It’s a goodnight from her and it’s a goodnight from her 18/? Please…..pick up the phone

I never thought in a million years I would say what im about to say. It won’t make sense but trust me. Ok?

But it’s all kicked off in Wonderland Alice. And it’s typical of me to buck the tradition of thousands of years -_-

As I prepare to make my TV shows with my seniors and concentrate on my public profile so I can get my school and charities underway, and as I pour all my time into fine tuning my gift and newly discovered Sciences, and doing the research and  development of these sciences it means I will no longer be posting online lessons to the public.

The things I’m beginning to understand and master in the wrong hands will be dangerous.

I’ve taught you all the basics. Everything I’ve published and everything I’ve taught some of you is enough to help even the youngest or inexperienced of minds to not fear the Paranormal world around you.

But I’m learning something more. So much more. I’m scared of losing control of what has been set before me. Mother may I please have some more?

What I’m teaching now can only be for those who can be trusted with the ability because it’s getting to the point where the council are appearing to redirect me as I allowed myself to get distracted and I’m not fucking about with that shit. They’re brutal when they have to be.

My craft has gotten stronger than anything we knew, my gift in the last week is freaking even me out.

So now I’m going to have to concentrate on what has been revealed to me in these last two weeks because it’s HUGE.

My seniors and I are on a mission that is so clear cut its blinding.

I’m even scouting locations for my school it’s happening that quick.

I even know where I want to start my already in place construction team to start renovating and modifying motels and abandoned buildings. That’s how fast it’s started.

I have an incredible team of experienced builders, carpenters, welders, plumbers, and electricians ready to go.

This is HUGE!!! All the money I make and raise goes to this. I’ll take only what I need to live and for wages and the rest will go back into my research and school/charity. It will take a few years. 

I’ve got to hold myself responsible for what I teach now because it’s directly affecting the lives of those who need the light the most.

Millions of dollars will pass through my hands and thousands of lives affected, instantly once I get this going. I MUST trust those around me. I MUST be responsible for what I am about to teach.

I’ll always document my journey but my teachings have to stay within my school now. I’ll always write articles for the lost and afraid but the rest needs to be monitored.

I’ve given you all you need.

Thank you for allowing me to use this blog as a medium of expression and growth but I can’t let just anyone do what’s just happened to me.

It has been an epic journey of self discovery. One for which I am so grateful for. To think when I started I believed in God lol 

As I say just because anyone can do this doesn’t mean anyone should. Not everyone will be allowed to do this either. It has been 934 + millions of hours, discipline and self correction over a span of 45yrs and I haven’t even begun to get started.

Yet in true council style I’ve learned more in the last 2 weeks than in my entire life and for the first time ever I’m terrified. I’m excited but scared because it’s kind of like reality just hit on Sunday and Monday the 10th and 11th that what I’ve discovered is REAL. Witnessed too. It’s left us all reeling. I’m still in shock. I had an entire day of revelations, relentless revelations and it was exhausting. We haven’t recovered from it.

But now it means I’ve been put in a position of selecting who I can trust with what I know now. Because in the wrong mind, in the wrong hands it could destroy so much of the world around them. 

As you know everything in the universe requires balance and with great light comes great darkness too.

I have just seen the darkness around me now I see only light.

What people need to understand is this.

People WILL want me dead with what I know, with what I am. This isn’t a game. It’s not fun to know the dead if you only know a fraction of what they are. You take the bad with the good and people need to realise this. If you don’t know what your doing it will destroy you first and then everyone around you. It takes a lifetime to get this right. That’s the point. 

Sacrifices will be made, demanded and expected of you and your faith will be tested until the day you die.

There are rarely second chances to get this right once your trusted with this gift. It is called a gift not a right.

My seniors had only been at this 2yrs and most of them hadn’t even mastered a simple card test. There is a structure and protocol that must be adhered to or you simply get removed from the game.

My first 2 seniors just successfully completed the card test. It took years.

It’s not just about doing tests. Lol oh my blob it really isn’t. I wish it was that simple.

Alice….went through Charlies glass elevator as predicted and Wonka smashed the window. Air came in and blew Miss Muffets Tuffet away. Correct? Please confirm or deny.

People will set out to destroy me and my gift in itself in the wrong hands could destroy others if the balance isn’t right.

I’m well aware of the fact that I may go through thousands of students before I am left with a handful of elite gifteds but the lessons fought will be hard won and worth it.

I’ve been working all this week in various airports and planes on fine tuning the sloppy work I did before. I’m so sorry Tazzy, I did you wrong?  and I’m so itching to go I can’t contain the learning.

I’m documenting EVERYTHING. My non profit plans are going to be in the making as soon as Christmas is done and I’m so excited I can’t contain myself.

I followed the star of the Tuscarora you sent and it showed my path so clearly I’m blinded by the awesome direction this is going in.

