My Senior and I need a volunteer for a ground breaking trial reading

My most senior student of 18yrs is ready to start the final leg of his Jedi training lol

He can’t use cards and isn’t comfortable dealing with the client the way I do because of his mental health issues. He suffers from crippling depression but years ago I told him he would use his incredible art ability to paint telepathically.

He recently painted a 1hr digital concept piece that turns out to be the painting in the room I’m marrying my husband.

So now I want to put him to the test in this leg of his training.

I need a volunteer I do NOT KNOW on any level to let me do a reading for them where Chris will sit and observe. He is simply going to draw or paint what or who he sees from the reading and we will send it to you. You will see the whole thing as it will be on Skype. He won’t interact unless it’s necessary but I really don’t want him talking.

Please email me at

All I need is your first name, your Skype name and we can take it from there.

Thank you. This has never been done before so I’m very excited to see what comes of it.

When we first met in Australia he drew the man I would just marry even though I was about to marry him the following year. We didn’t realize it then. Creepy but cool now though lol

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