New Beginnings. The Human Experience

Today I embark on the journey of a lifetime and it will have been a battle well fought.

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a few special people in my life and I will be forever grateful. I will live to pay this kindness back.

But as I step forward to start my new life it has been bittersweet.

Hidden in the shadows was darkness. Hidden true selves, hidden true intentions and I’ve come out of this battle scarred and weary. Lessons learned. Harsh painful ones but learned non the less.

However, I’ve now got new juniors to teach, and new exciting videos to make. I’ve got advertising deals and books being written and I’ll work my way to New York next year to start my school and my new life with my husband.

I can’t wait to learn the Hispanic culture that will now dominate my home. The food, the Nicaraguan culture and history, the language which I’m still finding so hard to understand. It’s going to be something wonderful for my boys to have the mix of Scottish, New And Hispanic culture in their lives.

I feel like the weary traveller has been dumping bricks to lighten my load now and I woke up a few days ago like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

Now I’m sleeping, I’m more focused and I see the oath so much clearer and this is why I say Out of Shit Grows Roses.

It has been the most horrific 6 months of my life but I’m so grateful for every day.

Between my teacher coming to kick my ass from the afterlife to me getting new juniors, marrying my man today and some people in my life showing incredible acts of loyalty to me as a person, I’ve seen the roses bloom through all the shit and this is why we as Spirits do what we do.

The lessons that come from the human experience are invaluable.

I’ve got new juniors starting and old ones joining the fold again and I’m better understanding what to do and not to do with my school.

I have learned not to get close to students, love them at arms length, I’ve learned to put my foot down to those who don’t pay, I’ve learned to document EVERYTHING. From students payments, classes, assignments, behaviour in class, attitudes etc….I have files on everyone and it’s helped me look back and assess their status in class for training purposes and for answers in behaviour patterns.

I’ve learned about the true value of my connection to Spirit and my purpose.

My school is where I’m going. I want my show and my school. I have a couple of students I am DESPERATE to get onboard because their work ethic is exceptional and they are the top in their classes for ability and their kindness knows no bounds. They’re perfect for who I want to help.

The Depressive, suicidal, grieving, lost, confused, PTSD suffering, scared, afraid, ex felons, homeless, veterans and those just looking to seek a connection with the dead.

No judgement. Which is imperative in my job.

I also have my top senior joining the fold which I’m excited about. My seniors are so excited to get working with him.

He’s been my student for 18yrs and I can’t wait to see the art he produces from his enhanced gift. 

So even though I’ve had the worst year, it’s also been the most rewarding.

If you can turn your hurdles into stepping stones, find light in the dark it turns seeds into roses and before long the smell is sweet not stinky.

Everything happens for a reason and because it is meant to so I implore you to open up to the possibilities around you when life hands you lemons.

Make hot lemon juice, lemon tea, Madera came, lemon sorbet, make teeth whitening goo, remove coffee cup marks off wooden tables, astringent for your face, etc…..the list goes on. 

My point is, a lemon can be many things so don’t just see it as being something sour when sour and sweet go together really beautifully.

Look at Lemon Chicken lol

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings. The Human Experience

    • Thank you. It’s truly beautiful here. The snow will make for a beautiful drive to marry my love. If I can’t have my beautiful boys with me at least I get the New York state countryside as the beauty that walks me down the aisle. We are going to celebrate when I get home tomorrow.
      I’ve been busy making plans for my School. Even scoped out possible locations which is exciting. I have been getting sign after sign that I’m on the right path so I’m full steam ahead.
      It’s been the best worst year of my life and I’m grateful for every lesson. Nothing matters now but moving forward as going backwards gets us nowhere. So it’s forward all the way.
      Life is good and it starts today.
      My heart is full.
      I wish you well too.