My Plan to Rule the Paranormal World

I’d like to tell you the plans I have for my school in New York. I HAVE to move to New York because my husband (getting practice in) can’t parole to another state.

But my dream is this.

I’m a Paranormal Scientist who wants to teach and train people who qualify to become Super Psychics. (You know I hate the term psychic because it’s the Science not the ability but for arguments sake let’s say Psychic).

I have been training a team of students globally for almost 2yrs for some of them.

The rest are coming up to a year.

I’ve been working on a theory as you know that people who suffer from depression, PTSD, and are suicidal make the best gifteds. But also people who show promise and dedication to train. I’m only going to train people who want to use their gift to help people or help people after they heal.

I’ve come to realize that without heart behind what I’m able to bring out of people there is no point. I can teach anyone who is willing to train BUT there has to be a high level of dedication to the training or it just doesn’t work.

I’ve been putting together my Board of Directors. I’ve been told I can do it based on Science, Religion, Education or Charity. I fit them all.

But I’m also going to employ former felons to do things like maintenance, driving, security, cooking, basically any trade they have I can use and EVERYTHING I make goes back into my school. Where eventually I can offer free scholarships to those who show exceptional talent.

I’ll start doing online for those who are global and physical classes for those in the local area but eventually I’d like to build my school. I know what it looks like.

It could possibly be in Scotland because the building looks like old stone. Like St Andrews kind of looking buildings.

My plan is to get my TV show, promote, promote, promote, save, fundraise, save. Then build my school.

I’m going to teach my team of elite students EVERYTHING.

How I time travel, (the importance of Art, Music and Literature) as well as all the usual tricks of my trade.

We will cross Spirits over, investigate for people, revolutionise the entire Paranormal industry.

That’s why I’m doing these videos and asking for Patreon help and such.

Because then I can get better equipment, promote myself, build up a clientele for readings and market myself so I can get my TV show or Netflix documentary.

I want to show people my life so they understand me through not just my words but by my actions.

I want to just love people and let them know that life and death can merge and make us better people if you tune in.

However, I’ve cim to realise that while anyone can be taught this Science not everyone should.

You need almost SAS style discipline in your training. I’ll only teach the most disciplined because only those who make the biggest sacrifices within themselves will get the biggest reward.

Everything else comes second and it is possible to work and raise s family and maintain relationships while doing it because I did and do and so did my teacher etc…IF you are disciplined.

I’m going to open up the world’s first School of Paranormal Science and turn all my students how to become real life X-Men Ninjas.

We will have a cafe, stores, classes available like music, movie appreciation, art, cooking, sports, anything that helps the suffers and students how to find their thing that brings calm and helps them train.

I will have Science lectures, and I want people like Jordan Peterson, Milo Yannopolous, David Seaman etc…giving lectures.

We will not be political nor religious in any way. Your religious and political views will not be a factor nor a hindrance to your learning.

I will personally hand pick all .y students based on the tests I give. They will be out in a trial period where I will train them personally for 6 months then my seniors and helpers will help do the rest.

For example, my ex will teach art and photography as a form of therapy to those who are interested.

My best friend Wife will teach about Animal therapy and natural telepathy etc… everyone who sits on my BoD will be students themselves.

If any student wants to open a business on campus they can, if anyone wants to teach a class like sewing or computer engineering, whatever skill they have that helps, nurtures and guides those interested they can and would even be offered as a scholarship trade.

Anything anyone can do to bring cathartic calm, healing and distraction from the depression, or if they’re normie norms they can help in other ways like if they’re nurses, or builders etc..we will all work together to help run the school.

Then when I’m White Oprah and ruling the Paranormal world I want to buy up old industrial buildings and turn them into self sustainable apartments for homeless men, on the provision they help maintain the running of and maintenance of the buildings.

They have to be clean though and no sex offences obviously etc… they’ll have their own little bedsit apartments.

Those who have addiction won’t be allowed into the apartments until they complete drug and alcohol treatment and stay sober for an amount of time but will stay in a hostel type place until the complete their treatment.

Then they can get into the apartments.

Any homeless man who has children will have top priority.

There will be staff on hand 24/7 any trouble and they’re evicted of course.

I’d also like to help independent animal charities. We all know who I’m talking about. We all know the lady who takes in the rabbits or hedgehogs etc…my students and I will help them as part of the training.

I get my students as part of their training to do 5 selfless acts of charity, and 5 random acts of kindness and this will fall into that category.

We will make games and apps where the money goes back into the school and housing scheme. I already know what I’m going to do.

I’ll have art exhibitions for those who do art, concerts for the musicians, plays for the writers etc… will be about supporting the freedom of expression and helping heal through their “thing”.

