2018. A New Year’s Message to you all.

As we begin to see in a new year I’d like you all to think about what you want to come out of 2018.

I have a busy year ahead. Exams to sit, contracts to sign, charities to start, visas to get, homes to find, moves to make…. I look back on my 2017 with bittersweet joy.

I got to see the kindest of strangers in a foreign land I long to call home.

My compass was set North and it took me east. My north is East. I was taken in by the kindest people, I had generosity like I’ve never known. Selfless acts of the financial and residential kind. Self sacrificing beauty in people I didn’t know.

I have held and helped wipe many years, put smiles on many faces and made a lot of people rethink their lives and their situations and I’ve seen loyalty beyond description of the word.

This year I learned who loved me for me, bare bones, warts and all, and those who loved the idea of me but the reality not being what they expected when I had choices to make.

I’ve had people bend over backwards and sacrifice many hours of their time to look after me and help me achieve my goals and dreams.

I have said goodbye to family and friends, students and clients who will now only see me as Spirits. I have said goodbye to friends and family, students and clients who I will never see in life again.

I have said hello to people who will be in my life until the day I die.

I have held the dying, the broken, the lost and confused. I have calmed the anger and confusion, sadness and fear of too many to count. 

And I have put minds and hearts at ease.

I have seen the love of my children and support of my men in a humbling way that pushes me forward every day. 

I have lost my mind to find my senses. I have lost a fat person, small child and medium sized dog in weight, gained confidence in myself and lost trust in those around me.

I fought for freedom, I fought for my life, I fought for my name and I fought for honesty and integrity.

I had to make the worst decisions this year, and hurt many people. I let a lot of people down because in the end I chose the mission to heal others over friendship.

I was recently reminded by my teacher, what these last 4yrs have been about. I have been reminded by her and The Council what was important.

I am making a huge connection between mental and physical illness and evolutionary well being and I need time to focus on my work. Because what I’m doing will help so much more people than those I’ve had to leave behind.

I know it sounds cruel, but I can only carry those who are willing to walk with me. I can’t carry those who need to be carried because I need to be strong for those who can’t carry themselves any further. Living or dead. This is why this year has been hard on me mentally, emotionally and physically. Because I’m being trained, brained and drained, in order to be the strongest light for those who only see darkness.

Of the emotional, mental and paranormal kind.

This year has been the biggest eye opener of my life. I never thought in a million years I’d be up against some of the anguish I’ve had presented to me this year. But I’m grateful for every second of it because out of darkness came the light.

I always say ‘Out of Shit Grows Roses’ and now my bulbs are starting to bud I’m excited to see what 2018 and I want to say this to you.

Please….when life gets hard in your 2018, think carefully about the choices you made that led to you being in the situation your in. Be honest with yourself and take full responsibility for the role you played in it. Be honest with your self. Your Higher self I mean. Your here for a reason only YOU know the purpose of.

Figure out what it is. If you want to build yourself up into something strong and full of purpose and direction, give yourself and your ancestors journey the respect it deserves by giving you the life your Spirit deserves.

If your life is miserable it’s because your allowing it to be. 

Don’t stay doing anything with or for anyone if it makes YOU miserable. That is the wrong kind of self sacrifice that will only ensure you come back again once this job as you is over.

It’s ok to leave…….it doesn’t have to be hard. You can always choose to be amicable. If situations lead it not to be just remember, you can always choose to be the better person.

If your miserable, your Spirit is screaming at you to head north. As in trust your instincts and do what’s right by YOU. Your not here for anyone else in this life but you.

Take care of your responsibilities. Your children didn’t ask for your path, but they chose to be a part of your journey, so respect them and always do what’s right by them. Your children and pets should always be the only thing that comes first IF they are young.

Let your adult children forge their own paths. Let go of the fear you have for them. If you trust yourself as a parent you know deep down you raised them well. 

Now is your time to celebrate the job you did well. Live for you and your kids will follow wherever you are, whatever you do if you raised them well.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Music, flavours, textures, hobbies etc….do what makes you happy. If that hobby or activity makes you feel good, do it. That hobby or thing you do that gives you calm, or balance or peace is there for a reason…..do it.

