And you wonder why I get pissed off. Rant number 890

First of all anyone who know ANYTHING about Nostrodamous knows he was a fraud who stole his predictions off someone else.

Secondly our planet is going through cyclical changes because of fluctuations in the sun’s atmosphere as well as machines used by our dear governments to control the weather. This isn’t news. The machine was invented in the 50s, the Scientist was murdered for it.

Kate Bush wrote a song about it in the 80s called Cloudbusters.

And lastly, am I the only one predicting a global rebirth? I’m so sick and tired of the doom and gloom with this so called Spiritual people.

It fucks me off they call them Ghosts and I’m sorry but if at their age their only means of communication with the dead is through dreams and automatic writing I really hope they don’t take money for this shit because dreams are for people who don’t have a natural connection to Spirit just like meditation and Automatic writing was something my Father taught me as a child. It’s kindergarten stuff. Seriously, who are these people that they state the obvious in the current world climate and attribute it to Spirit?

Do people not think “well hang on if the dead are there to help guide us why aren’t they predicting good things? Why aren’t they helping us get through this shit?”

Oh wait…..they do….through people like ME!! I would LOVE to get these negative stereotypical board walk palm reading Zoltars of the world into a room and battle it out because it’s getting to the point where the media will only report on things that perpetuate fear in people.

They won’t ever give someone like me a platform with which to speak because my truth heals pain, my truth helps guide people out of the quagmire that is life in a dark society. NOOOOO, instead they subjugate and control the masses with propaganda and fear mongering by bringing bullshit like this into the fore so people will say “Well if they in the paper or TV show they MUST be good”.

Um….no….they are people playing at something they know absolutely nothing about and clearly take NO responsibly for with the words they speak. They are part of the problem not part of the solution. If these newspapers and TV shows were worth half of their journalistic integrity they claim to posses they’d get people like me on there.

Because then I’d spread the light, not cover it with lies.

And even though I’m an anarchist, if people are still anti Trump after he just took down an elite pedophile ring then I don’t want to be in a world where that’s seen as a bad thing.

He’s starting the rise in the decline of the new world order and if people are too stupid to see this then it’s no wonder they aren’t allowed to see the beauty in what’s happening all around us already. The cleansing is already here and people like this don’t deserve to be a part of what comes next because they are partially to blame for why our societies are so fractured and they will be thrown out with the dirty water like the rest of them after the swamp is drained.

They aren’t part of the situation, they’re part of the problem.

Rant over