Their thing is the thing that everyone does that they love which makes them feel good. That thing that’s cathartic for them. For me it’s baking and cleaning. I clean when I’m super stressed and bake when I need calm.

See how it works? If I do this right and I get the money, I’ll open schools in the countries that have always supported me and whom helped me become the person I am today.

The United Kingdom, India, Australia (where my teacher was from and where my real actual training began) New Zealand (where it all began) and of course The United States of America, without whom I wouldn’t of gotten this far in my career. They will get the first school.

It’s where I found my adopted family. My Spiritual Mother in Massachusetts who I kind of just forced myself upon and she never threw me away lol My adopted daughters, Rainbow, Pixie and Tiger, and my best friends Wife and Bitch and of course my beautiful husband as well as loyal friends, students and clients from all over the United States who love me and embrace my crazy within an inch of my life.

America will always get it first because they got me first.

But I’m also getting a wee following in Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey.

So that is my plan for next year and the years beyond. My students and I will build a Paranormal empire and turn lights on one suicidal soul, one kind soul at a time so eventually the light has spread far enough the globe is illuminated.

Then we will ALL be able to manipulate time and then death won’t be nothing but a thing.

Then we will have stepped into the 4th dimension together. Which I believe is Time.

I know it sounds crazy but I’m hell bent on starting this school.

My students are behind me 100%

I’ll sell merchandise too. Things like OMB mugs and shirts, books, apps, magazines etc…I want change the face of Death and The Paranormal forever.


I keep having Alien invasion dreams. Something is coming

Now, I know to dream of Aliens means blessings in disguise and invasions or apocalypses means new beginnings and I’d you dream of the same thing over and over it means your not getting the message but these dreams im having aren’t the same but they are the same.

Please let me explain.

In these dreams my family and I are living in America and it’s always at night when we are made aware the big bad Aliens are coming to get us.

We never try to run. But when they come for us they’re collecting everyone up in our street into these light beams that put us all into these bubbles of light. Each family in a bubble or in a giant bubble.

As they’re collecting everyone I keep hearing this voice telling me not to be afraid and not to fight it. But to just observe.

So I stop worrying and watch with my family by my side. I’m not afraid. I’m totally calm yet it makes no sense because we’re being rounded up like cattle.

However, every single time, in every single dream those in the bubble are safe, those out of the bubble get destroyed.

Then those of us in the bubble get put back down and allowed to go about our business again but the streets are no longer filled with darkness.

There’s a sense of calm and every time I say to myself after I check my family are ok is “I knew they weren’t here to hurt us”.

Sometimes in my dreams I see bus loads of these people and their families vanish into the dessert behind fences. Vanish as in like the go underground.

They’re employees of some company who are being silenced. I know they’re never coming out again.

I said to my ex years ago and I’ve said it here I’m sure I think they’re going to try to stage an Alien invasion that back fires.

I know the media are suddenly ramping up really crap alien sightings.

As I’ve stated before as one who has dealings with our Galatic Elders “If the lights are coloured, and don’t turn night into day with everything their light touches, if the craft look tangible with edges and rivets, corners and grooves it’s not them”.

But I have to put this on record and say that I think something big is coming that changes everything and those who fight the system will have justice and be vindicated and those in the system will be destroyed and we get to start all over again.

What is coming is recorded and companies and groups, charities and individuals who support the system will go down with the ship in such a way that if they survive it they don’t survive with their reputation or livelihood, or sanity intact.

Companies like YouTube, Twitter, Google, Yahoo etc…will be destroyed. People will go down in history as being complicit in the biggest scandals and atrocities this planets history will have ever seen and just what they’ve been getting away with will even be punishable by death in some countries and no-one will stop their sentences.

That’s how bad it is.

James Herbert book The Others doesn’t even touch the surface.

And I’ve had three dreams this week and I never dream but I’ve been so preoccupied with my classes, as in planning the restructuring of it, planning my future, my videos to up my profile, and my marriage which I fly out for tomorrow that Spirit forced me yesterday to slow down.

I’m doing really incredible readings for people too that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

I have the best job.

So…watch this space. Does 44 have something to do with these dreams?

Are the aliens real or symbolic? Because I know with the exception of the one race of them they aren’t allowed to interfere unless it’s a matter of global life or death like when they shut down missile testing and stuff.

So lets watch this space.

Spirit girl update

The house is silent but I’m losing balance, exhausted, don’t think I’m back yet,

Don’t feel right. I think a time slip is about to happen. I know I closed myself down. But there’s a weird feeling to my person I can’t explain.

But the house is silent.