I think I broke time

So…if your a follower of mine you’ll know the study I’m doing on myself and my belief that I can manipulate time.

Because I’m trying to prove my theory that the dead can manipulate time as they are just a higher evolved energy to the living who are teaching me about how time can be manipulated so we can all exist in the space in time.

Ergo, we don’t need to grieve for and miss the dead because we can be with them any time we want if we just step outside of time which we do when we’re asleep, dying or connect to the dead anyway. So it IS possible to do it on a conscious level as well as subconscious level. I connect to them now without even trying.

But you’ll know I’m having varied experiences with time. From vanishing objects in front of witnesses and with photographic evidence of the burns on my hand, to perfectly timing a teleportation type experience, or I’d rather say it was a phyiscally telepathic transfer or something with an actual Scientist taking part in the experiment.

It was her idea. She documented it. It took me days and days to recover from that.

I also seem to be able to slow digital music down when in certain moods. I also change the time on clocks.

Or so I thought. Now I think it’s that I break time itself.

Because recently I’ve been filing away in the cabinet of my mind all these experiences I’ve been having with time where I thought I was changing clocks bit now I believe I’m removing chunks of time, or pausing, suspending and fast forwarding IN time.

Please allow me to elaborate.

I’ll be doing something….like yesterday the 10/11/17.

I got up and looked at the clock as I walked out of the living room. It said 10.00am

I hung out washing, did dishes, had a bath, came into my room to get dressed and the clock said 10.11am.

I was like ‘Huh?’….I checked all the other clocks and they all said 10.11am.

It takes me 10 minutes usually just to hang the washing.

I’m getting married next month and I’m trying to raise the money to actually do it lol I’ve been grounded recently due to a tiny blood clot bit I’m good now.

Feel a ton better. But it’s been tough. So I’m preoccupied with that and matters to do with my career. So it appears when I’m deep in thought I have the biggest ability to break time.

When I’m anxious or determined about something in my mind I’ll slow music down. I have been desperately trying to find the recordings of them. I’ve played them for people. I got a new phone and lost some stuff off it when I swapped Sims.

I’m determined to find it. It’s got to exist somewhere.

Also I’m going to bed at say 00.05am like I did this last night. I woke up at 1am to feed my stupid fat cat. He knocks on the wardrobe door like a bulshy Victorian Queen demanding the peasants get up and free him.

The clock said 3.55am and I was exhausted. I feel back asleep thinking about everything as I have been and woke up feeling so refreshed and thought to myself ‘oh what a good long sleep that was’ and it was 4am.

It’s now 6.37am and I’m wide awake. I contemplated whether to write this or not.

I’ve also noticed when I’m in this contemplative mind I make my Spotify songs jump and skip and my WiFi gets really bad. Not my Pineal WiFi I mean my actual WiFi. My internet WiFi.

It’s doing it now. I’m listening to Rudimental on my headphones and it’s jumping. Because I’m thinking of two things at once.

When I’m in repose I walk through it and understand it a little more each time.

I love my life.

Also a couple of my students are having the same experiences I had two years ago.

So I’ve been able to teach them in less than 2yrs what took me 44 to understand lol bloody typical lol 

BUT it proves my point that with the right students I can teach them to be just like me. 

I’m having these experiences daily now. It’s exhausting. Stepping out of time is exhausting like you wouldn’t believe.