Fort Macon, North Carolina

I went on a lovely day out with my student H yesterday to Fort Macon. What a cool place that is.

I didn’t know we were going. It was completely impromptu. I thought we were just going for coffee and ended up there.

Which was awesome.

As soon as we walked up the path I heard the drums playing. Then when we got to the bridge I saw prisoners. I asked Him if it was a prison and she said No. I then heard Glen Miller music playing which means WW2.

I asked if it was a WW2 base for anything, she said she didn’t think so.

I then said were the Spanish here and she said she didn’t think so.

-_- lol

Turns out I was right. All of the above. I would love to go back and cross those prisoners over.

It was an incredible place. I’d be interested to see if they are horse meat. Because I saw them cutting up a dead horse for food.

I only just found out this is Blackbeard Territory as well. So I’ll definitely explore this area again.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to hit record. Lol

Next time……and there will be a next time. But I’ll come back with camera’s.

American Civil War history,….I just can’t get enough of it.

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