Helping the Dead American Style.

Through a series of events that fell into place after my student Pixie had a reading on the drive up to New York so I could marry my husband, Pixie and I started to in quick succession put the pieces of a certain puzzle together.

Synchronicities fell into place. We think we know what 44 means and so on. But that’s another article entirely.

So after the Fort Macon experience, after figuring out who Grandmother was, my connection to our Ancient Ancestors, Pixie being Tuscarora and super smart, Spirit  aka her Father gave us both clarity on our path, so we have decided we are going to team up and make a series of episodes where we go around active areas, explore, unveil the truths of the active locations and release anything there on camera.

Like a mini series of shows to put up on YouTube.

We will start in North Carolina which is teaming with history and eventually do the nation state by state.

It means I’ll need to come over for a few weeks at a time but it will be worth it. You’ll get to see me in action, watching my interesting life and seeing me be me with students recording it.

But I need help. I need sponsorship, donations, anything you can do to help me get these shows underway.

Do you know someone who can help in any way?

If so my Patreon is DBPS and my PayPal is

If I can raise the money to get these shows recorded I’ll do it.

I’m going to do a series of giveaways and offers to raise money so my family and I can show people how entertaining and informative the dead are without exploiting them for entertainment purposes.

You’ll see the type of relationship I have with them, you’ll see me and my life and how it works on camera.

We were told to follow the star.

That’s exactly what we are going to do.

You’ll be a part of the journey with us. 

Please help me help you and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Helping the Dead American Style.

  1. This is so exciting!! I’m so curious about what you and Pixie think about the 44. I see 444 daily when the synchronicities are strong. I saw it a couple times today in fact. If at any time I can scrounge up some extra funds I would love to donate to help you on your mission! ☺️ Good luck with everything and be safe in all your travels back and forth! 💜

    • Well it’s not certain but it’s in my name Debbie. Read this it says she summoned Barak to battle against the invaders. Barack Obama being the 44th president and it was my prediction of him when I was in my late teens and the whole cleansing kick off that started this whole cleansing prophecy for me growing up. Debbie was a prophetess like me. I am named after her. We think it is this. But aren’t sure yet until I see 44 again. Once you connect the dots the repetitive synchronicity stops. I’ve not seen 44 yet since we started to connect the dots. I’m so excited about doing these shows. Thank you for your support. It isn’t just financial support I need Sweetheart. Encourage is support too. I’ll gladly accept it all. I really feel like it’s all coming together now and can’t wait to see where this ends up. I really feel we are on to something. I’ll finally get to show people my life and when I get to America I can open my school. Woohoo!!!