Answer to no-one. Stop being honest to spare feelings, just don’t be cruel. We can be honest and diplomatic when disagreeing.

STOP JUDGING OTHERS. If no-one has harmed you personally don’t judge them for their skin colour, sexual orientation, religion or background. Not one of us is perfect and until you know someone’s story don’t judge them for anything that has no direct impact on your life.

The person to give your loved one a life saving kidney, retina, give you CPR, rescue you in the snow or saved your loved one from danger, or who nurses your loved one to health, could very well be the person your judging today because they are different to you when we all know your not perfect either.

Stop making excuses for being a bit ordinary and uninteresting. You don’t need to scream sexism, fascism, racism or any other ism if your interesting. No-one with a job that is actually useful feels the need to hate those who refuse to notice them. 

Stop feeling entitled to things that aren’t your fight, stop taking things don’t belong to you, stop expecting to be admired for being average. Stop playing victim when your privileged, stop acting privileged when you’ve done nothing to deserve it.

And know how fuckin lucky you are every day you aren’t hungry, cold, homeless or alone.

Get a job with a title that makes sense, that actually does a thing. Contribute to the society your lucky to be a part of.

Stop trying to make yourself more important than you actually are. If people don’t like you, it’s not because your a feminist or has an opinion, it’s because your a dick. If you have a cause that matters people will listen.

But know the cause. Don’t jump in bandwagons you don’t know the suffering or sacrifice of. 

It turns my stomach to see rich privileged black people screaming oppression for the black people when they are surrounded by wealth, power and influence.

Stay Calm. Violence breeds violence, ignorance breeds ignorance, hate breeds hate. Nothing good comes from being any of these things.

Brain over brawn. The pen is mightier than the sword so choose your ammunition wisely.

Just stop being dicks to people. You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar. 

Be logical. Use common sense, and stop believing everything you hear.

Find your own truth. Be brave enough to find a drum, find your beat, and march to it.

Don’t be afraid to shine. You are a light contained inside of you. Let your light shine. Not everyone will see your light but not everyone is meant to or deserve to.

You’ll be seen by those who deserve to see your light. Let people earn the right to know how special you are.

Also…..don’t be afraid to talk to someone. Even if it’s a cloud, friend, pet, or tree. Talk to someone. Someone is ALWAYS listening. Don’t see getting pissed off with someone who loves you as a bad thing.

If the love and respect is real it doesn’t matter if you fight. Fighting is communicating. It extracts poison from ones Soul.

BUT respect each other enough to come back and clear the air once your over your tanty.

Respect each others point of view. It’s ok to say “I need space to think this stuff over”.

But resolve it. This is someone you love. Don’t drag stuff out. Deal with it, move on and leave the past behind you.

Remember this too. You can never go back, only forwards.

Going back pulls you backwards, you stagnate, devolve. Moving forward progresses you, advances you. Evolves you.

Choose what is best for you not what is easiest.

Stop doing what needs to be done in order to get by.

Don’t do what has to be done in order for you to survive. Do what needs to be done in order for you to live.

Choose Life. Choose You. Not the you you see when you look in the mirror, I mean the you you see when you look in your eyes.

Love what you do, do what you love and always do you.

Take time for YOU. Turn it off, close the door, get in your car, switch it on, hook it up, plug it in, pick it up, put it down, take a deep breathe and JUST DO YOU.

It brings you joy for a reason. It uplifts you for a reason. You need no-one to uplift you when you already hold yourself up there so don’t ever be afraid to JUST BE YOU.

But be the best you YOU deserve to be.

Your ancestors since the dawn of time forged this path your on right now so honour them every day in every way in every thing you do.

Remember your dead, the ones you know and the ones you don’t.

Respect the Balance. Life and Death, Good and Bad, Positive and Negative, Love and Hate, etc….just respect it.

And lastly this.

Love like someone is working hard to take it all away from you.

Live like you hear the clock ticking.

And give zero fucks what people think. If they know the essence of you, they won’t care. If they don’t understand, they’ll ask but never will they question why.

Loyalty is magnetic. It’s okay to let go. Anything someone puts you through that brings you down isn’t for you to be taking on-board. Friends and lovers are supposed share their lives and trials, your supposed to go through shit together, not lay the relationship out by a set of rules. They don’t criticize you, they offer feedback and support.

