The Helicobacter Pylori cure

So with my mesh rejection issues I developed the Helicobacter Pylori virus.

Sulphuric acid tasting and smell breath. Digestive system infections and discomfort. Vomiting, nausea, and the other end constantly and what tasted like nail polish type acidic mouth based yucky.

Then a former student of mine told me about Coconut oil. A teaspoon before every meal and boy did that work.

BUT it didn’t get rid of it completely because I kept forgetting to have it every time I wanted to stuff my face lol

Then as my diet progressed and my body started to reject sugar and gluten I realised I hadn’t had a bout of the pylori in months and months.

So I experimented. I had some candy I brought from America for my boys and within 2 days of me eating the candy it was back. 

It was back with a vengeance too. It was so painful. Acid reflux so painful it nearly brought me to tears. I took the coconut oil again and it went away within about an hour. 

The pain settled within half an hour.

So….if you have this beastly curse get off sugar and take coconut oil when you do.

It’s all about the diet.

I went off gluten too because it also caused digestive issues and wind and bloating and REALLY bad skin. I’ve never had pimples in my life then I start breaking out in painful spots.

Bad skin is a sign of digestive issues. Went to hospital and sure enough it’s gluten.

So no breads or anything now. I have to have gluten free bread, pasta, sauces, etc…it’s in EVERYTHING.

How is bread making people sick all if a sudden? Have you seen the ingredients in bread now? Can you pronounce them?

Palm oil? Since when did we need palm oil in bread and chocolate?

Needless to say I now make my own bread.

Just be careful what you eat people. It’s more than likely what is making you sick.