefully some of you in jail. Your frauds and liars and I’ll put my knowledge and ability to communicate with the dead up against yours any day.
Today’s reading was the last straw.

I gotta get my name out there so I can stop this shit from happening again.
My only question is this.
‘How many parents DIDN’T go to someone like me and gave up, abandoned or killed a hungry or ill child before now?’

I’m too scared to want to know the answer. When I get my show up and running I’m gonna go to these countries and kick some ass.

Ima hunt you down. Ima hunt you ALL down.
Me and my Army of the Dead….this is war.