I’ll always write but the stuff I know now can only be for those who earn the right to know it because essentially once you leave my training you could become something dangerous to others and I have to make sure only the best will do to ensure they’re only a danger in knowledge not ability unless required. Lol (I jest of course).

Then I NO!!/ To know is to no correct? Confirm or deny? Please… in the dingy already. Im going to paddle once you confirm or deny. I must minimise the collateral damage. All I hold true with the dust that protects my armour. Confirm or deny before I paddle. Please….

People need to understand the dead and knowing them are mutli faceted and it’s thousands of years of training underground to avoid being executed by those who seek to destroy my Society.

It’s not just about seeing them and helping others. 

I understand the rules. I know the  underground for a reason. The 123? Confirm or deny…..please. to know is to NO confirm or deny….please…..stop…I worry me.  Because we have had methods and means. Now they have all vanished. Pretty much since I revealed the cleansing.

If any are out there, please let me know your ok. To No is to KNOW or just to NO?

I’m.sorry……but…needs/must.. . . ..

(I have milk and it’s fresh. I’ve done what was asked. Did you? I got back up??????? Or did I lay back down# I’m getting busy hands because Santa came knocking and his sack wasn’t full anymore. 18-?????

I’ve been left to make toys for the children and I’m low on supplies. Will it bebe enough? but I promise my legion.

Will this bebe sufficient? Confirm or deny…demand and supply? Please…./ Or is it …..? I always forget.

My head hurts so bad.

Is this because of Red/Yellow? Or Did Red/White do this or 145? The elimination? I need to know. I’ve tried all the doors and they’re closed.

It makes me porridge.

-136? The door stop was put in place.

Please….I can’t feel the sand anymore. My horse came and kicked the stable door in. I need the sand to build my castle. Confirm or deny….please. all is calm, all is bright.).)?

144/21??? Correct or no?)

But I can’t stop myself. If I am to bring my students into this society I am creating for  sand I  need to make it safe. 

Why me? Stupid…..-_- it’s ok…it’s whatever.

The Ancient bloodline is one that empires and religion have set out to destroy because of what we know.

I can’t teach you what I know anymore because it’s starting to become more than they even knew would happen.

I’m some how part of this Cleansing and I need to make sure I can control myself because as I said, it’s getting dangerous.

The cleansing isn’t just about what I thought it was. It’s SOOOO much more. It was just the tip of the iceberg. Holy Cheese and Fucking Crackers. Why me,? Lol it’s whatever. Gee thanks English. Lol

If I’m right in this cross the way but it will see the end of the final final? Confirm or deny….please….

Weapons. It’s more than telepathy tests and reading photos. Was I robbed or did I see? Confirm or deny. It’s getting so clear now but I was drunk for a while.

Kaboom. They’re only training people who show aptitude in the “psychic tests” they haven’t figured it out yet. But I did last week. So now I have to put this into practice because I want to do good with it.

In the wrong hands it will be explode. I got the telegraph last week.

My head hurts.

I can’t have that on my conscience. I’m NOT coming back again. This life has been hard enough.

So no more documenting my stuff publicly.

This blog will only be for writing and helping those who need it.

For the first time in my life I’m nervous about me being me and now I’m alone.

I’ve never been alone. But I can’t continue training with just anyone. I’ve got so much administrative stuff to sort out now I need to divide my time between the research, the training, the development, publicity for my show, my show, my school, my books,my clients, fans, followers, my students, and most importantly my family.

I’m going on a sponsorship and donations drive. I’m also going to now turn PI.

So I have to close my doors.

I know this sounds nuts but it won’t to the right people. I apologize if your confused but desperate times call for desperate measures. I held off for years but now they come calling hours how hot.

Just know I’m ALWAYS here for you.

I’ll ALWAYS write but my developmental research, my training and learning has to be behind closed doors.

Onward and upward. I can’t go back. I wouldn’t be allowed if I wanted to.

Blood. Took me 4hrs to write this. I’m gonna redo this bloody. I confirm not deny.

I have two definitely. I confirm. Purple 6 and  Blue/Red exceptional.

Into the light. I’ll sweep the floor before me so there is no glass for them to cut their feet. I confirm. 

Please…..reply. all is calm all is bright.

Now I’ll make it rain hard wherever Dr Hook is with Peter Pan and the others.

Let it rain. With the rain comes the clean.

Just remember, the fight club is real. Remember the rules of the flight club? I will take first punch and defend the fight club. Confirm or deny?

A dream about eagles and hawks. There was a ton of eagles walking around in a field, and someone gave me a colorful hawk feather, like rainbow color. The feather had fallen off one of the birds.
Is the reply? I fuckin KNEW it. To know is to YES!!!? WOOHOO. YOU ROCK SANTA