To the Fakes and Frauds. A Warning.

Very Dear XXXXXX

xxxxx, you must absolutely hurry and send me your authorization! I need the time to go buy all the necessary items for the ceremony to eliminate the “evil eye”.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please click this link and listen to ALL I reveal to you concerning your chronic bad luck.

If you do know what I am talking about, I strongly advise that you make the right decision and accept my help while there is still time. The exorcism organized by Giovanni will take place tomorrow evening, and I am counting on doing the ceremony to eliminate the “evil eye” with him on at that time.

It will take the two of us to eliminate the “evil eye” that has been ruining your life since you were born. Once you have been freed from this evil hold, positive events will happen one after another as time goes by…

XXXX, imagine the peace and the well-being you will feel when at last:

  • You discover what it is like to be lucky.
  • You find financial ease.
  • You live without worrying about tomorrow.
  • You no longer have nightmares or fears.

XXXXX this is life that is waiting on you to make the right decision. Eliminate this “evil eye” that is devastating your morale.

Agree to rid yourself from the chains that are preventing you from living the life you should be living. At the present time, if this curse hadn’t been unfairly cast on you, you would be living a life of ease, instead of living a life of hardship where sadness holds your hand.

: before it is too late click on this link.

Don’t just stand there … go ahead!

Your Devoted Friend,


This email you just read was sent to one of my oldest clients and dear friends who submitted her name online for a free reading.

Now she is being hounded by this DISGUSTING human being who is telling her she is cursed.

I’m coming after you and people like you, you DISGUSTING piece of shit.

I’m going to make you know really bad what bad luck is. Once the dead are done with you 100 life times won’t be enough to undo what your doing to these poor innocent lost souls just looking for guidance.

I’m furious. My client/friend is the sweetest, nicest most loving caring woman in the world. I adore her. I will never forget she was one of the first to put me on the map.

I’m so angry. So angry.

You better run bitches because when I’m done with you your ancestors will be hiding in shame.

I surround my friend with love and light and may anything negative thrown at her bounce back and stick to whoever sent it.

Now pick up your feet and run because I’m coming to destroy you.

People don’t fall for this shit. She’s the evil one. The dead don’t attach like that not even dark ones can attach without invitation. If you let people like this Fraud do these spells YOUR INVITING it in.

Your letting HER invite darkness in. I bet her spell consists of her taking your money, having a cup of tea in her PJ’s and thinking “well that was easy”.

Please pass this post on to as many people you can you know fall victim to this stuff.

Come to me if you are a victim. I want to gather names of all the people I’m going to ruin.

13 thoughts on “To the Fakes and Frauds. A Warning.

  1. Yes one of my friends I use to be with use to say things like this and tell me evil spirits are after me and stuff saying I had a demon and things it really scared me

    • It pisses me off to the enth degree. I can’t sleep now because all I keep thinking is “how much money has she made off people’s fears?” And “how terrified must these people be?”. It makes me sick to think she and many like her are doing this to people. I need to get on TV and shit so I can get the truth out there. It’s this sort of garbage that makes my job so much harder because I have to work ten times harder to prove to people A) I’m not like them and B) The dead, even the dark side aren’t like that. But I will. I’m determined to shut as many of them down as I can in my life time then when I’m done I’ll have my soldiers finishing where I left off.

      • Yes alot of there stuff Is garbage. Fancy them scaring the people just to make money off them!

      • That’s what religion does lol it’s why I get so angry. But never fear. I’m on it. Once I’m out there with my fat Face and big mouth I’ll put tons of them out of business.

      • Lol. Yes I was into religion once but I left when they said stuff about the devil haunting me it’s like geez I don’t need to hear that kind of negative stuff and thankyou so much for doing this for everyone out there they need to know the truth

      • I grew up Catholic so I had the evil rammed down my throat every time I had a kid thought. Forced brainwashing. People walk into the control thinking it’s guidance and direction but Religion is so stone age. Those countries where religion is the basis for control are all during out. They’re stone age practices and we’re close to living on Mars lol it’s the last bastion of control along with government. Get rid of those two things and bring back free will and consequences for ones actions with personal responsibility thrown in and we’d have a better world and we’d be on Mars before the end of Summer next year lol people are waking up to these kinds of frauds because people have lost hope. So now they more reserved about what they choose to believe because what worked before (religion) got them nowhere. Look at the fraud of Mother Theresa. She was a disgusting human being. Yet they made her a saint. Well soon I’ll be the one the church calls out in their next ritual because they need protection from me. I’ll be the demon they need to exorcise.

      • Yes I heard Mother Theresa huetc children and got away with it yes Mars that would be interesting to live on 🙂 lol the demon xD yep they better watch out lol

      • She got a kick out of suffering and only did what she did to recruit followers into her cult. Ghandi wasn’t any better either.

      • Yes true true I looked on Google and she said that abortion is sin it’s like we’ll what if that person was raped would it still be sin to them?!

      • She said human suffering was beautiful because it’s so heart warming to see people happy with their lot in life.

      • Ugh thats horrible that she said and thought that anyway I better go get ready for bed see yah ☺