They don’t lay out rules and stipulations to friendship. No-one should ever have to sit and think about whether they want you in their life. 

Help those who don’t ask for it over those who do. Sometimes people have to learn on their own. That’s something my husband taught me.  

Just because you see someone making what you THINK is a mistake doesn’t mean it’s a mistake for them. No-one is obligated to take your advice. But don’t assume if someone isn’t coming to you with a problem you know they’re having that they are waiting for you to interfere.

You must trust your instincts. Not everyone wants your help or opinion.

There’s a way to approach these situations. So observe your surroundings and remember, at the end of the day, it’s only your business if your asked to make it your business. Don’t take other people’s issues on-board if it doesn’t directly affect your life unless they matter to you and would do the same.

You give respect where you get it. 

And lastly, be kind to your body.

Your not beautiful fat, your broken and need healing. Be good to your body, then your body is good to you. Your conscious self is connected to the physical but if you heal your mind, your Spirit heals too. 

Heal by doing what you love. It’s ok to step away and be with yourself.

It’s ok to cry, get mad or be sad. Give your self time to get over what your Soul is making you feel. Release the valve.

But also have the presence of mind and Spirit to get over it.

Don’t drag it out. It’s not progressive and does no one least yourself any good.

Take care of YOU. The you you see when you look in your eyes.

No-one knows you better. No-one trusts you more to do you both right than YOU.

So in 2018 Celebrate you. Choose YOU. All Three of YOU.

And I wish for 2018 you learn how to choose you…….

And that you always have enough. Enough love, enough food, enough money, enough of whatever you need to be the best you you deserve to be.




Saddle up my Paranormal Renegades. It’s about to kick off and I need my Deputies at the ready.


I’ve Cracked The Empath Code using Science and Astrology

You know how I talk about my thought process being like files in my head and I contemplate those files once in a while and follow a train of thought for a bit then either bring the file to a conclusion and that’s how I learn a fact or progress in my knowledge of Spirit and the Paranormal etc….
Then I teach it to you?
Being Empathic and my need to understand what I was has made me finally figure it out. What one is and how you deal with being one.
I will know INSTANTLY if someone says they are empathic because of this synopsis.
I finally understand what the Spirits who killed themselves have been teaching me.
So here it goes.
If your an artist, musician, writer, scientist, creator, inventor, mathematician, (and all the categories that fall under these skills, if you weren’t a happy child, if you don’t like being around people, if you find being around people painful, if you were picked on, bullied, talked about, hated, misunderstood by those who claim to know you, if you never fit in, felt like a round peg in a square hole, if you felt like you never belonged in your own family, if you work in a field of the above mentioned, medical field, psychic sciences, etc…because you genuinely love to help people, if your constantly trying to understand yourself, but never find the right help to give you the answers you need, if your constantly working on your image, have a sport or exercise you love to indulge in because it helps you think and makes you feel good, if organic drugs bring you clarity, if people hurt you beyond repair, if your suffering has been since childhood and your gift is the only thing that brings you balance, if you have spent your entire life pleasing other people, if the love and protection of the animals and planets under our feet and around us is paramount, if you have an above average IQ and your gift completes you, if you feel the need to hibernate from the world when your hurting, or don’t socialize unless unavoidable, work from home and shop mostly on online unless unavoidable, if you have a love of art, music, cooking, science, maths, style, good food (as in organic and better quality as opposed to expensive or cheap, if money has been an issue for you at some point, or you have no trouble making it but don’t always get to keep it for long, if when your down to your last dollar something comes along to see you right, you’ve gotten through another day, if you know loss, and feel it more, if your children are the air you breath (if you have them) or your pets, if you do your gift for money in a way that makes you miserable ie prostituting yourself out to pay bills and not following your passion using your gift doing what you love and loving what you do, then your an Empath.

