Premonition to document (update)

Scandal hitting the Royal Family. They will be one of the first to fall of the Elite families. (I JUST heard about the Queen hiding money off shore but this feels bigger than money related scandal what I feel. I don’t think Charles will be king for long if at all).

Death will reveal all. The media won’t be able to stop the scandals.

Like a waterfall. The trickle starts with celebrity as they are the fodder for the feeders.

The fall ends with the government’s.

The United Kingdom will become the place least safest between now and the end of 18. It ends here in the UK.

Russia will stop stupid acts that could create a war and North Korea will be stopped by the people.

There is a sense of nervous calm descending. Like the calm before the storm.

Something comes for Obama too.

Is he number 44? I’m 45 in 2 days. It can’t be my age that’s the synchronicity.

44 can mean either Obama or the UK.

I always see him being blown up in cars, buses, planes etc…, but something not making sense about the incident.

I hear the armoured vehicles are starting to hit the streets of America.

We will see more finger pointing, more arrests that will shock the masses ten fold, more deaths by heart attack, suicide or cancer to escape the shame.

The church will be fodder too and the downfall won’t start where you think it will.

Remember what I say.

The geek shall inherit the earth and the fight club is real.

I’m bracing for impact.