I don’t trust Bitcoins

I don’t trust them. It bothers me people are investigating vast amounts of money for digital currencies.

If they turn off electricity or internet supply what access do you have?

This form of currency came out of nowhere at just the right time before the banks fold and the dollar/pound whatever becomes useless.

It’s so called creator is anonymous and has invested in a huge amount of the Bitcoin like they’re preparing for the collapse of the dollar now your seeing financial institutions and companies promoting the digital dollar.

The only true system of currency exchange is trade and bartering which we will see a rise of again but I’m sorry, I don’t trust the digital dollar.

I hope I’m wrong. But it just feel sinister to me. It some how gives me the creeps thinking about it.

It feels like it’s come from a bad place or is headed to a bad place. I just know I won’t go near it until proven otherwise.

1 thought on “I don’t trust Bitcoins

  1. I can’t believe how many of your recent posts are relevant to things I’ve been mentioning a lot lately. Especially this. I ALWAYS walk around saying I wish a barter and trade system would come back…. wonder if this is my intuition talking too?