An Emapth is a Pathwalker and if they follow their compass like I did, they will find peace. If they don’t they kill themselves or struggle with life long depression.
We are Spirits under these skins of ours and an Empath chooses a skin that see’s only darkness and absorbs it into the core of their being because it’s a much purer Spirit than most.
AN Empath is essentially a Spirit in a skin.
And if your gift is of the Psychic Sciences instead of the Medical Science or Mathematical Science or Artistic Sciences etc….it will be what your better at than anyone else.
Your born trying to figure stuff out. Some of us like myself have a stronger compass because of when I chose to be born.
The Scorpio month. When the stars aligned just right, and the balance of the universe was perfect I was born on the 9th of November 1972.
Being a Scorpio I am driven at seeking the truth. I need to get to the bottom of things.
I think constantly about my gift, people and life because all of my experiences have led me to figure this Psychic Science stuff out.
But see my ex husband is a Libra, he is the ruler of balance but his compass was set wrong.
So he’s trying to be a balanced soul with a broken magnet.
He fights depression and suicidal thoughts every single day he’s alive.
But he trusts me to help him figure this out and I think I just have.
His ability to do art in such a phenomenal way is his gift.
Being Empathic his gift is art, mine just happens to be psychic.
BUT we both have identical lives, life journeys and interests of varying degrees and I want you to think of a Pie Chart now when I explain it to you.

My pie has a large chunk of Psychic Science, and you must look at everything as a Science.
Sex is biology, genetics, microbiology etc….ie Science. Cooking is chemistry, nutritional science, horticultural science, agricultural science for example.

But while I can’t draw or paint like my ex I can write not shit stuff and I’m just as good as him in expressing myself through my gift of writing, he just does it through the medium of art.
I do readings to teach and guide, and heal and he does it through his art, be it traditional or in his games and apps.
He makes games people care about. They give people an incredible experience.
He can also write, both appreciate poetry, both like to red, both need music in our lives, both appreciate nature, love our children beyond all reason, both like to cook, both appreciate good food for the flavours and tastes, both want to protect the earth, honesty the list above of boxes to tick we have in common.
But our experiences and appreciation of which are on varying levels.

So he is REALLY good at maths and science. He just knows so much and he helps me understand it because I’m shit at maths and have a basic understanding of science at best.
Yet my gift has given me the life and career where I do theoretical physics on a level that he doesn’t understand but I understand perfectly because Spirit taught me through my life with my gifts.
I in turn teach it back to him……see how it works?

He and I might not have worked as husband and wife but no one gets the other and no one ever will if they aren’t like us.
Living Spirits.
So I have a small chunk of pie on my chart for art and maths and science as he has but I can play musical instruments and hold a tune, he can’t but his appreciation of music has taught me a thing or two and he has introduced me to SO much I never liked before or appreciated.
We both have varying abilities and appreciations and experiences that add a different sized piece of pie to our chart but it’s all the same.

He was bullied as a kid at school, I defended those picked on by bullies, but I was picked on by members of my family where as his family while never understood him, tried. His Dad who is a Libra Tiger like my ex, is the one who understands him most. He is the one still in his life.

I don’t have anyone but I’m at a different level to him. My journey is different.

We don’t have any interest in breaking any laws that hurt anyone or anything, we are rebellious and anarchistic, and don’t like being told what to do but we have no interesting in causing bother for anyone.

The difference is, I was born Scorpio. was born to figure it out. It was gonna happen whether people liked it or not with me.
I am hurt constantly, people constantly read me wrong and get me wrong, and assume the wrong thing and hurt me but being Scorpio means loyalty is my everything and if you aren’t loyal to me, I have no trouble walking away.
It might hurt like fuck but I will walk.
Where as a Libra will stick it out and knock themselves in trying to find balance in the situation or relationship until they figure out that loyalty is also key.
The best way I describe loyalty is it’s a form of magnetic energy.
And the second someone isn’t loyal to me, the minute I realize they broke one or many of the codes that fall under loyalty, you become demagnetized from me and I can then walk away.
Loyalty is like love and attraction, it’s a form of magnetism. It’s physics.
The law of attraction.
It’s why I call it Quantum Magnetics, Paranormal Science, and Psychic Sciences and it covers all forms of science.
So my pie might not be big in knowledge but the knowledge I have will be larger than my exes.

