My Time Space Flashes of Light questions to myself.

So….these flashes of light I see before a time slip occur happen away from me in the next room. Almost like it’s not safe for me to be in the same room.

But there’s no proof of that yet. But it’s how it feels anyway.

The first time I experienced a rip in time and space was in 2015 I believe. Early 2015. I’m sure I wrote about it in here.

It was in my bedroom and I had a flash of light and there was a rip or tear in the air that opened up like a cigarette burn in the old movie reel days.

It was burning outwards. But I felt like I was going to fall into it and nearly lost my balance. I was on tippy toes trying not to tip forward desperately.

That never happened again but then the flashes of light would occur in the room adjacent and my boys witness it too so I know it’s not just me. It’s never expected. Never any sign it’s going to happen.

I just know when it does happen I have a time slip. I know it’s not a conventional definition of what a time slip is but it’s the best way to describe what happens to me.

But I do it so often now I’m learning to do it during readings for clients. Whatever it is I see I’m right there feeling it, seeing it, tasting it, etc…like Quantum Leaping. It’s exactly like that but I can be me and someone else at the same time. Like me and the murder victim or me and the soldier. Like I am them but in full conscious control of me Debbie as well.

Or I’m me Debbie and I’m watching another time in the physical that I have perfect control over.

Is it me time jumping or the illusions of an imaginative mind?

I wish I could hook me up to machines.

However…..if it’s my imaginative mind why are my clients so astounded at my level of accuracy?

How could I possibly know what a boys bedroom looks like on the other side of the world?

These boys bedrooms were identical to what I described. My clients are blown away by the fact I know well because I can FEEEEEL them. Because I become them, I step inside them.

It’s transforming the way I do readings and the way my clients get read. People keep saying it’s like therapy.

The type of clients I get are people soul searching, people deep in crisis, or emotional, spiritual vulnerability. It’s rarely superficial stuff for me now.

My clients are looking for deeper meaning in their lives and I can feel them and show them what their souls are crying out for. Because of how I deal with time.

So my question is this, why are the physical time slips so painful? and why is it that I can’t be in the same room as the flash? If I was in the same room would I get suckrd into that hole?

What would happen if I did? Would I survive it? Is that what death would be like?

And why when it’s the ones I do when I read clients am I losing time. Like it slows down. I feel like it’s been hours and hours but it’s been maybe 15 minutes. I’m mentally exhausted but it’s not painful like the other kind.

Is this how it’s supposed to be or is thereore to come?

Have I still got more to learn and figure out?

Time will tell I guess.

It’s made me curious to see it I’ll ever get to be in the same room as the flash. Or is it how it’s always got to be?

Curiouser and curiouser……..