Question. Note to Self

Line of thought. Work on the theory that the human brain is its own Universe.

Go on what they showed you when you asked if God existed.

The cross hairs, the tubes in everything that creates and expands, and destroys.

Pinched blood vessels, remember what they showed you.

Look into doing a study. How can I do clinical trials on mentally ill sufferers and Parkinson’s sufferers under clinically controlled observations using my theories.

I know I’m on to something.

Figure this out and you’ve proven the “Is there a God question” but  could controlled thought, like religion, damage the brain and when you live outside the brain your conscience self lives forever.

Based on the fact the more I live outside of my physical brain I’m getting healthier and rarely live in a physical world now. I’m going extensive periods without the need for food 27-28hrs without food or liquids. My body functions are controlled and functioning perfectly.
My body suddenly became allergic to gluten and processed foods at the age of 45 yet I’m getting stronger and faster. I’m also developing aversions to anything processed or chemical. Like still water, medications and anything not natural. It’s like the more I fine tune my body the stronger my gift becomes the more in can exist outside of the Physical.

I’ve been testing this theory for three months with controlled diet and exercise. Trusting the voices in my head. I have witnesses to this study using myself as a guinea pig. I’m on to something. Youth is the reward, perfected gift is my reward. Mastering time.

Just can’t control pain yet. But that will come. 

My body can sustain long periods without food and water.
I have had 800 calories in 3 days and feel fantastic. I can only eat natural foods I make myself. I can no longer eat out as my body instantly reacts to anything processed.

My thought patterns are more controlled. I need to smoke to delve deeper. The DMT release will help me. I’m on to something now. I know it. I KNOW IT. Im obsessed with the now. The conscious, time, I can master both and it’s gonna find my answers to my question. In turn helps life and death be one. Never to be parted.

The consciousness controls the Physical. I’m sure if it. The conscious self is the creator.

The Universe is conscious. Follow those tubes. You’ll have your answer.

I broke my entire flights to NC. I’m definitely showing signs of being more magnetic now.

My phone is bearing the brunt of most of it and any airport I go near lol

5 thoughts on “Question. Note to Self

  1. The concerning point is people should realize their unconscious thoughts create as powerfully as the conscious thoughts. Every thought is energy, conscious or unconscious; let us live in a world where we make each other better versions of ourselves so that each thought we have is positive and uplifting. Good luck on your journey to America.

    • See u don’t believe we have an unconscious anything. From what I’m working in it is all controlled. Our physical self controls the parts of our brain that seem sub but actually it’s as controlled as the conscious is. And it’s not ever going to be possible to live in a positive uplifting world because everything needs a balance in order to create and expand. And thank you so much. Xox

  2. I have been following your posts for over a year. During a dream you were spiritually with me on Christmas eve as a “spirit child” pushing a wooden two-wheeled cart. The cart had a pottery reservoir with spring water flowing. You were washing the boxes in the flowing water. I became lucid during the dream when I noticed the child. At that moment a spirit named Michael came from across the street and he said, “Hey I’ve been looking for you!” Because of your help I was able to confront the spirit of Michael in a very aggressive manner. It was as if he was shocked I was “on to him”. He was afraid and confused slinking away from me and the spirit child. My soul was guarding my body that night rather than astral traveling. Thank you for your help last Christmas. Spirit is the most important part of my life since my NDE or STE if you prefer. I appreciate the work you do in honor of Spirit. What exactly were you washing away from those beautifully handcrafted wooden boxes. They were glistening clean and I believe made from cedar wood while you were very gentle and held each in the water with intent.

    • Oh my blob, Jaxon, you used the word Spirit Child. I haven’t used that name in years. My teacher gave me that name. You’ve just confirmed to me she’s here with me telling me I’m on the right path. She came to me before I came to the US and told me off for being too lenient on my students. She then turned up at one of my seniors houses and now this. You’ve made me emotional. I don’t know what to say. Thank you Jaxon. Seriously. You have no idea the impact of this message you just sent me. Please, email me if you ever want to talk. About anything. Any questions you have about your journey etc…clearly your on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. Not many people get my Science. It’s hard when your the first. But I think my teacher came to you for a reason.

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