Now…..the trouble is, my ex holds on to the pain longer than I do. He still holds it in, I let it out. I cry, scream, rant, write, work out, I shut down for a few days and disassociate myself from the planet until I heal my Soul from that particular human experience and then I emerge having learned from the experience and become grateful for the experience.
Where as my ex doesn’t let it out. He bottles it up until some small thing will trigger either a shut down or melt down and he gets violent and aggressive for a little bit then he is calm again.
This goes back to what I said in one of my many articles before, our emotions are a release valve.
Ya’ll need to watch Inside Out. It’ true. If you don’t release your emotions when you have them it leads to emotional, mental and physical shut down. We become unbalanced and ill of all three states of being.
The Higher self is emotional, the Conscious Self is the mental and the Physical self is the body if you want to look at it this way.
And we are Spirits under these suits. We are Spirit when we sleep, die and connect to Spirit, that’s it.
But an Empath is the highest tuned in Spirit in physical form.
And living the human experience for an Empathic sponge is hardest of all.
Unlike my ex my compass was set always striving to find North so I find it quicker because I’m tuned in more to my Spirit and Spirit.
His art helps him face North, his gift is his magnet. Mine is my gift.
But it’s all set of varying strengths based on when we were born.
Because that decides who likely and quick you are to find it.

An Empath will hold their hands up to a wrong doing and if they are right they will not budge.
They can support other Empaths in a way that others can’t handle because they don’t understand them like another empathy.
They seek to self improve. To hurt anyone they love kills them, but WILL fix it eventually because they can’t let it go.
They trust very few people. They can take feedback from the empathy but it’s criticism from anyone else and that hurts.
Because it’s all about the approach. An Empath understands that.
They never ask anyone to change but will strive to help someone improve because they care enough to want to help.
Even suicidal souls help those they love and will have touched the lives of people, having left a legacy of some sort in the eyes of the ones they loved.
It’s just in us to be selfless.
My ex will never be the gifted I am but ‘ll never be the gift he is.
But we balance each other. We get each other, we help each other evolve.
It’s why I want to do well in my career and become White Oprah to the Paranormal World.
Then I can retire him so he can paint. I need to help him the way he has helped me.
He struggles with mental illness, for me it was a physical illness. But we have the same journey of the soul. I’m lucky that I healed faster than he did, but now he works on his body while I work on my mind.
He’s helping me work on my body by taking me hiking, buying the foods I need to eat, buying me rowing machines and I’m helping him understand why he is the ay he is, because then when he realizes what he is, he can embrace it and let go of the fear, where as I fear nothing.
I’m not afraid of outcomes in my life. Good or bad it’s the journey and what I learn form it that matters.
But I have learned to control the experiences because I don’t head into anything with blindfolds on. I prepare for all eventualities in my head, trust me lol and anything else I have the dead to tell me.
There is always some heads up now or I ask for it to happen.
I will say to Spirit ‘Okay……show me who needs to go’ and BOOM!!! they’re gone.
I can demagnetise from people who bring my compass needle down. It might not happen right away but if it’s bad it can be as little as 2 hours to work.
It seems harsh but I’m heading North fast and I can’t carry dead weight anymore. I’m trying to evolve and my evolving helps people.
People want to understand and then change me.
I reject anyone who doesn’t embrace me and my emotional self, my physical self, or my mental self.
There are people in my life who don’t care what I look like, how I conduct myself or what I say because they know it comes from a good place.
I might be crazy but I’m not insane. Those who now me know my heart and know I’m on to something that helps others and them evolve in a good way.
When my ex gets to this point, when Empaths get to this level, everything changes.
They embrace life and death in equal measure and it all just becomes a journey of discovery they’re happy to take.
Because they embrace their Spirit and become the Spirit they set the clock to be on the day and second they chose to be born.

This is why I get so angry at people who use the word Empath without knowing what it means.
It is as offensive to me as the N word. Many people have died because of being born to both types of lives and people use those words like it’s jewellery, a piece around their neck.
They aren’t badges of honour, they are words that have suffering and death behind them.

So there you have it. An Empath is a pie chart and the size of the gift determines the strength of the pull north.

