This is a declaration of WAR!!!

I want to get a TV reality show and rule the Paranormal World as the Queen of the Dead that I am.

Not only will I help more people this way but I am in a better position to right some very VERY offensive wrongs in the world of Paranormal based media.

This is my goal now I’ve lost enough weight and gotten healthy.

Watch for me.

I’m a Queen on the rampage out to protect her subjects HA!!

I’m gonna be so brutal to these fakes and frauds I’ll make Queen Elizabeth the 1st look like Mary Feckin Poppins.

Why? Because I just found out a couple who lost their 11yr old daughter to a heart condition she’s had from birth had $20,000 stolen from them by an evil disgusting parasite claiming to be a Spiritual Light Worker who had told them her Spirit was trapped by a demon. Which of course we all know is bullshit. The darkside would NEVER EVER go after an innocent.

Children are untouchable in the world of Spirit. By EVERYTHING.

They trusted this person and this person and her husband took the money and ran.

Well just remember. I command the presence of the dead like NO-ONE else alive. I have a connection with the light AND the dark like no other.

Not only do I understand how death works and can manipulate time but I am a Paranormal Scientist so I know how to change vibration and work it so it benefits the innocent but punishes you. Meaning, one certain thing from me and your gonna feel the effects immediately added to which I’m also a Scorpio. Which means I RULE Death AND the Occult. Which makes me a weapon of mass destruction for anyone like you fakes, robbers, thieves and frauds.

I know your names. Your FULL names and I don’t even need to see your dirty thieving faces in order to get you.
Because I can get you from here. 

I’m going to haunt your dreams. You’ll feel the effects of what I can do to you for several lifetimes.

You want to see how this works Bitch? Just watch. You’ll be caught and the Universe is going to punish you so hard you have to have 100 lives in the dark to redeem yourself.

And just remember this. I’ll do it in a way that punishes you and rewards me because I know how to do it.

I’ll make sure this poor innocent is allowed to be remembered and celebrated for the beautiful little light she is instead of her precious memory being tainted because of an evil, deceitful, greedy person like you.

How you can look at yourself in the mirror every day is beyond me. Your ancestors I know for a FACT are ashamed to share the same bloodline. I doubt the council will be supporting you now. I dread to think how many other victims you’ve done this to but it’s going to end now. I’m coming for you. So you better run. I’d be careful from hence forth what lurks in your shadows because I promise you with every fibre of my soul, it WILL be me.

I’m so angry. I’m furious. I haven’t been able to sleep trying to help this family find calm again. I can’t even begin to imagine what these poor poor people must be going through. Unfortunately the Asian, African and Hispanic community have a very dangerously skewed view of the Paranormal because they mix religion with it all and it subjugates them through fear.

Well my husband is Hispanic, many of my absolute not LOYAL followers and clients are from India, Malaysia, South and Central America. In fact next to America my largest client base is in India and South America. I don’t know why but they get me in India. 

I love how open they are to my philosophies. It’s such an honour considering they are out of every culture in history, thee most known for being enlightened, spiritual based culture. They’re always looking to better their own spirituality and connection to the Universe. I’d love to give talks there one day.

I’d LOVE to do the lecture circuit. 

But anyway back to the rant against the den of thieves……..

I’m coming for every single one of you mother fuckers and I’m going to crush you into space dust.

I want my reality show to be where I not only do what I do for the world to see but I also want the world to watch me destroy these horrendous, souless charlatans from all over the world.

My army of Paranerds and I will very quickly became hated and I can’t wait.

My teacher always said “If they hate you, it means your doing something right”.

I know exactly how my reality TV show is going to be. I want people arrested and put in jail for this stuff.

I’m so angry. SO angry. If I had the money I’d give the money back to this family.

I’m going to do whatever I have to in order to get my show.


This is a declaration of war.


The 18th is MINE!!!

Now I just need a Production company to give me a show lol

Anyone know any? You KNOW my shit is gonna be entertaining.

I’ll be Cheaters, Catfish and The Monty Python Show all rolled into one.

I want to solve unsolved murders too like The Black Dahlia, The Hinterkaifeck murders, The Axe murders of Villisca, etc…all the murders that fascinated me and I studied as a child…..yes a child…..death fascinated me even then because of my Dad

 I’m pretty sure I know what happened. Especially Jack the Ripper.

I think I could solve them based on what I’ve seen and been shown.

I also want to cleanse haunted locations and help people who are experiencing what they think is demonic or negative energy understand what it is and how to sort it once and for all. As well as people see my Science in action.

I think my ex husband and I would make a fantastic Ghost Police duo in TV and radio because no-one knows my gift or how to handle me better than him seeing as he created me. I’m HIS monster. I’m Frankenstein’s monster. I’m Frankendebbie lol