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Got woken up hearing a sound. I woke up to the sound of a deep droning noise that had a wind tunnel sound over it. Before it gave me a headache I recorded some of it but when playing it back I couldn’t hear anything. But can any of you play it through your PC or Laptop and tell me if you hear it. I don’t have any equipment to do it only my phone. It’s why I need Patreon help. This stuff happens to me all the time. I need a Gopro on my head to record my life.

I don’t know if it’s planetary or man made. The headache would imply man made because the planets songs don’t give me headaches. I can usually hear them talking to each other but when I get headaches it means I’m being shut down psychically for my own protection. 

However I woke up feeling calm and excited for change. Like…. something good is about to happen.

The noise has completely stopped now
Please let me know if you hear it.

My ex just said he heard it too but when he checked there was nothing but silence.

That’s the same as me. When I went to focus of the sounds direction and content the noise stopped.

Like it was in my head but sounding like it was inside my room and outside.

I got shut down too. I have had to stop working because I’ve been shut down.

My WiFi was switched off by a headache so I have to trust if The Council shut me down its with good reason.

I feel super excited though for some reason.