They rely on symbiosis just like everything else organic. Symbiosis is also a form of magnetism.
It’s about need over want without knowing why, just trusting that it is and no matter what, your there together doing what needs to be done because your both smart enough to realize you can both learn something from each other in order to grow and evolve.
Be is bird and tree, soil and clouds, bugs and spiders, cows and humans, etc…symbiosis is key to evolving and an Empath is the most evolved of them all.
They just need to find North then everything else gets draw into them like it’s own little milky way and black hole.
Drawing in the good and getting rid of the bad, recycling, evolving, growing, expanding, learning, existing, dying, starting all over again until it’s the right amount of light. Getting the balance just right.

In conclusion artists, musicians, writers, etc….is just another form of psychic ability for lack of a better word, just of varying ability but all having the exact same pie, with the exact same experiences and gifts all just with differing sizes in various slices of pie, each piece being a different flavour.
Think of Trivial Pursuit an the pie pieces being a different subject. Each piece of pie has subcategories all of varying sizes also, depending on the experience and where the compass was lead on that Spirits (Empaths) journey.

When an empathy makes a mistake against another empathy it’s brutal. Because it puts everything off balance.
Nothing will get fixed until they put the wrong right.
It took me years to wrong my rights. I might not of gotten the relationship back in all cases but was forgiven every time and it brought me peace of mind and balanced my psyche out.
I then learned from the experience and found happiness because of it.

When an empathy is born with the compass set wrong and they don’t know how to follow their compass north because they aren’t around the right people, who can help them figure this out, they kill themselves, to try and reset their clock.

I just recently let go of a TON of people in my life. I reset my clock. In a different way.
The wrong people and situations and choices weigh your chart down, it pulls everything down like a magnetic.
Every thing has a balance, so you have a good magnetism and a negative one. Good magnets attract the right people and choices, and situations and the wrong ones pull down. If someone in your life is starting to pull on you and wear you down it’s because the pendulum of life has finally calibrated and said NO to ‘Is this person positive or negative for me’.
You can pull away from someone for the right reasons but still have made a bad choice in letting the go.
You could dislike someone immensely but be drawn to them for the right reasons.
You could suddenly see someone in a whole me light. Whatever it is, if your meant to be your magnets will always pull you together, otherwise you can cut it off and walk away never to look back.
Either way it’s helping you evolve.
I have VERY few people left in my life now and I’m going to keep it that way.
But these people have proven loyalty to me in the highest order even at loss to them.
Because for some reason, their compass faces the same way as mine.
We’re like sperm all chasing the light to the golden egg knowing something huge is being conceived by us just being together.
I love how the dead explain this stuff to me.
It’s perfect.
So…….if you can’t identify with every thing I said your not Empathic and you will never be one.
Your not made an Empath, your created an Empath. We are nuts to everyone else but magnetic to others.
And thy can never walk away from each other. All roads lead them back to each other once they have one in their life. In some form or another.

Because light attracts light.
Light is magnetic and it’s the law of attraction.

Why I want to redefine the word “Ghost” to Ghosting in the language of the Paranormal.

As you know over the course of the last 5years of me having this blog I’ve changed so much not just in looks and size but in my understanding of Spirits and the Paranormal.

I accidentally discovered two new sciences I’m so excited to bring to the mainstream and I’ve learned so much about my gift and death, this blog if your a long time reader and follower has been an evolutionary learning process for me to say the least.

When I first started I believed in Blob. When I first started I believed in Heaven.

Now…..I believe in Science.

And as one who now can step outside of the constraints of time and understands perfectly the balance of life and death of all living organisms from a evolutionary stand point I would like to redefine what the word Ghost means.

From now on I will not acknowledge the use the word Ghost to describe a dead person or Spirit. Because now I understand that 99.9% of “Ghost” hauntings or activities are actually Ghosting.

The dictionary describes the term Ghosting as.

Ghosting: noun

The appearance of a ghost or secondary image on a television or other display screen.

However I’d like to add that it’s also a secondary image of an overlap in time giving the perception of an image of the dead when it is in fact an image of a moment in time secondary to your own time.

If you imagine all time exists simultaneously like an infinite roll of film. Each imagine on the roll of film lay side by side in perfect order, is a different snapshot in time since time immemorial for everything and every one. As one….long roll of film. 

