My new body and look is emerging

I’ve been looking back on old photos and all my videos of me that were done in the last year and a half as I up my public image to raise awareness of my dead and the lessons they want to teach the world through the medium of my Show.

I’m trying to raise financial support to make my shows so I can get my school built and get these men off the streets. First New York where my husband is then the world; (because I’m that greedy).

Bloody hell I’ve changed.

I’m almost a totally different woman.

I can’t wait for this transformation to be complete because I can’t wait to see what I become.

My body has changed so much from those videos and photos since April.

It’s all been so easy. I’m so mad at myself for letting myself get like that.

Well never again.

I’m getting ready for my shows. I can’t wait.

These were taken yesterday 16th Dec 2017

This last one was taken June 16. And you all know what I looked like  when I first started this ddiet. But just since June of 2016 My entire body shape has changed and all I did was give up sugar. My face doesn’t look anything like it used to.

It’s been the easiest diet and exercise regimen EVER.

If you can spare some change, or donate, sponsor me or get me advertising it will all being going towards me doing my reality show so I can build my profile and get this non profit under way.

Every little helps.

I’m so excited, I’ve already got some beautiful people helping my seniors Riya, Chris and Ericka make our first series but we need your help.

Watching me be me with what I am, know and teach will be so worth it I promise.


Patreon DBPS or go to my front page and click on the hyperlink.

It will be worth it just to see what I look like come time for recording.

Boobs and all….HA!!!

Let’s go help the dead spread the word and save some lists souls at the same time.

Here is a quick reminder of what I looked like before I started my healthy lifestyle regime in July of 2015. 

I think even though I’m supposed to be humble as a Spiritual teacher even the Bosses will allow me to be proud of my achievement and I’m gonna show this mother fucker off like it’s a 2018 McClaren 720S. 

All because of my Husband and sons.