Thank you to my new donors and sponsors. Together we save our men.

As you know when I move to America my goal is to open the worlds first School of Paranormal Science. A non profit school where I will help train suicidal and depression sufferers, veterans and the normie norms of the world how to use their connection to Spirit to help guide them. The money I make will then go to employ ex felons and homeless men with the skills needed to refurbish old industrial buildings and former motels and houses etc…into apartments for them to live in getting our veterans and men off the streets. Giving them a sense of purpose and hopefully help them to see the good in life again. I will do this by getting sponsorship and donations for my show then pour the money into building my school. It will be a real life X-men school or Hogwarts but not crap lol oh and I want to then go to places like India, South America and Asia and do the same there because I have a huge following there and need to pay it back. THEN on to my Motherland New Zealand where it all began. Students in tow.

My father was in the New Zealand Army as a Royal Engineer for over 30yrs, My best friends husband is a Marine, my two juniors are Air Force, and Coast Guard (she’s married to a Marine) and I have many friends and clients serving. My love and respect goes to any man or woman who gives their time to protect and defend their countries. But too many of them I know because they’re suffering from PTSD or are suicidal and come for help. A lot are homeless or in mental health facilities and I don’t know why I feel responsible for them all but I do.

I can help them. I DO help them. I’m GOING to help them. Any country, any military. 

I want to help ex felons find purpose again by giving any man a job helping me do my construction work with my husband and in turn they will get an apartment for free.

Especially if they have children.

I also want to work on my new theory.

Para-neurology is a science I’m working on that I’m hoping will help people who suffer from dementia based neurological diseases and injuries expand their pineal gland using my newly tuned training techniques in order to help them reverse the death of their brains. Based on my observations on how Spirit try to communicate with them through the effect called ghost memories. I’ve been working on this exercise for the pineal gland that has been handed down to me by my Ancient ancestors that even seems to reverse the effects of aging on the physical self. I’ve been researching specific diets, plants and minerals which I believe can help them.

Your donations and sponsorship are helping me achieve my goals to do this.

I’ve already starting working on both these fields fine tuning my techniques to suit those I want to help and study in the process. It’s going to take a few years but I’ve already been approached by a company interested in my Para Neurology theory for their dementia patients.

I’m so excited. It tells me I’m in the right track.

Your donations will help me but the equipment I need and get me to North Carolina where I’ll start recording my first show with two of my three seniors. I want to explore a state at a time crossing over the dead and teaching people the truth about the paranormal.

By me getting the exposure I need I can get the help I need to start my school and help the ex felons, homeless veterans and homeless men of America and after that the world.

I have HUGE plans. I’ve got my bank account there which all the money being raised going in there until I have what I need to get started.

So thank you thank you thank you for the donations I’ve received already already.

You don’t even know how many lives we are going to help and save with this money. Not just of the living but of our dead also.

Whether it’s £1 or £100 it’s all adding up and every little helps.

I can’t wait to get this show on the road.

Patreon DBPS

It’s already been the best December ever.

Thank you and may love and light expand your hearts like the cosmological constant expands the universe.