People like me, (there are less than a couple of us that can do this) and the dead can manipulate time and jump in and out of it at will.

Well Ghosting is when the moments captured on film are laid one behind the other or where the roll of film is bent so December 26th 2017 aligns perfectly with June 4th 1957 for example and both times existed together.
Your not seeing or hearing a dead person, your seeing a living person doing what their doing in their time while you do it in yours.

Ghosting is when a secondary imagine of a moment in time overlaps the current time space existing simultaneously at the same time as yours. 

Giving the appearance of a dead person but is in actual fact a living person, living at that moment, at that time.

To say Ghost is an ignorance for lack of knowledge of death and is archaic in use of Language.

So when I end up ruling the paranormal world it’s one of the first things I’ll change. The words empath, pathwalker, whitelighter, orb and karma will change too.

So from now on I will say Ghosting. You’ll know what it means.

Education education education.

Merry Everybody


Mrs Mama Bear Arce


Interesting new readings

It seems when I read now in certain states of mind I can get in and around a person’s life and future not just as though I’m them but in the third person individually.

I’ve also noticed my body healing itself quicker.

Things that plagued me for years that would require me on medication I can fix simply through changing what I eat or by taking something natural. Including infections and pain. Food has been the biggest change for me. I can’t eat anything processed now. But it’s has the biggest impact on my body health wise.

My memory has improved exponentially. My eyesight, my fertility also.

But these readings, I can taste, smell, see, feel as though I am them, and myself.

I’m seeing things it’s just not possible for me to know and I mean not even just like the usual stuff, I mean…..things that occurred so random in nature and I see it like in there. It really is so cool.

I feel it, I become it. It’s so cool. I’m really enjoying doing them now.

To see is to know, to know is to explain, to explain paints a better picture for the client getting read. I’m loving it. I really am.

How DARE you condemn a baby. WARNING: Content upsetting.

I just had a rant about this on Facebook. I was so angry over this case when my husband called I burst into tears.
You know the kind of angry you get where you cry with rage?
I’m going to tell you this story but I warn you….it’s very upsetting so don’t read any further if your easily upset. But THIS right here is why I need to get publicity and exposure. So I can go to these countries and smack some people about with my knowledge.
Turn away now if your not sure you want to hear this.

I was contacted this morning by a couple from one east Asia.
This couple have a 3 month old daughter. They came to be through recommendation of a follower of mine because they had gone to a Shaman/Witch Doctor whatever you want to call these apparent Seers or Soothsayers.

The problem was their child was draining the Mother of energy because this child was draining her Mother of milk. The Mother has become hysterical from exhaustion and is threatening suicide because the child is awake night and day screaming a horrendous cry that sounds ‘haunting’.
They took the baby to a doctor who said the child needed to see someone who could read this child’s soul. A DOCTOR OF MEDICINE!!! sent this couple to a Witch Doctor or whatever they are called there and this person told the couple this child was screaming bloody murder because they were a serial killer or killed multiple people in it’s past life and was draining the Mother because she was draining this Mothers life force because she probably male who hated and killed women in her past life.

This couple want to know if they should give the child up, abandon the child or bring about a death of this beautiful little girl to save the family and if so how could they ensure the babies soul was crossed over in a way that absolved this child of it’s former sins.
My blood runs cold just repeating this story.

The first thing I asked was how heavy was the baby at birth.
The answer was “She was 9lb 2 at birth”.
So basically this man told them to kill the child because she was hungry.
I explained to this couple that she was draining the breast milk because she was hungry. Mums milk wasn’t enough.

“Was Mum eating enough fat and protein?”

“No she has been very careful not to over eat during pregnancy because she was modelling and wanted to return after the birth but is now too emotionally exhausted to do anything but cry”

I then had to explain that I worked and trained for Plunket in New Zealand which is the organization that deals with ALL pregnancies and births and anything pregnancy and birth related including delivery and after care up to schooling age of all babies born in NZ and that the baby was hungry and needed more food.
That a big baby wont get enough nourishment from breast milk and she is trying to tell you she is starving and her screaming will be because she is starving and can’t rest or relax and Mum could have Post Natal Depression.

