The Black Magic Egg Trick. It’s just Science.

I’m working with a family who are torn up right now over the death of their beautiful boy who in their understandable grief during their sons illness reached out to anyone and everyone they could to find answers for their sons condition.

From medical professionals to sharman and frauds.

This practice I speak if is common in the Hispanic and Indoasian cultures and I had to say something because this sort of stuff pains me so deeply.

Another reason why I need to get my show. I have to right these wrongs for people like Mosea.

People, the egg is a trick.

They remove the air from the eggs and place tiny surgical needles inside them.

Or they bring rotten eggs with them. You can pass needles through eggs as safely as you can through a balloon.

Try it. Place tape over a piece of inflated balloon and pass a needle through it. It will go through easily without popping the balloon.

An egg is the same. You just remove the air from it. It’s usually 18 gauge needles.

Look. Eggs aren’t as delicate as you think.

Here are the rules. Unless you provide the eggs, are never asked to look away or leave the room for ANY reason once the egg is provided, your not told where to buy the egg and never allowed to inspect the egg what your dealing with is fraudulent and your being taken for your money.

Eggs will NOT remove illness or negative energy under ANY circumstances.

The eggs are provided rotten, even produced in a way that the chicken lays deformed embryos. They come with tiny holes where notes and needles can be passed through them where you’d never even notice them.

Please don’t fall for this trick.

If your unsure, before you hand over your money, come to me.

This is why I need to get out there. Please help me get out there. It hurts me to see this happening to so many people.

This has to stop.

I love you all too much to see these lies continue in the name of the paranormal.

It’s not black magic people. It’s science.

Using your lack of knowledge, faith, fear and desperation to make money from you.

Your letting these people intimidate you.

It has to stop.

Come to me next time. I’ll explain what’s going on and help you for free if you think your illness or whatever needs this kind stuff.

It’s what I’m here for. I’ll find the right answer for you but it will be the truth.

Love and Light

Mama Bear