Parkinson’s Theory. Note to self

You recently found out about Parkinson’s Ghost Memories, hallucinations and delusions. When your home investigate this please.


Is their pineal gland compensating for the part of the brain that is damaged by the disease. Could it be controlled by my suggested means?

There is a definite connection. You are definitely on the right track. The conscious self theory is spot on. No-one knows this better than you. You can step outside it all. See what they feel, see what is going on.

You understand it. This could lead to laboratory conditioned studies.

Get the study ready and work on the means of testing you suggested in Buffalo and North Carolina, find sufferers and the families and ask those questions you asked Cill.

I think your onto something.

Note: Talk to Sunshine about cause and effect from a biological and chemical point of view.

Note: talk to people who have lived it.

Note: Look at the possibility of using this as part of your non profit study along side Mental illness.

Spirit are showing me pinching off blood vessels. Why? And why blue.

Please investigate this and ask for people who have lived it for their experiences of their loved ones Ghost memories. Ask the exact same questions you asked Cill.

Take notes before you leave.

DIET…. WRITE DOWN WHAT WE TOLD YOU.  Now get some sleep.

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