I explained that my boys were 10lb 1oz (premature) and 10lb 6oz and both were on formula for hungry babies from birth and baby rice and porridge from 2 weeks old, by 2 months they ate what we ate with bottles and baby porridge minus sugar, salt and sweeteners etc….and they slept through the night and never cried for food because they were demand fed.

I told them to please PLEASE feed this baby more than breast milk. Try some cooked rice and milk without sugar or salt and mash it to a paste.

Now comes the worst part.

He said to me ‘Oh……well my wife’s grandmother had said this, and had tried to feed the baby some a few weeks ago and the wife had the grandmother removed from her house for trying to make the baby fat. The grandmother was accused of being an accomplice to the demon inside this baby.

In Celtic cultures hungry babies were said to be Imps or Trolls basically. They would throw them on the fire.
Apparently people still believe this.
I just got feedback to say they fed the baby and she is asleep.
I’m TERRIFIED for this baby. What kind of lunatic tells a brand new parent that their hungry, healthy baby is evil for crying from hunger?

What kind of Mother chooses being thin over feeding their baby?
I’m so afraid for this child. I have demanded this couple keep in touch with me and between myself and my friends in the medical industry we will help them with this child.
I haven’t worked all day because I’ve been TOO angry and upset to do readings for people because I didn’t want to transfer my angry into the readings.
I’m SO angry. I want to hunt these people down and fuck their shit up.
I’m SO done being nice about this stuff.

I’m going to go to these countries and open my trap and spew some truths at these people that burns them like acid and I hope they feel the wrath of those they condemn.
ALL children are innocent. Regardless of what family they are born, healthy or afflicted. No child is a sin, or evil. They are a GIFT!!! a PRIVLEDGE!!! NOT a Right and NOT a fashion accessory. They are innocence and purity personified.
If you sin against an innocent nothing ensures you devolve upon your death faster.
I will repeat what I said on Facebook for your easy reading.

To all those who claim to speak with or know the dead, who take money or gifts from those seeking your guidance and protection that you then tell them they are evil, have evil attached to them, loved ones or loved ones who have crossed over, if you tell people their loved ones souls alive or dead are possessed and need freeing, if you use eggs, or anything else to gauge the evil, put spells on, curse or condemn the living or MY DEAD!!! I just want to say this….you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why Debbie Black is coming for you and I am from a LOOOOONG line of Ancient gifted people who will fight to bring the darkness you spread down.
I’m done being nice. When you go after the scared, ignorant or grieving is one thing but when you go after children you make me fuckin angry. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to clear the name of the dead on ANY level of vibration because truth is light and I am light like my ancestors before me. And I’ll be sure to come to a town or village or city near you and tear your shit down. You do NOT!!! Fuck with an innocent. ALL children are innocent, those in a life of suffering are innocent. They are more light than you will ever know and now more than ever am I determined to start educating the masses about the truth regarding death and the evolutionary balance that must come after death. I’m done being nice. You better run and find a good hiding spot because light penetrates dark and the dead are light so you can run but you can’t hide because my dead will find you.
Black magic and curses only work if you believe it does. Negative energy or darkness only comes when invited or is the creation of a negative mind.
They work because you believe it works. I’m so done with people bring victimised in the name of death.
I am the Queen of Death. NO ONE!!! Knows it better than me that is why I am the world’s first Paranormal Scientist and I’m so fuckin angry at these people who claim to want to help the masses but create fear and confusion. All Spirits no matter the vibration are on an evolutionary path to evolve. There is no form of after life I can’t control or not understand. Centuries of learning and I’m going to school you all.
I’m gonna work till I die putting you all out of business and hopefully some of you in jail. Your frauds and liars and I’ll put my knowledge and ability to communicate with the dead up against yours any day.
Today’s reading was the last straw.

I gotta get my name out there so I can stop this shit from happening again.
My only question is this.
‘How many parents DIDN’T go to someone like me and gave up, abandoned or killed a hungry or ill child before now?’

I’m too scared to want to know the answer. When I get my show up and running I’m gonna go to these countries and kick some ass.

Ima hunt you down. Ima hunt you ALL down.
Me and my Army of the Dead….this is war.

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